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Fandom / Television PopWrapped | Fandom

How To Survive The Carmilla Season 2 Finale!

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

10/02/2015 9:02 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
How To Survive The Carmilla Season 2 Finale! | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Shaftesbury

Well, we're almost there, Creampuffs: the end of this roller coaster of emotions that is most commonly known as Season 2 of Carmilla. I have absolutely no idea what else can happen in this final episode, but I do have some solid tips to help us all survive.

Let's point out what we should NOT try to think about because it'll get you right in the chest cavity, and you'll feel like you need your own tub of ice cream to eat with a pie server.

Don't think about how cute Laura and Carmilla were at the beginning of this season. Don't think about how Laura and Carmilla are broken up. Don’t think about how Carmilla came back to try to help not even a minute after she told Laura that she wouldn’t. Don't think about how Carmilla is in danger of dying at the hands of Vordenberg in a manner that might be similar to the novella.

Don't think about how Laura's so emotionally done after her entire quest to redeem herself from last season has hurt so many along the way. Don't think about Perry's shady self. Don’t think about how LaFontaine might not even notice that their best friend is totally possessed by the Dean. Don't think about Mattie being gone. Don't think about how Kirsch has no one after the Zetas have basically kicked him out.

Don't think about Danny. Period.

...You've totally started thinking about them, haven't you? It's okay! I've got some other tips on how you'll get through episode 36 so you don't end up feeling like you gotta watch it like this.

First, accept the fact that you're probably not at the Creampuff Viewing Party.

Let's face it: a fair number of Creampuffs wish that we were somewhere close to Toronto so that we could try to watch the season finale with the cast. Luckily, our favorite show has given us Non-Canadian Creampuffs to enjoy the final Thursgay.

Check out the snapchat and periscope for the #CreampuffViewingParty. The snapchat will be run by Paige to give us the inside look to see how the party is going and there will be two periscopes (one at 5:50 pm and at 6:45 pm) for a Q&A and another surprise. The official Carmilla Series Tumblr has more information on how you can keep up with the Season Finale Shenanigans.

Second, grab fellow Creampuffs to have your own party.

Technology is great and all, but, let's be honest, there's nothing like freaking out over your favorite TV show with friends. If you can, try to grab a group of friends, an HDMI cord, and a laptop to enjoy, or shout and cry, at the episode. Just maybe warn neighbors that any shouting is not because anyone is in actual danger -- physically, at least.

Third, have snacks!

This is pretty self-explanatory. All parties need good snacks, so maybe get some hot cocoa, cookies, a giant tub of ice cream, or maybe even some Choc Crunch. Have them beforehand, so you have energy to freak out over during and after the episode airs.

Fourth, watch the entire series over again.

If you've got a couple of hours to spare before the episode airs, why not just go onto YouTube and watch this season all over again? Enjoy the fun from the periscopes, extras, and all the other goodness that this show has given us.

Last, but certainly not least, hope for a Season 3.

As of right now, we have no legitimate confirmation that Carmilla will be having a third season. I know the crew has mentioned that they have enough material for three seasons, BUT we don't know if it'll actually happen. I know I'm not tired of this amazing webseries and I really want to see what else could happen. So, if we need to, make sure you’re letting your desires for another season be known because our support, as fans, can make all the difference in the world.

Who knows what this episode will do in terms of closing storylines or answering questions that have popped up throughout this season? I know I'm going to try to beg whatever deity is out there (Lophii totally counts) that we get this third season so that we can see how the writers want to finish this story.

The final recap of Season 2 of Carmilla will be up on PopWrapped as soon as I figure out my emotional state after the episode and the periscope surprise. Hang tight, Creampuffs; the end of this ride is coming up before we even know it. I don't know what twists and turns we'll get, but I'm sure excited for what could happen.


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