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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x07, Strange Frequencies

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

08/05/2015 12:19 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x07, Strange Frequencies | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Enstarz

Kira's reaction?


'Teen Wolf' aired its 7th episode of its stellar (but extremely dark) 5th season tonight, and we have so many questions, but let's recap first and then go through them.

Sound good?


We were thrown right back into the drama with Stiles, who we last saw being rescued by Theo on top of the hospital roof...and other Kimera was dead. 

Theo revealed he was at the library the night Donovan attacked Stiles, and he left the school when Stiles did. When he returned into the school, the body was gone. Stiles was eventually convinced that they couldn't simply leave the body there and they took off with it. 

Meanwhile, Liam was attempting to keep Hayden safe, and revealed quite the whopper to her as well: 

EVERYTHING about Beacon Hills!! She quickly punched him in the face when she showed her his true self (to convince her) and she bailed. It didn't take long unfortunately, for her luck to turn terrifying as she was attacked her in car by the Dread Doctors. Thankfully for her, Liam was quick o rebound off the punch and rescued her. 

And by the way? This all happened in the first 5 minutes!! 

Stiles and Theo took the Kimera to the vet's office, where Scott identified him as another student named Josh. They had more pressing matters to deal with however, when Liam contacted his Alpha and informed him they had a problem with Hayden. 

Liam informed them all upon arrival that Hayden was a Kimera as well, and they needed to help her before the Dread Doctors got a hold of her. 

There was just going to be a WHOLE LOT of explanation first. 

We were spared the conversation details, and jumped right into the next day with Kira getting an unwelcome attack from a friendly face:

Her mother.

The two engaged in a fierce sword fight, with it being obvious that her mother was trying to draw out the Kitsune, and it worked. Luckily for her mother, her father showed up and knocked her out of her trance mere minutes before she killed her. Kira was obviously incensed by her mother's actions, but seemingly understood why she did it. 

Scott put together a plan to try and draw out the Doctors, by tapping into the frequency they've been using to target other beings in Beacon Hills. Kira decided to sit the evening out, knowing that the frequency was messing with her powers. 

Theo was given a quick visit at the clinic, when he was checked in on by one of the Doctors but they retreated just before Stiles returned. It's appearing Theo isn't in the loop with the Doctors as much as he thought he was right? 


Stiles told Theo they needed to find out who was stealing the bodies and decided to keep an eye on Josh's body. This isn't going to end well. And NONE OF US trust Theo. Especially not around Stiles. 

Even though he did save his life, for whatever reason!!

Rant over. 

The gang begun to get to work by planting the devices Parrish built all over the school, in order to try and capture one of the Doctors. Before the action kicked off, Stiles saw a different (manipulative?) sie to Theo who opened up about his sister's death. Stiles' wall definitely came down somewhat, but was it enough? 

Maybe, but it would have been for nothing, because in a devastating flashback, it was revealed that Theo WATCHED his sister die when she fell into the ravine!!!

Everybody who didn't trust Theo this entire time raise your hand. 


Liam was attempting to calm Hayden down, while keeping her safe in the school. Their bond continued with Hayden asking questions of what she was. Liam calmly reminded her she's still Hayden. Unknown to the two of them, Scott's Plan B included something that she (and Liam) weren't privy to. 

And neither was the audience....until now. 

Liam found chains in Scott's backpack, which meant he was going to use Hayden as bait if their luring hadn't worked. There was a stare down between all involved, and then things TURNED. 

Parrish was still positioned out in his car, outside the school, when suddenly he was joined by a vision of Lydia. Parrish seemed shocked at first but was drawn into "her". They began making out, but "Lydia" turned into  a severely burned woman, who began viciously burning Parrish. 

Things just got worse, as Malia was attacked next, but was actually being controlled by the Dread Doctors. They made it appear she had been caught in a bear trap, followed by an arrow to her throat. When the Doctors walked by her however, there was nothing there. 

When Scott went to retrieve Hayden's prescription pills from her locker (not that they had bigger things to worry about) he was quickly under the influence of the Doctors as well. He wandered into a classroom and was speared by Kira, and subdued. Would she kill him? 

Well, no...because she wasn't really there....but you know what I mean.

Lydia began to get worried about Scott and headed into the hallway, when she began to have another hallucination, and proceeded to have her TONGUE RIPPED OUT by "Tracy". When the Doctor's walked by, Lydia was shaking and convulsing on the floor, tongue intact. 

Finally, Stiles' and Theo's conversation in the jeep took a devastating turn as they were attacked by the person stealing the bodies, which resulted in the jeep being flipped upside down with Stiles inside! 

And that person? 


All of the bodies were being taken from the possessed (?) deputy and being taken to the Nemeton. We've seen this before, but would we get an answer as to why?

Liam and Hayden were the only ones still hiding, as our beloved groups' fates were left unknown. 

They were quickly cornered by all 3 Dread Doctors, while Mason rushed to the rescue of the others. He knew they were in trouble when another boy he knew, Cory, turned out to be a Kimera. Mason managed to get the entire group back together and searched for Liam and Hayden....but they were gone. 

Stiles was "rescued" by Theo (THANKFULLY), but Liam and Hayden were still in danger:

They were being held by the Doctors, and Liam could only watch in terror as they began to operate on her. 

The episode ended in horrific fashion, as Melissa returned home, after ALL of the thrills we've already endured, to a body, impaled with KIRA'S SWORD in her kitchen. 

So, I promised you all I had questions at the start of this recap...

But I'm not sure I can properly string together a sentence......

What did you guys think of 'Strange Frequencies'?? 


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