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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x04, Condition Terminal

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/14/2015 9:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x04, Condition Terminal | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Torrents

That's not a happy title.

'Teen Wolf' left us with a pretty big cliffhanger last week with Lydia's condition unknown after our beloved banshee suffered a serious wound from Tracy.

So where were we now?

We kicked things off this week with a Deputy Parrish flashback, when we saw him trying out a test with Lydia. She was holding a lighter under his hand. The extent went on for sometime, with no damage which caused much concern with Lydia.

He explained to Lydia about a dream he would have, carrying a body into the woods, onto a large stump. Lydia quickly pointed out that it was the Nemeton, the beacon of supernatural beings in Beacon Hills. So......have we reached an explanation as to what Parrish was yet?

No. Most definitely NOT.

Cold open was over, as we saw Donovan being attacked by The Doctor's in his jail cell, and now we were right up until last weeks cliffhanger. Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Theo all arrived to the sheriff's office to find the bloody aftermath of Tracy's attack.

Lydia was bleeding out on the floor, so Theo rushed over to help Kira while Scott and Stiles ran to the basement to find Tracy. They also found Malia, standing by insisting it wasn't her who did this. She tried to explain about The Doctor's, but it came out as nonsense. The guys quickly whisked Tracy away, in a bid to try and turn her back and save her.

Did anyone else get choked up by Stiles' reaction to seeing Lydia? Dylan O'Brien NAILED this!!!

Donovan wasn't faring much better.

The Doctor's had him restrained and, in the grossest part of the season thus far, one Doctor pulled teeth from a screaming Donovan.

Soon after the teeth were extracted, Donovan mysteriously grew SHARP TEETH!!!

Just a reminder to everyone? That led us into the first commercial of the episode.  My heart can't handle this show if it's going to start like this every week.

While Lydia was prepped for surgery upon arrival to the hospital, Scott was being kept up to speed by Liam on the holes found in the woods. He informed his Alpha that there was more than one: Tracy climbed out of one...but who was the other?

Deaton finally came up with some answers by using all of the evidence they had gathered. Tracy inhibited claws like a werewolf, talons, as well as the venom of a Kanima. This didn't explain how she was able to move past the Mountain Ash (last week). He concluded that Tracy couldn't have been bitten or born a supernatural being, and therefore she was created.

The Doctors.

Lydia awoke after surgery to Parrish watching over her, and seemingly rattled from her attack, told Parrish she wanted him to each her how to fight.

In the first twist of the episode, while Donovan was still restrained, he was paid a surprise visit....

From Theo!!

Stiles' reservations were definitely right when Theo taunted Donovan, and then planted the seed. If Donovan wanted to hurt Sheriff Stilinski, he needed to go after someone he loved.

And fans all over the world lost their collective minds in this moment, because that means Stiles!!!

In showing how in with the times 'Teen Wolf' really is, Mason dragged Liam along to be his 'wing man' at a gay bar. Loved watching Liam's reaction upon walking in, and love the show even more for continuing to treat a scene like this like they would any other scene.

Of course, things couldn't stay normal.

As Scott and Kira tended to a patient of Melissa's who had a really nasty sting/bite, the young boy kept muttering "Lucas", who happened to be inside the gay club with Mason and Liam. Make matters worse?

He was making eyes at Mason!

Newest member of the Wolf pack was in trouble!!!

Scott and Kira arrived in time to face off with Lucas, who was very close to offing Liam and Brett, who was also club bound to help.

Unfortunately for Lucas, Kira stepped in, and once again, her Kitsune powers exploded and she came very close to killing Lucas before Scott stopped her. It ultimately didn't matter, as the formerly unforeseen Doctors arrived and terminated Lucas.

In a full circle moment for the episode, Parrish arrived unseen at the morgue and carried Lucas' body onto the Nemeton where he set it on fire.

The episode needed to end on yet another cliffhanger though (because the show is HATING US) and in the closing moments, Donovan showed up on an unsuspecting Stiles and subdued him from behind.


What did you guys think of tonight's episode?


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