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Take A Breath And Wait On Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

05/15/2015 4:09 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Take A Breath And Wait On Grey's Anatomy Season Finale | Grey's Anatomy
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Hello Grey's Anatomy fans!  Here we are...season finale. *cry* If you remember, last week Shonda left us with a bit of a cliffhanger with Keith, the guy in the pancake car, and April trying to save him. In true Shonda fashion, I am also expecting a cliffhanger in this week's episode, "You're My Home." Did she deliver? Read on to find out!

April and Most of the Rest of the Staff

April has the car and Keith, and recruits a crowd of doctors and paramedics. He immediately asks about Joan and the baby. They soon begin cutting him out, and take the top of the car off first. Meredith tells him that Joan is OK and is going into surgery, but they have a baby boy. They begin to cut him out of the car, but it's too much for him to handle and Mer tells them to stop.

They decide the best course of action is to open him up outside, then rush him into surgery before he bleeds out. Before they start, Keith asks Mer if he will tell Joan he loves her. She tells him she doesn't want to deliver a message from beyond the grave, and everyone is working hard to save him. He, however, says he doesn't think this is going to work.

They are ready to move Keith, but before they do, they bring his baby boy out for him to see. He tells his son that he is going to see him when he gets out of the car and that Daddy loves him. He then tells Meredith that it was a bad idea to let him see his son, because he is going to be really pissed if she doesn't pull this off.

Owen and April begin Keith's surgery outside, and Jackson coordinates the interns inside, as they will be helping with the doors and keeping an open path. Back to April and Owen, they are ready to transport him and estimate that they have five minutes to get Keith into the OR. The path remains clear until they get to the elevator, which has closed...fortunately, the intern gets it open right on time.

Keith codes in the elevator, but they get him back in the OR. Mer, Maggie and Jackson get to work.

Things are going well in surgery, so well that Maggie asks Jackson what's up with Catherine and Richard. He says that it seems like Richard challenged Catherine's intelligence, and she can't help it. Maggie says it's terrible that they can't just work it out and starts crying.

Callie, Amelia and Arizona

Callie and Arizona are with Joan, who is bleeding out as they roll her to surgery. They take the baby, and Joan begins to panic, but since she has a broken neck, this is obviously not good. As Callie and Amelia prep for Joan's surgery, Edwards tries to scrub in too. However, Callie gets quite angry with her, since she is the one who allowed the intern to break Joan's neck in the first place.

Before Joan goes into surgery, they tell her that Keith is at the hospital and alive. During surgery Callie, Arizona and Amelia start talking about dating, and all of them admit they are not dating anyone...and it's obviously bringing up some memories for Callie and Arizona.

They are able to save Joan, and she is not paralyzed. After the surgery, Owen and Amelia chat, and there is a slight misunderstanding where Owen thinks Amelia wants to get things going between them, again. Amelia doesn't mean it initially, but the wheels are turning for a moment.

Later, Amelia is writing up some kind of report when Mer comes to her with her old cell phone. She hands it to Amelia and says there is one message on it. She gives her the password and says she should be alone when she listens to it.

Edwards takes the interns to see Joan, even those she is not supposed to, but it's good that she did because Joan starts to go into distress and it's not good. Turns out she had a blood clot and is rushed back into surgery. Edwards is watching the surgery with Bailey and the interns, and Bailey gives her a stern talking to about how she is treating her interns.

Joan is out of surgery, and once again, she is OK.  She asks about the baby and Keith, who is alive and in the bed next to her and talking.

Jackson and April

After April saves Keith, Jackson comes to her and says he is really proud of her. April tells him she has something to say, but he says he already knows. He says he knows she wants to go back to Jordan and work in the field. She says yes, because she feels like she has been called there. He says maybe she should go because after they lost the baby, a light went out in her, but when she went there, that light was back. He tells her he loves her, but he doesn't think he can be there when she comes back. He tells her that she got to have her life altering journey so she could grieve, but he stayed behind, and not once did she ask how he was. She asks him if she goes, if that means they are done...

Alex, Jo and Mer

Alex tells Mer that he and Jo are still fighting, and she asks if Jo is moving out, because she wants to move into the house with her kids, and Amelia, who currently lives with Mer, needs a place to stay, too. Jo and Alex make up, and Alex tells her that Mer wants to move in with the kids. Jo, however, congratulates him and says "Congratulations. Now you have a house and a family" and walks away.

Alex later catches up with her and says she has put him in the middle of her and his best friend. He tells her he wants a life and home with her, not anyone else. She says OK and walks out, telling him that she has to think about what she wants.

Maggie and Mer

As Maggie and Mer start scrubbing up for surgery, Mer notices something is wrong and asks if Maggie is OK...She says she is fine, but is holding back tears.

Catherine and Richard

Catherine and Richard are front of everyone...and she gives him his ring back. Maggie and Jackson notice.

Later, Catherine and Richard run into each other in the doctor's lounge. Mer happens to be in there and tells them her husband is dead, and they are essentially being foolish, because they are very much alive, and they should be happy they have each other. She tells them to figure it out, and then walks away.

They begin debating, but it doesn't seem like fighting. Richard tells her the Bailey is his choice for Chief, but she wants an outside candidate, too, which he agrees to. They also agree to keep their work out of the bedroom, and Richard tells her that he will provide a safe harbor for her, where she can fall apart, and not simply be the Catherine Avery that is expected.

They soon get married, in front of all of their friends and family.

At the reception, Jackson is without April. Jo comes to get Alex. She takes him to a loft space that she has put an offer on. She wants him to sell the house back to Mer and have their own place. She tells him she loves him, but they need their own place, if he wants it to. He says that is the first time she has said she loves him, and they kiss.

Richard also tells Bailey that there will be an outside candidate, but she doesn't seem worried about it. She is ready, and I love that she is ready.

We also see April crying with Arizona trying to comfort her.

Owen walks in to see Amelia with the phone, and to no surprise, it is a message from Derek. She cries, of course, but this seems to have brought her closure.

Mer finds Maggie, and asks her what's wrong. Maggie tells her that her parents are getting a divorce because her mom has been having an affair for 11 years. Mer asks why she didn't tell her, but Maggie says she felt like it was insignificant compared to what Mer went through. Mer, however, tells her that she should always come to talk to her. Amelia comes in too, still a bit weepy, and Mer decides they need to dance it out, and so they do.

PS: I loved the music this episode.  All songs they have done before, just different versions for this one.

PPS: Though I will miss Grey's Anatomy over the summer, I am quite happy that there is no major cliffhanger!  Thanks, Shonda!

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