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Survivor Cagayan Starts Off The Season With The "Worst Tribe Ever"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/01/2014 1:17 am
PopWrapped | Television
Survivor Cagayan Starts Off The Season With The
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Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


Oh, Survivor, my dear friend. It has been far to long. The crowning of Tyson Apostol last season only left me wanting more. The wait was painful, but the premiere episode of Survivor: Cagayan was very satisfying.
This season we start off hearing how well each contestant is going to do as they travel with their tribe on either a boat, helicopter, or truck. Automatically I find it refreshing to have new faces around. Once all three tribes arrive to meet Jeff, he drops a bomb on them by telling a leader will need to be picked from each tribe. Everyone is shocked, but really, in the twenty-eighth season of Survivor, shouldn’t everyone be expecting a twist to start the game off. I’d be a bit worried if Jeff didn’t have a big plan involving leaders and singling out weakest players. On the Beauty tribe (also known as Solana) LJ is appointed leader and he picks Morgan, the leader of the Brawn's (Aparri) is Sarah, and she picks Trish, and lastly the Brain’s (Luzon) leader is David and he picks Garrett as their weakest player? Maybe he heard wrong, but dude, that was your strongest player.
With that all the weakest player head onto the helicopter for a free ride to camp, where they get to pick between a clue for the idol, or a extra bag of rice. Morgan and Garrett take the clue, but Trish took the rice.
At Brain’s camp Garrett manages to find the idol, but Morgan is unsuccessful. She saves herself in front of the tribe with a decent lie, that Brice manages to see through. Our newest Survivor celebrity, NBA basketball player Cliff Robinson is outed by Woo, he tells him he had a few of his basketball cards, and Tony decides to cover up his career as a cop, even though Sarah, also a cop, can see straight through him.
On to the first challenge, which may I say was a extremely good course, the props and design department have been doing a excellent job the past few seasons in creating new challenges. At first all teams where even, until the Brains fell way behind and never managed to catch up. Jeff was really letting them know they did a terrible job.
Back at camp David and Kass are off talking. David says Garret or J’Tia, but Kass wants to keep it simple by getting rid of the unlikable J’Tia. She really meant it when she said keeping things simple, but maybe a little to simple, as she goes and tell J’Tia straight to her face that she will vote her off. which leads to Garrett and J’Tia to take out common enemy David. Spencer is way over thinking things with idol talk on day three. As they are walking to tribal, the weather takes a turn for the worse. In a pretty heated tribal council, J’Tia starts talking before Jeff can even ask any questions. Both J’Tia and David reveal way too much to Jeff in in front of the entire tribe. Spencer is the only one to keep his cards close to his chest and not tell everyone everything. After the votes are read it if David going home in a 4-2 vote, and he doesn’t seam to happy about it.
The next morning things are pretty dull around camp. Garrett is struggling with the elements, but he hatches a final three plan with his buddy Spencer and Kass, the swing vote in the tribe. Over at Aparri Cliff has been keen to take the boat out so he and Woo give it a try, which leads to both of them in the ocean, boat flipped over. Cliff talked about alining with Woo, while Tony is annoyed that everyone looks up to Cliff. At Solana, Brice is showing he has the skills to go far in the game. Talking to the right people, and keeping it on the down low. Morgan is flirting with the guys, this isn’t a massive surprise though. There is tension already between the Brawn’s with Trish and Lindsey fighting, and Tony is out to get Cliff.
At the second Immunity challenge, Brawn and Beauty take a early lead to the cages, but then J’Tia manages to lose a massive lead and the Brains (who can’t solve a puzzle) will be back at tribal council. Before we even get there, on the other tribe Tony manages to find the hidden immunity idol. Garrett, who is a poker player, lays all his cards on the table and tells J’Tia she is going and there will be no more talk. These people need to learn to keep their mouths shut. And how does J’Tia react? By pouring the tribes rice into the fire, leaving them with nothing! J’Tia would of been guarantied to be going, until Garrett keep on talking about alliances and what not at tribal. Kass flips on the boys, and Garrett is shown the door.
In a crazy premiere episode, I feel like this seasons winner will be found from what people are calling already the worst tribe ever. I can see Spencer and Kass slipping through the cracks, A.K.A Denise and Malcolm in Survivor: Philippines and bringing it all home.


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