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Television PopWrapped | Television

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP: "Complete Disaster, But Still Entertaining"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/06/2014 11:03 am
PopWrapped | Television
 Survivor: Cagayan RECAP:
Media Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS Courtesy of CBS

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer

This week's Survivor starts off where we left off last week, with one of the craziest tribes of all time; and most definitely not the smartest (even though they are meant to be the Brains tribe). Things are awkward for Spencer as he is the odd man out, literally. J’Tia thinks her tribe is a complete disaster, but entertaining. It’s entertaining for me, but I’m not sure how it is for her. Speaking of entertaining, how about watching the castaways complain during the super storm, saying they didn’t sign up to be wet 24/7. At that moment I wondered, what they think they have signed up for? Before the have to endure the rain, Tony cleared the air with Sarah, and this time tells her he is also a cop, after lying to her a few days ago when she asked. She somehow takes it well, and he spins her a lie to get her on his side. And with that, “Cops R Us” is born. I love these modern Survivor players naming their alliance. Sure beats us fans coming up with terms like the “Tagi Four”. Not only was the rain bad enough to deal with during the storm, but the wind made it harder to bare. It looked as though everyone’s shelter was going to be blown away, and the females of the Beauty tribe would be left sitting under nothing. Maybe that would of worked out well for the men, as those girls were willing to do nothing. While everyone is stuck doing nothing, LJ sneaks off and finds the hidden immunity idol, meaning 3/3 idols have been found, and one of them has already been flushed from the game. At the challenge the Brains tribe suck again, and Jeff makes sure they know exactly how bad they’re doing, but in a comeback victory, the Brains manage to stay away from Tribal Council, instead the Beautys will be attending. Tony proves to be smarter than what we have been giving them credit for, by going through their reward to check that no one else would find a clue to a hidden immunity idol. After a three way tie at tribal council between Alexis, Brice, and Morgan, Brice is voted out in the re-vote.


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