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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05X02, Parasomnia

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/02/2015 4:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05X02, Parasomnia | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Subscene

Another episode of 'Teen Wolf' so soon?


Last night, 'Teen Wolf' made its triumphant return for its 5th season premiere, and we're already neck deep in problems along with our beloved gang of Beacon Hills.

There was a flash forward of Lydia at Eichen House, and in the final eerie moments of the episode, we saw flashes of major moments affecting each character.

Let's just hope tonight wouldn't have yours truly crying puddles like last night.....which was the result of Scott writing Allison's initials during the Senior Scribe.

Sorry......thinking about it again.....just give me a minute.....


Okay. Back.

Episode #2 kicked off with Lydia's mom speaking with a new student named Tracy, who described having intense night terrors. She recalled one night in particular, when she was awoken by a presence in her bedroom. Windows opening by themselves, and some sort of figure yanking her onto her feet. Lydia's guidance mother chalked it up to a dream and anxiety, but it didn't take long for it to take a more twisted (and disgusting) turn:

Tracy threw up all over Lydia's mom's desk some black goo substance that included.....crow feathers.

And there's your typical, brilliant cold open!!

Scott was seen getting his veterinary skills on with Deaton, and the vet was just as confused as to the "claws" that Scott had retrieved from the attack the night prior. Deaton called them "talons". That may explain the crows that flew out of that.....thing....when The Doctors killed it.

The episode wouldn't truly be in 'Teen Wolf' fashion if we didn't start off with some crazy Stiles theory, and this one may not be a far stretch. Stiles shared his worry with girlfriend Malia that Theo wasn't the 4th grade Theo that he remembers. Could our beloved Stilinski be onto something?

It was officially the first day of senior year with the entire gang getting into all sorts of shenanigans (yes I just used that word):

Malia and Lydia were shocked when Scott appeared in their advanced chemistry class, Liam was being bullied from a former grade 6 female student who seems to have a bone to pick with him, Mason was checking out the new lacrosse team and Stiles was already ditching class to share his crazy theory with Scott.

Newcomer Tracy continued to be haunted by something, and we finally got a good look at what that may be:

The Doctors?

Scott and Stiles took Theo aside into the locker room to grill him about how he was turned into a werewolf, and in flashbacks, we see the attack that resulted in his bite. He kept the information coming as he pleaded with Scott to take him on his word, while Stiles remained doubtful. He stayed firm that Theo was lying about something, but Scott wouldn't listen to it.

Did ANYONE else think that the werewolf in the flashback looked an awful lot like Derek?


I'm aware it was just the glowing eyes and shadow, but it did look like Derek. Maybe I saw it because I miss Tyler Hoechlin so much.


Lydia enlisted the help of Parrish to help Tracy to get to the root of her problem, and the deputy decided to take a look at the lock on her windows. Without divulging the information to an already rattled Tracy, Parrish informed her everything was fine. The viewers however saw what he did:

Numerous black crows lying dead all over the roof of the house, outside Tracy's window!!

Stiles meanwhile, continued his investigation in Theo and took Liam along for the ride. They tracked Theo to the woods, and after a bit of comic relief, they realized that Stiles may have been wrong all along. Liam was in the woods dropping flowers into the river, where his sister was killed. Unfortunately, it appeared Theo was onto them as he surprised them before they could head out.

Theo laid it all out for Stiles, as he informed he was truly back because he had nothing else. He wanted to be in Scott's pack and wanted Stiles in his life as well. He needed to be surrounded by friends and didn't know how else to convince Stiles of that. It appeared our resident high schooler Stilinkski was beginning to feel something......

Or not.

In another heartbreaking moment in just the 2nd episode, Scott arrived to prove his point to Stiles which just infuriated him. Stiles screamed at his best friend that he couldn't trust everybody, because Scott trusts everybody. The two shared a quick moment, as Scott healed Stiles' hand after he got angry and punched his stalled jeep.

Anyone else REALLY not enjoy watching these two fight? Jeff Davis needs to curb this. Not here for it.

The episode kept delivering major moments when, after a quick werewolf attack, Liam confessed his true identity to Mason. The wolf actually turned out to be Theo. What was Theo's motive here?

The creepiness in the episode didn't slow though, as Parrish was camped outside Tracy's home, she appeared behind his vehicle unbeknownst to him in a somewhat catatonic state, before wandering off.

Lydia apologized to Parrish for making him camp out for no reason, but meanwhile Tracy awoke from her state in the lair of The Doctors. It was then revealed The Doctors were responsible for creating the season premiere wolf.......and they did the same thing to Tracy.

The twists weren't finished though:

In the closing moments, Theo was seen with who appeared to be his "parents", but we all know the truth. Theo revealed that the "father" has messed up the signatures on the documents Stiles had retrieved, and they needed a way to refute why they were different, so Theo BROKE HIS HAND WITH A HAMMER.

Okay. Stiles is right.

Something is very wrong with Theo!!!

Could he be a concoction of The Doctors? Or something entirely else?

What do you guys think?

And what did you think of the episode?



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