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Teen Wolf: 05x12, Damnatio Memoriae

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/18/2016 7:08 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x12, Damnatio Memoriae | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of MTV

This week's episode of Teen Wolf, titled “Damnatio Memoriae,” opens with Hayden accompanying her sister to her job and we finally get a look at this season’s big bad - The Beast of Gévaudan (the last chimera), who isn't quite as menacing as you would expect.

The very first look at The Beast was a slightly creepy one, but upon seeing the villain in full view, I mistook Teen Wolf for a bad Syfy film. While The Beast is revealed, Hayden and Liam officially talk since her revival and the two’s conversation is promptly cut short as The Beast begins to chase them. The two fall off a cliff and bicker at the bottom of it. Hayden leaves an injured Liam behind in order to check on her sister.

Tracey kills her father per Theo’s instance and the scene then shifts its focus onto Scott and Parrish, who investigate where The Beast was last seen. In an eerily shot sequence, Stiles wakes up to find his father missing and finds him looking at Donovan’s body – Stiles finally opens up to Papa Stilinski, who touchingly admits he would destroy any piece of evidence against Stiles and run the Sheriff station to the ground in order to protect him.

This is, hands down, the highlight of tonight’s episode.

It was a subtle yet touching scene, filled with words we as audience members wanted to say to Stiles as well; Papa Stilinski offers Stiles honest advice in regards to his feelings of guilt towards Donovan while suggesting Stiles forgive Scott (yasssss!!!). Theo continues to be his sexy, evil self as Liam not so subtly spies on him before bolting after Theo spots him.

Malia refuses to help Scott – reason being, she’s dealing with her own storyline which involves The Desert Wolf. Malia and Braeden find out The Desert Wolf has Deaton, thus explaining his long absence; I can’t even remember the last time I saw Deaton to be honest. Mason and Corey resume their flirting – can they please be happy now – while Stiles sees recorded footage of The Beast while on his dad’s laptop.

The episode’s most brilliantly shot scene occurs as Lydia has an outer body experience of sorts; almost as if in a nightmare, Lydia walks the halls of Eichen house and enters a room with a tub at the end filled with black tar. Like a scene from The Ring or The Grudge, a figure crawls out from the tub and towards Lydia, whispering, “Don’t be afraid.”

Theo not so subtly threatens Hayden and immediately afterwards a scene of great importance takes place: Stiles and Scott take their first steps towards reconciliation. Stiles comes to Scott for help and the two watch the surveillance video, with The Beast, together. While watching, the two are able to figure out there has to be another way into the building.

Words can’t describe how happy I am that these two crazy kids are getting back together, where they belong. There is no Scott McCall without Stiles Stilinski and there is no Stiles Stilinski without Scott McCall; it’s the natural order of life in Beacon Hills.

Theo continues to be a manipulative asshole – he’s quite entertaining – while Scott and Stiles investigate the building in hopes of finding another pathway in or out. Scott struggles to lift an object covering a path and Stiles helps the poor guy out; can Scott please get a break? Mason encourages Liam to apologize to Scott and tell him about the revived Chimera’s.

As Lydia’s physical being remains catatonic, Meredith – who was previously covered in tar – tells Lydia she needs to wake up if she wants to help her friends; she’s also the one who’s going to help Lydia learn more about her powers and unleash them in a way that will help save everyone she cares about.

So I’m guessing the moves Lydia pulled in season 5’s premiere were courtesy of the training she received from Meredith. While attempting to decipher words written in the dirt, poor Stiles is attacked and they’re ambushed. Sometimes I wish I was in the show so I could just stop all these basic’s from messing with Scott and Stiles; they were bonding damn it!

The attack is brought on by Theo – surprise, surprise. After destroying the words, Theo proposes a truce between their packs in order to deal with The Beast. Liam and Hayden have their romantic “moment” – am I the only one who doesn’t like these two together? Stiles was able to see the words before Theo had a chance to ruin them and explains they mean “the condemnation of memory.” So The Beast of Gévaudan isn’t something new, but something extremely old; The Dread Doctors didn’t create a new creature, they resurrected an old one.

The episode ends with Papa Argent visiting Gerald; I swear, nothing is going to kill this guy especially since he’s cured now – Argent gives him white flowers, eating them has completely healed the damage afflicted on him. While Gerald is feeling his best once more, Stiles and Scott decide to win the pack back one by one. Soon enough Malia, Kira, Lydia and Liam will be joining Team Scott and Stiles once more. Kira appears, sword in hand, as her battle with the Skin-Walkers begins.

What did you think of “Damnatio Memoriae?” Let us know in the comments below!


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