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Survivor Recap: There Is A "Method To This Madness"

Jayden Sheppard | PopWrapped Author

Jayden Sheppard

10/02/2014 12:14 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Survivor Recap: There Is A
Media Courtesy of Today
So episode two starts off with a bang. After a week of waiting we finally get to hear Josh’s reason for voting Baylor, his new-found ally. Josh said he wanted her to know the “method to his madness”. Now I know we are only two episodes in, but this season has seen a lot of madness already. By that I mean bad game play madness, and it looks to continue further beyond this episode. I’m not complaining but just thinking it will be funny seeing this group stumble towards the end. It feels like a whole cast full of Erik Reichenbach’s. Anyway back to the episode; Josh claims he did it to further their alliance and so no one would catch wind of what was going on (???). That doesn’t make sense because  it really didn't matter if Nadia went home with six votes instead of five. I’m sure the guys wouldn't of cared because they voted out the person that they wanted to, and if the girls did care, there wouldn't be much they could do about it anyway. Baylor sees his point but thinks it was sketchy. If I was Baylor, I would of been more worried than that. You want plans to be set going into tribal, not being made AT tribal. That’s how things can go wrong. We then jump over to the Hunahpu tribe where everyone thinks it would be a good idea to use what ever energy they have left after four days of little food to show off how they can flip their leg in the air, or how many tree branches they can lift. Really? Did you need to do that? I wasn’t the only one left unimpressed here. Jeremy says Drew is like a cartoon character, always needing to do or say something. Next thing we know, everyone is looking for the flint. This is Survivor people! The flint is important! I don’t know of one other tribe in the history of the show that has lost it, but somehow here we are. I can’t complain too much, out of the ordeal we got a J’Tia reference, something that J’Tia herself problerly wouldn’t of been to happy about. “Do you need flint to start a fire?” asks Jon. Keith looks in pain to even have that question said aloud. Moving on from the flint, now we get “Hero Arena” time. Apparently around camp Natalie was proclaiming that she's been a 'non cryer' for ten years. Well all that changed when she didn't she her sister walk into the arena. It had to have been tough for her, but we know from the first time around, not having a partner in the game can inspire you to do even better. For reward they are playing for fishing gear, something else they can lose. But I‘d be worried for them if they did lose the gear, Rupert might appear from the jungle and have a break down at the thought of another lost Hawaiian sling. John Rocker is keen to put himself forward into the spotlight and perform for his tribe, meaning his girlfriend is being dragged down from the bleachers with him. She really didn't look too impressed, but managed to perform under pressure anyway. Julie takes her time with the challenge, while John tries to rush things, dropping his ball three times. The duo wasn't even close, meaning Rocker is sent to Exile island. The return of Exile this season has got me remembering the good old days went it actually was an island. Seeing as it was swapped in for redemption island at the last minute though, beggars can’t be choosers. Julie picks Jeremy to go with Rocker to Exile for no apparent reason. I would absolutely love to know why! They are sent off, and just as Jeff is trying to send the tribes out to he spend the rest of his day doing non-host of Survivor things, he is stopped by Reed, who announces Hunahpu wants to trade their beans for a second flint. Jeff, rightly so, called it a weak deal. In the end they don’t get the fishing gear, but a flint instead. It was the right move as they need fire, but they needed some persuasion to take the offer on the table. A fair bit happens back at Hunahpu tribe before we even see the duo on Exile. They celebrate the new flint, and this time they take “extra” care to make sure they don’t lose it. Natalie cries some more. She has ten years worth to get out so I’m sure the tears were flowing for a while. And we get more people bringing up the fact they are playing with highly controversial sports star John Rocker. Dale can even remember the famous interview. Josh thinks he can use this to his advantage and bring Rocker to the end with him. How often does that workout? Anyway, we finally head over to Exile where John and Jeremy make the choice to determine who will get the idol clue. Jeremy gets it while John gets a blank piece of paper. I have to admit I would feel a bit deflated if I got the blank, too. Jeremy makes a bold move to give him the idol info, in exchange for Val’s safety, and if Val goes, he will make sure Julie goes. They both agree, and you would think that would be the end of that for a while. Well, you're wrong, but before we can get to any side deals made at Exile, we have a challenge to get to. It’s the classic Sumo at Sea (with water, not mud this time around, damnit), and it goes right down to the wire, but of course Hunahpu get the win, making it four in a row. At camp Val thinks that a good lie will save her. She says to John, the one that only just says he will protect her, that she has two idols. Which is totally unbelievable. Maybe you might have one idol earlier in the game, but how would you find two at the one camp? There is not a chance I would have ever fallen for that! John mustn't have either because he finds the idol pretty quickly. John then goes back to the guys (why is it on both Blood Vs Water seasons we have seen groups of guys in a pre-merge alliance?) and says they should split the vote 3-3 between Val and Baylor in case of idol usage, which isn’t really looking out for Val. Josh isn’t super excited to hear Baylor’s name thrown around, but nothing more is said of the vote before tribal, which is just as much of a mess as the afternoon was. Val calls Baylor out, while everyone makes it clear they want Val out because the the gigantic lie she made about the idols. The vote ends up being a 4-4 tie (another mess of a night, where Josh once again votes for Baylor, would love to hear about this one), but in the revote we bid Val farewell, as everyone wants her gone.

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