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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x15, Amplification

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

11/14/2016 8:10 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x15, Amplification | Wolf
Media Courtesy of Hypable
It's a new week in Beacon Hills but the Beast is still wreaking havoc on the lives of our favorite teens. This week's episode of Teen Wolf opens as the Beast is being pursued by the cops, and naturally Scott and Stiles, after so called "animal attacks" leaves dozens wounded. As the duo engages in a high speed chase with the Beast, Stiles tells the cops not to engage with the creature. Of course, he does so using his built in scanner. Papa Stilinski is less than amused but repeats the order after telling Stiles to stay off the radio. Yay, for father-son banter! But Stiles tells him that the Beast is headed for the hospital. We then see Melissa evacuating the hospital until it's just her and the Beast, whose footsteps can be heard approaching. Thankfully, Mama McCall has the good sense to haul ass before he arrives. Back in the chase, the Sheriff inquires as to Parrish's whereabouts but gets his answer when a deputy reports that a "man on fire" is headed for the hospital. Hell hath no fury like a hell hound with badge (or however the saying goes)! Stiles, Scott, and the Sheriff enter the hospital, guns... err, gun, blazing. Scott says that the Beast is on the fourth floor. Before they can engage, however, they see Parrish, in all his hell hound glory, thrown into a wall. Thank the moon for supernatural healing powers! Parrish becomes Parrish again and looks confused, as Scott and Stiles follow the Beast's footprints. Things get super creepy as they realized that the prints change from paw to shoe. The Beast is a man again and they still have no idea who it is. Cue the badass theme music! Scott and Stiles (Sciles), meet with Deaton who tells them about the so called experiments (read: torture) on supernatural patients by Dr. Valack during his time at Eichen. Apparently he was privy to drilling holes in people's heads as a way to amplify their abilities. This finally explains the wound we saw in Lydia's head in the flash-forward a few episodes back. This news if bad enough, especially considering that Lydia is in Eichen and vulnerable. Then Deaton drops the real bomb: if Valack does this to Lydia, whose already super powerful, she'll hear every death and every dying scream at the same time, which will kill her. Worse: Her dying scream could kill anyone near her. Stile asks his dad for help getting Lydia out. Unfortunately, the Sheriff says their nothing he can do to get her out without her mom's consent. Nothing, he stresses, legally. Papa Stiles, you sly dog! So, Stiles does what he does best. He hatches a plan and the pack is back in full force to implement it. The plan is as follows: Stiles will use the card he stole from Eichen to break in and get Lydia. One problem: they reset the cards with a new code each night. So the plan is to have Kira draw enough energy out of the building to cause a brown out, enough power loss to initiate a system reboot but not enough to cause a lock down. The Scott and Liam will get Stiles to the door of the supernatural wing, where he'll use the newly reactivated card to break in, grab Lydia, and break out. All within the 5 minutes before the alarms go live again. What could possibly go wrong, right? Naturally, the team is a little apprehensive about this foolproof plan. But Scott says that it's their only option. If they don't do it, Lydia and a lot of innocent people will die. Meanwhile, Valack's creepy ass shows an orderly his equally creepy Dread Doctor mask. She asks how he knows it still works, which is apparently the wrong question to ask because he decides to try it out on her, shoving hit down on her head. A new Dread Doctor is born and Dr. Creepy gets even creepier. At school, Kira and Malia are practicing fro the brown out... and failing miserably. Kira says she never had to learn her other skills; she just new how to fight with a sword one day. Malia calls her a cheater. Scott and Liam go to the hospital to get body bags, for the "perfect" plan, from Mama McCall, whose still pretty peeved about the whole "Liam-tried-to-murder-her-son" thing. Stiles asks Parrish to drive the getaway van. Parrish says that he shouldn't be involved because he's two dangerous. Stiles reminds him that the Beast is dangerous too but somehow Parrish managed to survive their encounter. Finally, Parrish agrees. Kira and Malia are still practicing without much success. Kira asks how they plan to even get past the front door but Malia tells her not to worry because she has a man on the inside. In an effort to stall, Kira asks her about the Desert Wolf trying to kill Malia and her plans to kill her first. Malia says the Kira has to try again and make it work so they can save Lydia. This seems to do the trick and, for a moment, it looks like its going to work. Then Kira causes a blackout and the two run away. Unknown to them, however, Corey, Theo's chameleon croony, has been spying on them and now knows their plan. Like clockwork, Scott and Stiles run into Theo in the library. Stiles is less than thrilled but Theo offers them the chance to use the chimeras to help break out Lydia. Either way, he says, he's going to try. Stiles wonders why he cares and Scott says that maybe he knows that Lydia is everyone's only hope. Meanwhile, the Sheriff tries to convince Lydia's mom to sign Lydia out by telling her about Valack's experiments. She brushes him off and says no. He leaves her with Deaton's photos of the victims in case she changes her mind. Back at HQ, or Scott's house, Malia and Kira update Scott about Kira's failures. Scott, Liam, and Stiles say they believe that she can still do it. Malia hesitates, hilariously, but eventually says she believes in Kira too. Kira agrees to do it, but not before calling them all crazy and saying they'll probably die. The plan is finally in motion! Malia and Kira sneak into Eichen with a group of visitors and hide once insided, waiting fro the guard to be distracted. Outside, Parrish attempts to drive the van into Eichen. The guard hassles him but thanks to a smartly placed real corpse, he doesn't look too closely at the other body bags. Good thing, since those three contain Scott, Stiles, and Liam. Malia and Kira are still hiding. Turns out Malia's "man on the inside" is a repeat offending flasher who serves as the perfect distraction for the girls to sneak into the electrical room. Once in the morgue, Scott, Stiles, and Liam break out of their body bags, Stiles less than gracefully. Scott tells them that they have 15 minutes. Kira and Malia are in the electrical room as they wait for the shift change to cause the brown out. The boys and Parrish try to avoid getting caught in the meantime. Kira finds the right wires but sees that they're covered in rubber. Malia uses her claws to cut it and it's almost time to begin. The boys make their way to the door but the guard are still there. Liam says he scan take the, "Just knock them out and hide the bodies." A disturbed Stiles asks him to please stop. A more disturbed patient may cause bigger problems if he brings attention to them. Kira is nervous, as Malia so helpfully points out. Malia says she can do it but it still doesn't work. The disturbed kid is still causing issues by yelling at the boys but one flash of Scott's badass alpha eyes and the kid shuts up. Finally, the guards leave and the boys approach the door. Kira is still trying and failing to cause the brown out. Malia tells her to stop thinking about herself and instead think about saving Lydia. This works and the system reboots. Meanwhile, Sciles and Liam have a problem: Eichen removed the card reader from the door and replace it with a real key. Liam says that they don't need a key if they can break it down. The chimera's attempt their own break in and we finally know why they were coming for Lydia in the flash forward from a few weeks ago. Back in the chimera lair, Hayden is on Deucalion duty. He tells her that if she sets him free, he'll tell her about Theo's stolen talons. According to Deucalion, Theo's plan to steal the creatures powers by putting the talons on his claws won't work because the Dread Doctors created them with a specific frequency. If Theo attempts his plan, he'll die. At Eichen, the boys are having no success at breaking down the door. Liam tells Scott to hit him so he'll get angry and more powerful and Stiles is a little too eager to egg this plan on. Scott resists at first but with a little reminding of the attempted murder incident, he eventually gives in. Once they're both angry, the door is toast. Stiles is finally in with two minutes to spare. He finds Lydia but realizes that he's too late. Valack has already drilled a hole in her head. Lydia tells him that he can't be there, that they'll all die if he stays. Stiles tries to free Lydia but is interrupted by Valack. Lydia begs him to leave but he hides instead. Now we're back to scene from the flash forward, as the chimera come with full force and Parrish slips into hell hound mode. Lydia's mom comes to Eichen, ignorant to the drama unfolding inside, and its clear that this woman has the world's worst timing. Elsewhere, Kira is starting to struggle with controlling her powers and Malia tries to get her out before she goes haywire. Lydia asks Valack what he did to her and he tells her that he enhanced her powers. She tells him what happened with her friends and about Scott's symbol to reunite his pack. He asks her if Scott is coming and she's says someone is coming but its not Scott. Of course, she means Theo and his pack of chimeras, there not for her but for Parrish. Liam and Scott are still attempting to break through the mountain ash barrier. The effort rips open Scott's still unhealed scar. It looks like the plan has failed; the reboot is over and there's still no Lydia. To make matters worse, Liam and Scott are trapped by four security guards. Stiles eavesdrops on Theo and hears his true plan: to get the hell hound. Right on cue, Parrish shows up all fiery and badass. Malia and Kira try to breakout but are too late. Eichen house goes into lock down.They're locked in and Lydia's mom is locked out. Liam and Scott are being beaten by the security guards, using electrified batons. Just when it seems like the two of them won't recover, Scott, seeing Liam in pain, goes into Alpha mode and he's finally able to fight the guards off. His growl alerts the rest of his pack, even Stiles, and they finally all look ready to wreak some havoc to get Lydia back. This episode was packed with action and answered a lot of season long questions! My favorite thing about this episode was it's return to early season type humor, particularly from Stiles. As much as I love the dramatic scenes, I've missed laughing with and at Scott and Co. In any case, I can't wait to see how they finally get Lydia out of Eichen! What did you think? Did you have a favorite part? Tell us in the comments!


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