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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur' And The Return Of Exile Island

Jayden Sheppard | PopWrapped Author

Jayden Sheppard

09/25/2014 2:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur' And The Return Of Exile Island | survivor
Media Courtesy of CBS
survivor Courtesy of: CBS
It worked the first time., so why not try it again... right? Can lightning strike twice with the Blood vs Water twist? I’m not sure, but I’ll be with you over the next twelve or so weeks recapping the latest season of Survivor:San Juan del Sur. With that title though, it’s almost like the producers are trying to get this season to fail. Anyway, onto the actual episode, where we start off trying the get to know the nine new couples while Jeff Probst flies around in a helicopter. Why is he doing that? Because it’s Jeff Probst, of course. Among the teams this year are Broadway stars, firefighters, Amazing Race contestants, former footballers, a Survivor casting staple, and a pageant girl. After spending a short night with their loved ones, everyone grouped together to split into two tribes. This year in blue we have Hunahpu, while in Orange we have Coyopa. Are the showrunners wanting us to have trouble pronouncing everything related to the season?! Now for the big twist: there will not be a Redemption Island! It was something the fans loved to hate, even though it worked well on the last Blood Vs Water season. This time around we see the return of Exile Island, something the show hasn’t done in ten seasons. The twist is pretty effective now, simply because the castaways didn’t see it coming. What makes things even better is one couple will compete for reward. The winner gets the reward, while the loser goes to exile. Jeremy ends up winning, meaning his wife Val is going to exile, and like we predicted, he isn’t feeling too good about what he has just done. Both tribes arrive at their beaches, and everything runs as expected, some get to work on shelter and fire, while some get to work on alliances. People are already pulling their loved one into deals they aren't even there to witness. Jeremy makes it a point to make a deal with three out of the four women on his tribe. On the other beach, the much older Dale is trying to make an impression on his younger tribe mates by starting a fire with his glasses. He was so keen to get the job done that he broke them in half so it would double the magnify glass. Baylor didn’t think it would work as she hadn’t ever seen anyone start a fire that way. Obviously she wasn’t paying attention when Yau-Man famously did it in Survivor: Fiji. Over on Exile Island, Val gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol. Only problem is Dale took the idol, but doesn’t even know what it is. No message was shown on the back of it. Maybe this year they are making it even harder to find idols after how many were used last year. Finally we get the the challenge, which is a big one to start of with. It’s a pretty even race until the very end, where Hunahpu earns the win with the final puzzle. At camp after the challenge it appears like Nadia, Val, and Dale are in the mix to go home. Once we reach tribal council though, Nadia gets five votes sent her way after the guys plus Baylor team up, making her the first to go. Josh gave a vote to Baylor even though it seemed like they only just formed an alliance. Did he do it to throweveryone off their scent? Hope we can find out about that choice next week! As for my season pick to win I think Baylor and Josh will make a strong pair, similar to Todd and Amanda, but I feel like Keith could take home the million. I was pretty close to guessing the winner last season with Spencer, who placed fourth, so lets see how I go this time around.

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