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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Sparks Fly Between Opposing Alliances On This Week's 'Survivor'

Jayden Sheppard | PopWrapped Author

Jayden Sheppard

10/10/2014 4:01 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Sparks Fly Between Opposing Alliances On This Week's 'Survivor' | Survivor
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Once again we open up the episode on the dark Coyopa beach after their second tribal, where they dumped Val from the tribe. From there on in Baylor claims to not trust Josh, but is open to any alliance, while we discover that Rocker really thought that Val had two idols. When you just found one at the camp, how do you figure she found another, let alone two? At the top of the episode, Josh makes it clear he is more into the five guy alliance than looking out for Baylor, but we all know a lot can change over three days on Survivor. At Hunahpu, Drew wants an improvement on the shelter, which the tribe agrees to, but while everyone gets to work, he takes a nap. Wasn’t making too many fans with that decision. A big factor in this episode was Natalie speaking her mind. She told Drew off for napping while everyone worked, but her mouth gets even louder as the episode went on. As the tribes walk in for the reward dual, Jeremy looks guttered to see Val gone, especially when he thought he had a deal with Rocker, which he calls him out on. John Rocker, in front of everyone, admits to the deal he made, which his alliance knew nothing of. For the reward Wes put himself up, as he thought his father, Keith, wouldn’t be any good at it. Even though it was a close one, Wes was right, and Keith, along with Josh, was sent to Exile Island for the second time in three episodes. This was also the first win for the Coyopa tribe, but as we all know, reward wins don’t mean much if you can’t win the immunities. The producers must have been loving the emotion being shown between father and son in Keith and Wes. This is exactly what they want out of the Blood Vs Water format. Leaving the challenge, everyone is very much against John Rocker, and that is before Jeremy can tell his tribe about the infamous sports interview Rocker did. Over at Exile, Keith and Josh are managing. It is a bit of a culture shock for both of them, as Keith put it, they had a “gay guy from NYC and a Louisiana hick bonding”. At night on the Coyopa camp, Rocker impresses as he uses the fishing gear they had just won to make a catch, while Baylor proposes for Jaclyn, Wes, Alec, and herself to form a voting block to get rid of John. Not the best idea to talk about such important game play while you are in the sleeping area at night, surrounded by people who could wake up and hear the conversation. On to the Immunity challenge, which by the way, the producers are doing great with this season. It feels refreshing to not always be obstacle courses and puzzle pieces. Jeremy and Natalie get to the smack talking straight away, which of course Rocker responds to. The tribes are playing too 3, and they are tied up 2-2 when Hunahpu run away with the win for the third immunity in a row. And this is where things get a bit crazy. Natalie celebrates a little bit too hard when they get the win. Then words fly between her and Rocker and it isn’t pretty. I don’t think even Jeff knew what to say, but somehow things calmed down, and they went their separate ways. One tribe off to celebrate yet another win, while the other is heading back to tribal council. John knows all the attention is on him, so he tells the girls to vote for Dale, and they would have if another offer didn’t come up; as long as it wasn’t them, they were down to vote for anyone, but Josh just didn’t want to get rid of anyone. He wants Rocker gone. Which is harder said than done, considering Rocker only just told Josh he has the idol. Josh risks it all anyway, gathering four others to mean five votes John, two votes Baylor (those from John and Dale, who was left out of the loop). Luck is once again in Josh’s favour, as John doesn’t play the idol and is sent packing. This season is shaping up to be a strange one. While there are a few major characters appearing, the game play and strategic moves have been weird and offbeat. One thing is for sure, leaving Dale out of the vote could come back to bite them. Also, Josh is making a big target of himself for running every vote. Wouldn’t be surprised if he went early post merge. But that’s it from me for another week. What do y’all think, did Josh make the right move in getting rid of John, or should he have gotten rid of Baylor?

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