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Supernatural Unleashes "Holy Terror" For Its Mid-Season Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/04/2013 9:53 am
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural Unleashes
Media Courtesy of The CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

I’m completely gutted. The words sad and devastated don’t even begin to touch how I feel about this episode of Supernatural. I was literally laying on the floor of my bedroom in semi-catatonic state of disbelief. If you don’t want to know why the mid-season finale of Supernatural left me in this state, then you seriously need to stop f**king reading NOW!

Supernatural mid-season finales are some of the most depressing episodes of the year for us fans. It’s that time when the writers choose to tragically kill off characters that we have grown to love. In the fall finale of season five, it was Ellen and Jo. In season seven, it was our beloved Bobby. Once again, we’ve lost another character that we’ve grown to love and it has hit us hard. We also discover the truth behind Sam’s angel pacemaker, while the angel war takes a bloody turn and Cas turns back into an angel. Here’s what happened in the mid-season finale of Supernatural.

An all female religious choir group walks into a biker bar. Before you ask, this is not some kind of Glee/Sons Of Anarchy crossover, it’s more like an angel rumble. Angels blades are pulled out, and before you know it, the sweet little ladies walk out of the bar after having murdered all of the bikers. Sam and Dean arrive in town with Cas to investigate. It turns out that the wannabe members of Samcro were on Bartholomew’s side and the Glee club chicks are being led by Malachi, which basically makes him an evil version of Mr. Shuester. Malachi tries to get a meeting with Bart so they can taken down that douche Metatron and take back heaven. It ends up being a set up and Malachi kills a bunch of Bart’s guys, leading Bart to kill some of the Glee club chicks.

Sam, Dean and Cas all meet up and go out for a beer together. As always, Zeke is not happy about Cas being around. Perhaps this has something to do with Zeke being nothing more than a lying sack of crap! Dean is more than fed up with Zeke’s vague answers, so Zeke takes Sam out for some fresh air and runs into Metatron. This is where we learn the truth about Zeke. Zeke actually died when all the angels fell from heaven. When Metatron gave all the angels the big eviction notice, he also freed all of the angels that were imprisoned in heaven.  Sam is actually the angel Gadriel, or Gad for short. Gad was sent to heaven’s jail and has been rotting there until Metatron’s dumb ass set him free, so Gad chose to pose as a noble angel. Metron doesn’t want to rat out Gad, but instead go into plan B to get some angels back in heaven. Mainly because Metaron realized how boring it is by yourself. Metron plans to rebuild heaven with him as the new god, now known as X. Talk about ripping off X-men much. Gad agrees to be to VP of heaven, but it comes with strings attached. Gad will have to kill the person whose name is written on a piece of paper. I HATE you Metatron!

Cas says himself a little prayer and an angel named Muriel shows up. She does her best to stay out of the awful angel war. Malachi finds them and takes them prisoner, with Cas being interrogated for information. Muriel is killed, and Malachi’s second in command wants nothing more than to make a deal with Metatron to get into New Heaven. Cas takes this chance to steal the angels grace, and CAS IS BACK! Cas then finds out that Zeke is not who he says he is and calls Dean to give him the heads up about what’s really going on inside Sam. Now knowing that Zeke isn’t the real Zeke, Dean has Kevin come up with a spell so an angel possessing someone can’t listen in. Dean finally tells Sam the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, in true speed dating fashion. Sam gets pissed off at Dean and a yelling match ensues between the brothers. Dean tried to explain to Sam that it was done to save his life, but the plan backfired and now Sam has to get rid of Gadriel right away. Instead, Gadriel posing as Sam punches Dean because he overheard the conversation Dean had with Kevin and altered the sigils, causing the spell not to work at all. Gadriel kills the person whose name was on the card…..

In the most depressing death scene since we lost Bobby, Gadriel places his hand on Kevin’s head, burning out his eyes, killing him in the process. The prophet is dead! OMG!!! WTF!!! Kevin Tran is dead! WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?! I’ll admit, Supernatural has put us fans through some pretty messed up s**t over the past nine years, but this was enough to make me throw my hands up in the air and say “f**k this, I’m out!” Supernatural still has my love and and I will continue to watch the series. But, this particular character death was more than a little upsetting, and that’s putting it mildly. Gad pushes Dean against a wall, as he explains that Sam is now gone and Gadriel has taken over. Dean falls to the ground and proceeds to cry over Kevin’s dead body, with his last words being “Kevin? Kevin?”

This concludes my recap for the mid-season finale of Supernatural. I know it will be very hard to put ourselves back together over the next six week, but please try and do your best to do as Dean does and stay classy, in spite of Kevin’s unforeseen death.

When Supernatural returns on Jan 14th, Dean and Cas team up with Crowley to try and get Sam back from Gadriel.


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