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Lifestyle PopWrapped | Lifestyle

Take A Look At The Adorable And Fierce 'Werewolf' Cat Breed Lykoi

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

11/03/2015 5:11 am
PopWrapped | Lifestyle
Take A Look At The Adorable And Fierce 'Werewolf' Cat Breed Lykoi | Lykoi
Media Courtesy of NextShark

It’s a well-known fact that cats and dogs are my weakness, but a werewolf cat may perhaps be my biggest weakness due to the sheer cuteness factor present; they’re fierce but look just as adorable as any and every cat species. “Werewolf cats” or, rather, Lykoi cats “possess a natural mutation that gives them the appearance of a scruffy-looking little wolf.” Not only do Lykoi cats look part werewolf, but they are also known to act like dogs, as well; they most closely resemble hound dogs due to their intelligence and scent-driven personalities. This recent breed of cats, bred by vet Johnny Gobble and his wife, emerged in 2010. The couple is now primary breeders of Lykoi cats.

The name 'Lykoi' is Greek for wolf. 

Lykoi cats were named by Gobble's colleague Patti Thomas. Gobbles stated, “Our founding cats come from two unrelated litters. The first litter was presented to Patti as a natural occurring Sphynx mutation. This confirmation was done with DNA testing for Devob/Sphynx gene which the kittens did not have,” Gobbles further added, “The Lykoi Cat’s name was the inspiration of Patti. She said Lykoi was the Greek word for wolf, and we all thought it was very fitting – ‘wolf cat.’” Very fitting, indeed.

Lykois, due to a mutation, have no hair “around the eyes, nose, ears and muzzle.” The Lykois are extremely rare, and there are currently 22 non-standard colored Lykois and 32 show standard ones; there are only seven registered Lykoi breeders. Due to their rarity, Lykoi kittens go for more than $2,000. Blue Lykoi kittens start at $1,500, black tuxedo kittens are $1,800, and black roan Lykoi cats cost $2,500. Unfortunately, there are currently no new litters, and interested animal lovers will have to sign-up on a waitlist on the Gobbles’ website.

Take a look at these lovely werewolf cats below!

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