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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Talks Brothers' Relationship And Directing

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2014 2:19 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Talks Brothers' Relationship And Directing
Media Courtesy of Close Entertainment

Susan Booth

Staff Writer



Is there really no hope left for the Winchesters? It’s been 9 long years, so far the fans (myself included) our finding ourselves consumed by whether or not all has been lost for our beloved brother duo. No one can actually remember the last time things were this bad between the brothers. As it stands right now, it looks as though we will never see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) sitting on the sexiest car on T.V while chowing down on some burgers and beer. Jensen also talked to E! Online about wanting more pie and classic rock in season 10, and another chance to direct an episode.

Jensen Ackles had this to say about how hard it is to leave this on screen with how there’s so much bad blood between the brothers:

“Yeah, it's been pretty rocky this season, and not just the relationship between the two of them, but personally, for myself, for Dean, it's been a kind of treacherous year for him. He's had a lot of grief and regret and pain and suffering and just, you know, there's a lot of turmoil going on inside of him, and he's made some poor choices that have added to it, and learning that his brother doesn't necessarily have his back to the extent he thought he did. That hurts. It's a troubling time in paradise, and Dean's having a real tough time, and it's been difficult as an actor to play that emotion with him, because Dean can get emotional but at the same time he can also have the levity of the situation, he can lighten it up, he can have the comedy. There's just been very little of that this year because of what he's been going through. It's been a burden for him to carry. Jared and I have been together so long that we can leave it on set. We can turn it on, whether it's supposed to be a comedic scene, an emotional scene, a fight scene, whatever it is, he and I kinda fall into rhythm pretty quickly, whatever we're gonna do, so luckily, it doesn't transfer off camera. When the cameras aren't rolling, he and I can laugh and joke all we want, but yeah. The emotional stuff is tough to play in the moment, but it's what we do.”

Jensen had this to say about the feud ending with the brothers,for better or for worse:

“As you might know, there's a spin off that's occurring, so there is a bit of a reprieve as far as that goes, so we kind of take a bit of a detour into that land, just to introduce some new characters, and it's not a total sidebar. It does play into what Sam and Dean are doing, so there is a little break there, but as we get back towards the final few episodes, it will all start to culminate. I have not read…I've just kind of looked at the breakdown for episode 21, and I have not read past that, and we've got two more past that, which, I know 21 there's some really big stuff that happens there, and I think that kind of really sets the ball in motion for the end of the season, which you know, hopefully Dean can dig himself out of the hole he's been in all season, but you know, we'll see.”

When asked about Dean and the Mark Of Cain, Ackles said:

“Well, as you saw in the last episode, the Ghostfacers, who have arrived back in town, which was great, it was really nice having those guys back on set, and playing with them —but as you saw at the end of that episode, Dean, without hesitation, kills a human, and I think in the past, Dean probably would have knocked him out, chained him up to a pole, called the cops and said, "Hey, I left you a present." But instead, because, I think, his moral compass is a bit askew right now with this Mark of Cain. It's almost like he's all jacked up on testosterone and steroids, you know, he just feels this kind of rage. There's kind of a mounting rage going on inside him, and it's becoming very cut and dry with what he thinks needs to happen, and he's not thinking twice about it like he used to a bit. He's always been kind of a devil-may-care kind of guy, but there's always been a level of humanity and compassion with him, whereas I think that's kind of flying out the window, and he's turning into a more robotic hunter at this point.”

Jensen also touched on Cas being in the next four episodes and his interaction with Dean:

“That I think is to be seen, or to be filmed. I know in 21, everybody kind of gets back in the pool together, so we'll start to see those relationships start to pan out a little bit more in episodes 21, 22, and 23, but like I said, I haven't dove into those quite yet.”

Jensen also expressed his happiness on season 10, and sides of Dean he wold like to explore that haven’t been covered yet:

"I will definitely say that the dark side of Dean that we have seen this year, I wouldn't be upset if I got to put him away for a while. Just give me some pie and give me some classic rock and send me down the highway. I would be happy with that. I think the dark side of Dean was something that needed to be explored a little bit, and just really down-and-out, rock bottom, desolate, kind of his own island kind of guy, and we've really seen that. It was really tough, especially through like episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, it was a really kind of tough time for me. He hasn't fully come out of it yet, but I'm hoping that does happen. I always kind of love Dean's levity in the heavy situations, and I always like the fact that he can bring some humor to some dire situations, so I'd love to get back into that. As far as things we haven't seen from him, I don't know. In nine seasons we've seen a lot of different sides of both of these guys, so I'm sure that these writers—they're highly talented—they'll figure some way to peel another layer of the onion off, for sure."

Jensen was also asked whether or not he would direct another episode, in an interview with E! Online, he said: "Yes, I did kind of throw the phone call out recently. Last year, I was busy being a new dad, so this year I hopefully…well, actually I don't have more time on my hands, but I'm gonna attempt to try it again, so yeah, I think I will try it again." Ackles also hopes to see more pie and hear a lot more classic rock for season 10. Supernatural returns with an all-new episode next week on March 24th, at 9pm on the CW.  

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