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Ted Tries To Amend "The Broken Code" This Week On How I Met Your Mother

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/08/2013 8:23 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Ted Tries To Amend
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Heather O’Connell 

Content Editor 

Hello Popwrappers! Welcome to another edition of the How I Met Your Mother Recap. This week's episode is called "The Broken Code" and it's going to be an interesting episode considering last weeks cliffhanger which speaking of... We start off this weeks episode with a recap of what happened last episode. It's Friday at 3pm, 51 hours before the wedding, and Ted has just walked out to the back porch to have some 600 dollar scotch with Barney, well until Barney reveals that he saw Ted and Robin holding hands at the Carousel a week ago... That's how last week left so how will Barney react to Ted now that he knows? Lets find out. Barney tells Ted that Robin had called him to help her look for the locket in the rain but when he finally showed up there he saw Ted holding hands with his fiancée. So this leads Barney to ask Ted, "What up?" Ted replies: "Nothing Up." Ted tells Barney that Barney was busy so he went to help Robin look for the locket and when she couldn't find it she got upset so he held her hand and that's all that happened. After that Barney tells Ted that he just wanted to air everything out and that he's cool now. This leads to some tears to come.. not because everything's fine but because Ted just dropped the 600 dollar bottle of scotch and broke it on the floor. We now move onto the next scene that shows Lily walking into the room where Ted, Barney, and Robin are seated. She tells them that she hopes Marshall is able to get there for the rehearsal dinner. Lily than moves a chair over to which Robin asks why she moved the chair and she tells her its for "Marsh-Pillow". Now what is a Marsh-pillow you ask well it this body pillow that Lily dressed up as Marshall so that she had it to compensate for Marshall when he's not with her. However for the wedding she's created Marsh-pillow 2.0. A pillow dressed up in men's clothing that has an Ipad connected to the top of it so Marshall can Skype in to be a part of the groups conversation while he's still driving across the country to get there. Marshall's screen freezes in the middle of a sentence which leads to an embarrassing confession by Lily which leads to her freezing up as well and we now get the beginning credits. After the credits/theme song Marshall is finally unfrozen. Robin then reveals a little unhappiness with Lily since she spent all this time dressing up and getting the Marsh-pillow ready but she spent hardly any time on her bachelorette party. We then get a flashback to the bachelorette party which shows Robin and Lily at Mclaren's just the two of them at what is supposed to be Robin's bachelorette party. We find out that Lily never sent out the invitations so obviously no one came.. well no one except Robins favorite person.. Patrice. Now back to present day Robin talks about how she planned Barney's bachelor party and how great of a party she threw for him. Lily apologizes to Robin telling her that she had been so busy planning for the move to Rome that she just must have forgotten to invite the girls to the party. We then find out that Ted has planned a "Best Man" poker game for Barney and that he wrote all the table cards for the wedding in calligraphy. Barney tells Ted that he forgot to bring the table cards to which Ted says "Say no More" and off he goes to make new ones. Robin rubs it in Lily's face that Ted just ran off to make 200 more place cards and that she couldn't even even click send for a simple e-vite. This upsets Lily who then tells Robin the real reason she didn't send any e-vites is because Robin has no girl friends other than Lily. Robin doesn't believe her telling her that she gave her a list and Lily takes out the list which has names on it like "tall girl from work", "Mouth breather from coffee shop", and "Average sized girl that place". Lily tells Robin to "Face it that she hates women and women hate her too". Onto the next scene we find Ted who is working on the new place-cards for the wedding when Barney comes in asks him to switch rooms with his Great Aunt Ida and Ted instantly agrees wanting to be the best best man possible. We then see Ted's new room which looks to be in a dinky basement with a fold-up bed. A little later Barney asks Ted for another favour telling him the wedding doves came earlier and they don't know where to put them. Ted takes initiative and puts the doves into his room where they poop all over the place when he lets them out of their cages. Onto the Barney who has another favour to ask of Ted telling him that he has to redo the table cards again since he wrote something wrong. As Ted has finished them he goes up to Barney's room to give him the new ones. Ted is surprised to see that the Best Man poker game started without him and that Barney's favorite karate Kid, Billy Zapka, is the new best man and not Ted. Ted confronts Barney about changing his best man and having the poker game without him. We see that Tim Gunn, Barney's personal tailor, is also at the poker game. Ted pleads his case that he did all this stuff for Barney that day and he doesn't understand why he's not best man anymore until he realizes that Barney lied before and that he is mad about Ted and Robin holding hands that day. Barney tells Ted that of course he's mad and that "holding hands is like the 4th grade equivalent of banging" and that Ted broke the bro code. Ted says that he didn't and he just went to help a friend because Barney didn't show up. Barney tells Ted that he broke the code "A bro shall not have a weird moment with the other bro's fiancée". Ted tells him that there's no way they can check if that's real until Barney shows that they have a copy of the Bro Code in the room. We now move back to Robin and Lily who are in the bar. Lily is apologizing to Robin for what she said but Robin tells her not to be because she really doesn't get along with many girls. Lily then wants to know what it is with Robin and women. Robin tells her that they are "So annoying" and that they are "Always whining and crying about everything little thing." This leads to Lily starting to cry because Robin only has one girlfriend and she doesn't know what what Robin will do without her for a year when she goes to Rome. Lily says that Robin needs another female friend and that she's going to find her another friend. Now we're back with Ted and Barney with Barney looking for the code in the Bro code. Ted insults Barney telling him that the Bro code is just some stupid book that Barney made up. Barney is flabbergasted with Ted and starts talking about the lineage of the Bro code to which Ted just shakes his head not really caring what Barney is saying knowing he's just making it up. Ted than says that if Barney really believes in the Bro code than why has he broken it so much. Barney looks horrified that Ted would even accuse him of breaking the Bro code and says that he has never broken it. Ted than takes the Bro code book from him and looks through it to find a code that Barney has broken and he finds the one called "The mom of a Bro is always off limits" and that Barney has broken that one since he has slept with Ted's mom. Barney denies it for a moment but then confirms that he did. Barney tells Ted that he should think its weird that Ted and Robin were holding hands but Ted tells him that it wasn't weird. Barney then announces that they need a third impartial Bro.. which brings in Marsh-pillow 2.0 to help settle the issue between the two. Marshall tells them that to settle the issue he needs to look over the Bro Code. Back to Lily and Robin who are on a mission to find Robin a new female friend for when Lily goes to Rome. Lily points out girls for Robin to talk to but Robin finds something wrong with all of them. The first girl she doesn't like her bangs, the second she doesn't like her shoes, and the last she says ugh before Lily even chooses anyone. We now find ourselves back with the guys as Marshall has now looked over the Bro Code and he's talking about his ruling of whether holding Robin's hand was against the rules or not. After going back and forth for a moment he then says that if they can prove that holding any friends hand is weird than Ted did in fact break the Bro Code. This leads to Ted and Barney sitting on the beach being forced to hold hands to see if its weird. Now to the ladies who are still on the quest to find Robin's new friend. Robin strikes out badly with the first couple girls and is discouraged and Lily tries to get her to realize she can do it and to take a page out of Barney's playbook and target the crying girl at the bar. Before we get to that though we have to see what's going on with Ted and Barney who are still holding hands on the beach. Marshall tells them that they have to recreate the scene as close as possible to what happened at the Carousel and that Ted needs to comfort Barney like he did that night with Robin. Ted reluctantly goes along with it asking Barney why he's so upset with him. Barney tells Marshall this is stupid but Marshall tells him to accept the comfort. Barney reluctantly does and tells Ted that he's not really mad at Ted he's mad at himself. He says he should have met Robin when she first called, but he was having too much fun playing laser tag. He apologizes to Ted for what he did to him when he was just trying to be a good friend to Robin. Ted tells him its okay and Barney says it would be different if Ted still had feelings for her and questions if he still does to which Ted doesn't immediately answer and a storm starts to rain on them. Ted finally responds with the rain saying "Now its weird" Barney gets upset and throws Ted's hand away thinking that Ted still has feelings for Robin. Ted says he still does sometimes and Barney tells him to turn them off. Ted says "he'd love too, but it doesn't work that way. He's a human being and he doesn't have an off switch". Marshall leaves them and we now come back to Robin at the bar. She's going up to the crying woman at the bar and as Robin tries to hug the girl and the girl gets disgusted and we find out the girl is a lot like Robin not like female emotions. Lily watches Robin make a new friend and starts to freak out that if Robin makes a new friend that when she comes back from Rome she won't need her anymore. Lily then threatens the girl Robin was talking to as Robin went to leave the room. Robin didn't actually leave the room and sees what Lily did. She tells her that's why she doesn't needs another girl friend because she has her, "her psycho." Patrice of course comes into the room to ruin the moment but Lily yells at her back off. Back to Ted and Barney, Ted is telling Barney that he hates these feelings and he hates himself for having the feelings. He has tried to make them go away but he doesn't know how. Barney tells him to try harder because he's marrying her. Ted then admits that it was weird between him and Robin at the carousel but he would never do anything to hurt Barney because he is his brother. Ted says he'll even swear it on the Bro Code to which Barney says the Bro Code is stupid. Ted grabs the copy of the Bro code and swears on it that he'll do everything he can do move on from it. We then find them a little later in the hotel with Barney and the guys playing the poker game and saying that Ted is his best man again. Everything seems to be fine again until Billy Zapka tells Ted he's coming for him.. We won't find out what goes on with that until a little later, but the episode does end on a happy note as we see the guys, Barney, Ted, and Marsh-Pillow, laying out in the sun checking out an attractive girl walking by. That's it for this week's recap. It wasn't the best episode I've seen but it definitely had its funny moments like Marsh-Pillow 2.0, Tim Gunn, and The poker showdown! Is there anything you'd like to see in next weeks recap? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next week!!


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