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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf, 05x06: Required Reading

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/30/2015 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf, 05x06: Required Reading | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of MoviePilot

Teen Wolf is really making sure I stay creeped out and on the edge of my seat this season isn't it?! 

Last week, we witnessed a crucial moment for our beloved Stiles, when he killed Donovan in self defense. It appeared to take a toll on the fan favorite character, and we have to wonder what it's really done to him.

This weeks episode of 'Teen Wolf' didn't waste anytime kicking right into the action with Scott being attacked by one of the Dread Doctors and almost losing, before Malia showed up to help him. She fought him off best she could, but the pair retreated to the hospital elevator (with Melissa) and managed to escape.

Scott's parting words?

"We never should have read that book".

And that's your typical, flash forward opener to 'Teen Wolf'!!

Echoing the words of Gabriel, it seems that its the gangs fault that the Doctors have arrived in Beacon Hills when they summoned the Nemeton.

All caught up?

Lydia continued to train (and flirt) with Parrish while Scott was beginning to open up more to Theo, which was definitely a bad idea. The gang then all got together (including Theo) with the preparation to read the novel Gabriel wrote.

While the gang tirelessly continued to read the book, Liam was doing some flirting of his own with Hayden, who continued to brush it off.

Meanwhile, Theo turned up the ICK factor when he retreated into a bedroom and began recording Kira while she napped. She was mumbling some sort of other language, and Theo was definitely intrigued.

Anyone else REALLY not liking this guy!?

While observing another student during class, Lydia became concerned when the young girl began losing her hair. This triggered the girl to bolt from class, and Lydia quickly followed. While checking on her, Lydia was stunned to see something grow on the side of the girls head, and it caused Lydia to fall backwards onto the floor. Suddenly we could hear Lydia's mother screaming "I told you to stay in the car"....

And we were back in Eichen House.

It was then revealed that Lydia wandered into the asylum when her grandmother was a patient all those years ago. She spoke to the young version of Lydia that 'they were coming for everyone'.

I have to admit, that with the jumping around being somewhat confusing this season, the focus on Lydia is a real treat seeing how impeccable Holland Roden truly is.

Scott was gearing up to finally drop out of the class, but his teacher wanted to know exactly why. Before Scott could answer, he began having flashes of a dog attacking someone, and informed his teacher he felt like he was having an asthma attack. This would tie into the flash forward at the start of the episode. In yet another flashback, it was revealed that Melissa brought Scott to the hospital when he was a child for an asthma attack. The young version of Scott kept asking his mother what happened to Roxy, who was clearly his dog.

That flashback was INTENSE, when we were suddenly back with he teacher and Scott who was barely breathing. She kept calling out for students who had an inhaler.

Liam raced in to the rescue for his Alpha, who was finally able to breathe on his own.

All of these flashbacks were going to occur when they finished the reading it seemed, so what was to come for Kira, Malia and Stiles?

The flirtation between Malia and Theo continued, but she wasn't being fooled by his act. She asked why he didn't confess to Scott her true memory from the night of the crash, but he was adamant that he just wanted in on the pact.

Yeah...not buying it. Am I right?

We were then informed WHY Theo recorded Kira (or maybe to just stir the pot) and he played the recording for Scott. It was the same line she rambled off at the club in the previous episode, and Theo told Scott it meant:

"I am the messenger of death".

Now, is Theo lying?


Meanwhile, Lydia was determined to get to the bottom of the memory she had, which didn't seem important to the Dread Doctors, She requested Stiles join her while she returned to the hospital, but were shocked to find parts without power.

Now we get to the insane part.

Stiles went off to find Melissa in the hospital, but was joined by an unknown presence in the elevator with him. He began following her and we discovered that it was his mother Claudia. Stiles followed her to the roof where Sheriff Stilinski showed up as well in the flashback. He talked her down and informed her it was just the dementia talking. In the heartbreaking reveal, we learned that Stiles' mom blamed him for her problems, and when she began attacking him, we were led into the real setting:

Stiles was on the roof of the hospital with the Kanima!!

Stiles fended off best he could but was rescued by none other than Theo.

This part of the episode was absolutely STELLAR and a showcase for star Dylan O'Brien. His emotions poured through and he didn't have to speak a single word. Watching the pain and anguish in Stiles' face was heartbreaking and he deserves some sort of accolade for this performance.

Time caught up to itself and Scott and Malia raced to the hospital to save the others, and Scott was promptly attacked by one of the Doctors. You all know what happened next.

Ready for the whopper of an ending?

Theo managed to defend Stiles from the Kanima, which resulted in him killing the young man who was infected by the Doctors. He told Stiles he couldn't tell anyone he had done that, and Stiles asked why not...

With Theo quickly answering:

"Because I never told anyone about Donovan".

OF COURSE Theo knows!!

This may seem a bit silly as Stiles was just defending himself, but Donovan was human. He was just infected by the Doctors.

Another week, another INCREDIBLE episode of 'Teen Wolf'.

What did you guys think?



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