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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural's Season 9 Finale Leaves Us Reeling And Wonders; "Do You Believe In Miracles?"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/21/2014 1:51 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural's Season 9 Finale Leaves Us Reeling And Wonders;
Media Courtesy of likielandco

Rain Varela Staff Writer @Rain_Varela

Dean Winchester dies in the season finale. Don’t pretend to be shocked. It is a time honored tradition in Supernatural that one of the brothers must die by the end of each season. Especially Dean, there was even an entire episode dedicated to him dying in multiple ways. He has been to hell, he has been to purgatory, he has been to heaven, heck he was even Death once. He always comes back, this man is the most well connected character in fictional television history. He is best friends with Castiel who once was God, and he buddies up with the King of Hell, and is on speaking terms with Death himself. To think that he is just a guy with no super powers. But still, the season finale did provide a twist. First of all Gadreel did not die from the cut from the first blade that Dean inflicted on him in the last episode. He scampers off wounded, while Castiel and Sam restrain Dean and lock him up in their danger room. They then leave the bunker to search for the wounded Gadreel. Dean all alone, starts coughing blood. Obviously sensing that there is something wrong with him, he decides to summon Crawley. The King of Hell arrives and explains to his buddy that receiving the mark of Cain comes with a price: a curse which is a driving desire to kill that, if not sated, will cause him harm. Dean let the knowledge of it sink first, before wrangling Crawley to help him get loose and to steal the blade. Meanwhile, in heaven; Metatron has decided to send a message to all angels, using a device that jams all the noise in Angel radio and only allows him to be heard. Naturally all Angels in heaven and earth hear his call to unite under his banner, and he also tells them that the gates of heaven are closed while he goes off on an errand.
Courtesy of wjnchesters Courtesy of wjnchesters
Somewhere near the bunker, Sam and Castiel are able to track down Gadreel. He is laying on the grass, slowly dying from his wounds where Castiel chooses to heal him despite his waning "grace." They bring him back to the bunker, where they find the first blade gone. Sam smells the sulphur in the air and correctly speculates that Crawley must have had helped Dean, though he sneers at the idea that the two have been bromancing since they hunted down the first blade. (What’s the matter Sam, jealous much?) Gadreel on the other hand sees this as a good thing and he says that Dean with the mark of Cane and the first blade may be their best shot at taking down Metatron. Now all they have to do is get at the angel tablet, to remove the source of god-like powers for Metatron. Somewhere in a diner, Crawley and Dean have decided to sit down to discuss a plan. Dean just orders black coffee, but Crawley chides him for it, and he orders the typical Dean Winchester hearty burger meal. As they talk, two of Crawley’s underlings walk in to deliver some news, they then hand him a phone. Crawley shows a viral video to Dean, it is Metatron healing a woman who had just been hit by a car, who then whispers a message in the woman’s ear. Dean immediately stands up and tells Crawley that they have to go. But the King of Hell eyes the uneaten burger in the table and asks Dean "Aren’t you going to eat that?" Dean just counts some money, places it on the table, and tells the demon that he is not hungry. Now that is a shocker! Dean Winchester just refused to eat a burger! You know that something is wrong, you can even see it on Crawley’s face, and he was really worried at that point.
Courtesy of haletosciles Courtesy of haletosciles
Meanwhile in a playground, Gadreel pretends to have captured Castiel as he asks the guardians of the gates of heaven to let them through. The guardians are non-descript, posing as a harmless mother and daughter playing in the park. At first they refuse, but are eventual convinced. They open a gateway for the two. Gadreel and Castiel enter into heaven into Metatron’s office, unfortunately though the angels are on to them as they are immediately captured. Sam eventually tracks down Dean and Crawley, he convinces his brother that he just wants to help and that he knows where Metatron is heading. He tells Dean that Metatron whispered his next destination to the woman he healed in the viral video. Dean is convinced and just like that he ditches Crawley, the demon seems amused and notes that he had just been "Winchestered." Somewhere, Metatron is still playing messiah, as he ends up healing a bum, much to the admiration of the crowd of homeless people around him. An angel calls him out and refers to him as a fraud, but the crowd comes into Metatron’s defence and they swarm the angel. They eventually kill him, since Metatron hands his angel blade to the mob. Sam and Dean eventually track down Metatron, and as they prepare to confront the angel, Dean knocks Sam out cold, preferring to go at it alone. The mob of homeless people know exactly who Dean is, they point out where Metatron is and tell our hero that he has been waiting for him.
Courtesy of FionaGoodess Courtesy of FionaGoodess
In heaven, Castiel is trying to convince one of the Angels to free them so that they could put a stop to all of this. She is unconvinced. Gadreel decides to take matters into his own hands, he shows his sincerity by killing himself and exploding, freeing Castiel. Back in the mortal realm, Dean confronts Metatron, the fight is uneven. Still powered by the angel tablet Metatron beats the crap out of Dean. Sam tries to get to the fight but is slowed down by the mob of homeless people. Metatron succeeds in stabbing Dean at the heart, and Sam sees it from a distance. At the same time, Castiel finds the angel tablet and destroys it. Metatron sensing the destruction of the tablet, immediately goes to heaven, leaving Sam alone clutching at his fallen brother. Metatron binds Castiel to his chair, and in typical villain fashion decides to makes a speech. He refers to angels as scared sheep who will follow his direction. Castiel then reveals that the angels heard everything that Metatron had said, he nods his head towards the device which broadcasts messages to all angels, and it has been left on. On cue a group of angry angels comes in and captures Metatron, they then place him in their dungeons.
Courtesy of winchestrbrothrs Courtesy of winchestrbrothrs
Dean dies in Sam’s arms again, I have lost count at how many times this has happened. Sam, of course, is devastated. Dean is laid down in his bed. And Sam tries to summon Crawley. Unknown to him, Crawley is already in Dean’s room. The King of Hell speaks to his old friend and rival, and tells him that he knew that something was wrong when he did not touch his burger. He also tells him how he believes in miracles, as he proceeds to narrate the tale of Cain and how the first murderer had tried to kill himself with the first blade. Crawley then walks to Dean’s bedside and tells him that what he is feeling is a new life and that he should wake up. It seems that the mark of Cane does not let you die, in a manner of speaking. Crawley then places the first blade in Dean’s hand, and the Hunter opens his eyes that are no longer human; instead they are pitch black.
Courtesy of winchestrbrothrs Courtesy of winchestrbrothrs
Is the idea of a demonic Dean turning you on? What a way to end the season! Now we have to wait until Fall to see what comes of Demon Dean and his new bestie and master, Crowley. See you then! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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