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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x09, Lies Of Omission

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

08/19/2015 3:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x09, Lies Of Omission | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Torrents

After tonight, there's only ONE episode left of the first part of this season!!

'Teen Wolf' arrived to its penultimate episode of its 5th season, and after last weeks doozy, we had to wonder what was in store:

The Desert Wolf is on the prowl to take out her own daughter (Malia), Stiles and Lydia know the truth about Parrish taking the bodies to the Nemeton, Kira left town after discovering the Doctors had done something to her, and Scott was beginning to fall apart.

This week started off on a somber note, as Scott continued to question his leadership, while those around him embarked on their own missions. It was revealed that Scott's whole intro was spoken to none other than Theo, whom we STILL don't trust.

Following our intro, Theo met up with the Dread Doctors and informed them he needed more time to infiltrate Scott's pack, but told them he needed Hayden alive in order to fulfill whatever the HELL it was he needed to do. The cracks in the relationship began to show, as Theo screamed at the Doctors about wanting more time.

It also appeared that their kidnapping ordeal has brought Liam and Hayden closer as the baby wolf was keeping close tabs on her, but not all was what it appeared to be. Following a passionate kiss, Hayden began to suffer a nose bleed....

And there was something definitely wrong with her, as mercury began running down her face. She begged Liam not to tell anyone about what happened and it appears?

He obliged.

Stiles and Lydia continued their search for the Nemeton in the woods, but our beloved banshee was growing tired of going in circles and told Stiles she was going directly to Stiles to figure out where the Nemeton was. Stiles was of course, against the idea seeing as it would bring them to Donovan's body.

In a heartbreaking moment of the episode, upon checking on Liam, Scott was quickly put in his place, when his beta snapped at him due to the upcoming super moon. He barked back at Scott whether or not he was "going to chain him up again". The animosity between the two was really intense and it was hard to watch.

Seemingly furthering his plan, it appeared Theo was on the verge of confessing Stiles' defending himself against Donovan to Scott, but they were interrupted by Corey, who took a turn for the worse during a workout with Mason. He began bleeding profusely (the same mercury Hayden had her nosebleed), and Scott and Theo rushed off to find out if he was okay.

On their way to the hospital, Theo unfortunately spilled HIS truth to Scott about what "happened" to Donovan:

That Stiles did indeed defend himself, but not the way it actually happened. Theo fed Scott the story that his best friend BEAT Donovan to death with a wrench.

And there you have it. Theo has OFFICIALLY gone past the point of no return, as he's pitting Scott against Stiles.


The fact that Scott is believing Theo without even HEARING Stiles' bull.

Yours truly is not happy about this.

We shifted focus onto Malia now, as she witnessed a girl named Beth in her class began to spit out mercury as well, and when she followed her out, a Dread Doctor was waiting....

And quickly ended the poor girls life.

Scott and Theo meanwhile arrived to the hospital to carnage, but weren't able to catch Corey, as he found himself able to blend into his surroundings. He was trying to escape the hospital without the Doctors finding him, but it didn't work.

With Beth dead, that also meant that Parrish would soon be on his way to collect the body. Sure enough, during an impromptu sparring round (to train) Parrish once again became entranced which led to him and Lydia finding the Nemeton.

Theo continued his questionable ways, as he confessed a different story to Sheriff Stilinski, saying that HE was the one that defended himself against Donovan and killed him in self defense.

My head right now is spinning trying to follow what the HELL Theo is up to.

Taking shelter in the club from the Doctors, Liam and Hayden were soon discovered but chose to hide from them. It didn't take long for Scott to arrive and help Liam in protecting Hayden, but the two wolves seemed to be no match for the Dread Doctors. Before they looked like they would finish them off, Theo arrived to help out, but it was too late.

Another one of the Doctors took Hayden down with a syringe to the neck. Shockingly however, it appeared the injection did some good, which appeared to coincide with Theo's orders against the Doctors.

Scott ordered them all to the clinic, so Theo hopped into his car to take Liam and Hayden. Hayden was clearly weakened by whatever they injected into her, and Theo planted a seed within Liam that she wasn't as strong as they were. Maybe Scott could turn her into ONE OF THEM.

After finding the Nemeton, Parrish realized he was behind taking the bodies, and therefore locked himself behind bars to keep him out of trouble. He may not know why he was doing it, but he needed to make sure he didn't anymore.

Heartbreak time.

Upon arriving to he clinic, Scott met up with Stiles, and showed him the wrench he used to hit Donovan. Not realizing Scott was going off of false information, Stiles confessed to killing Donovan, but told him he had to protect himself and his Dad. Scott kept going off of what Theo told him and that led to the worst best friend breakup in TV history, as Stiles begged Scott to tell him he believed him. Scott simply couldn't do that, and told him not to worry about Malia and Lydia and focus on his Dad then. On the verge of tears, Stiles watched as Scott walked into the clinic.

I don't even know how to put into words what this scene did to me. Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey nailed every second of it. The emotion in Dylan's eyes, matched with Tyler's was a thing of beauty and absolutely gut-wrenching.

Bravo performances boys.

The closing seconds of the episode gave us Liam begging Scott to give Hayden the bite...but his Alpha REFUSED.

What is Scott thinking now!?

This episode was lighter on the brain, but heavier on the heart.

Scott and Stiles need to make up before the conclusion of next weeks summer finale.

Or I won't sleep until it returns.


What did you guys think of 'Lies of Omission'?


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