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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x03, Dreamcatchers

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/09/2015 9:02 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x03, Dreamcatchers | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Subscene

Only one episode this week Teen Wolf fans!!

Teen Wolf continued its already stellar 5th season with ANOTHER whopper of an episode which kicked off with another deputy transferring last weeks convict Donovan to prison. His lawyer was present even before the drive kicked off.

During the drive, the officer appeared to suffer a heart attack but it didn't take long before we discovered that the van was under attack by Tracy, who happened to be the lawyer's DAUGHTER!

Donovan managed to escape out the back, but the other guards and Daddy weren't so lucky.

And it didn't take long for Donovan to be quite so unlucky either, as he was quickly captured by The Doctors and injected with something we're just going to guess isn't good.

Now THAT is your typical Teen Wolf intro!!

Scott was attempting to get to the root of what was bothering Stiles, besides the fact that he Papa Stilinski was going on a date. He informed Scott he had received a text from  Braedon on her search for the Desert Wolf. Unbeknownst to the viewers, he received a photo along with the text, and Scott seemed rather disturbed by what he saw.

The episode needed to kick into gear with a bit more comedy however, as we were then treated to Lydia and Kira attempting to teach Malia how to drive. The antics didn't last long however as they were drawn to the brutal attack/crash involving Donovan, the cops and Tracy/her father.

Moving at break neck speed, Scott ran off to try and find Donovan while a brooding Theo followed in the shadows. It didn't take long for a crazy, delusional Donovan to attack Scott but he easily managed to take him down. Donovan informed them all it was Tracy who attacked the van and killed her father (and injured the other cops).

Upon taking Donovan back into custody, there was clearly something going on with him, but the bigger problem seemed to be Tracy. The group reconvened, along with Mason (who was in hilarious form) and they all attempted to figure out what to do if they catch her. There was one other problem though:


Scott, Lydia and Kira (and Theo) all took their biology class while Liam arrived to inform Scott that Tracy was  her history class.....RIGHT NOW.

Before any damage could be done, Liam pulled the fire alarm which gave our gang an in to the room. Tracy looked poised to attack, but in a view from her eyes, she was seeing Scott, Liam and Kira's Dad as The Doctors and she quickly passed out before spewing out some disgusting grey liquid.

They realized they needed to get her help so they rushed her to Deaton while Kira, Lydia and Liam decided they needed to try and find Tracy's Alpha.....

Which led them to her old school.....and Liam's old mate.....Brett.

We caught a glimpse of Brett last season when we were introduced to Liam, and his buff body was BACK!!

Deaton continued to observe Tracy and knew they had to keep her there, so he built the mountain ash around the vet office. This meant Deaton and Stiles could escape if need be, but Scott and Malia would need to do battle.

Ready for the major twist of the episode?

Lydia and Kira were checking out Tracy's room for any clues and came to the conclusion, with the discover of many dreamcatchers that it appeared that Tracy may still be in one of her night terrors when she kills.

Get it yet?

Scott and Stiles came to that same conclusion too late, as Tracy bounced up, whipping out a tail from her back (in the EW! moment in the episode!) and quickly subdued all of them.

Sound familiar? Tracy quickly, and shockingly, breezed bpast

She was a Kanima!!

Now I miss Jackson. Anyone else?

Everyone at the vet's office continued to try and overcome the paralysis that they were served by Tracy, with Malia overcoming the paralysis first. She raced off to find Tracy, and we found out where she was.

More revelations came from Lydia as her and Kira realized that Tracy was after Lydia's mother, who just happened to be the mystery woman that Papa Stlinski was meeting up with for his date. Lydia and Kira arrived just in time to see Tracy arrived, and it appeared that everyone was trapped.

Kira unleashed her inner Kitsune and defended everyone, but Lydia unfortunately took a major wound to the stomach. In a brilliant battle scene, Kira managed to wound Tracy back by cutting off her tail, but it wasn't enough to stop her and she took off into the basement with Lydia's mom. Malia quickly arrived and fought Tracy in the basement and managed to slow her down finally. The closing moments took a devastating turn as The Doctors arrived. They subdued Malia while one of them terminated Tracy.

This SO intense!!!

Anyone sweat it out during those scenes?

Well, the sweating isn't over as we're ALL left to sweat it out until next week!! Is Lydia okay!? Now her mom knows about EVERYTHING going on in Beacon Hills!!

What did you guys think of Dreamcatchers?



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