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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x11, The Last Chimera

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/08/2016 11:54 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x11, The Last Chimera | Last Chimera
Media Courtesy of Bustle

Welcome back Teen Wolf fans, the hit MTV series is back for season 5B and things seem as chaotic as ever for Scott and his pack.

“The Last Chimera” opens with a visually pleasing and eerie scene as we find Lydia breaching Theo’s past – per the instance of the doctor at Eichen House –, discovering Theo cold heartedly murdered his sister just to obtain her heart. The Dread Doctors attempted to evolve Theo into the “perfect” specimen/killer but failed to do so. However, they managed to create the perfect killer – I’m guessing that’s one of the season’s big bad’s. While Lydia remains in Eichen House, Theo and his supernatural posse show up to obtain Lydia – then Teen Wolf jumps a bit back timeline wise just like they did in 5A.

Things aren’t looking any better for Stiles or Scott as Stiles remains in the hospital awaiting news of his father’s condition whereas Scott promptly passes out – likely due to the wounds he received from Theo. Parish has an uber creepy “dream” in which things go from steamy to worrisome quite quickly leading Parish to know that something isn’t quite right with Lydia; the Lydia in his vision gives him one cryptic warning – someone is going to die. So who exactly is Lydia referring to? None other than good ol’ Sheriff Stilinski. Hasn’t the Sheriff been through enough? Parish finds Lydia, a catatonic Lydia, and takes her to Scott; the two then check Lydia into the hospital and shortly after, Stiles and Scott have their “fight,” which wasn’t as bad as it seemed in the season trailers.

The group (Scott, Stiles, Melissa & Parish) knows for a fact Lydia’s catatonic state has been brought on by Theo – but something Theo isn’t responsible for is the attack on papa Stilinski. Theo lets out one major fact of importance as Stiles attempts to weed out answers from him: something is coming and it’s a hell of a lot worse than Theo and any other Teen Wolf villain. Theo remains seemingly oblivious to Scott’s survival and is quick to flee Stiles company as his questions get more and more demanding. Theo promptly shoves Stiles hard enough to have him blackout; during the blackout, Stiles sees his father telling him to get up. These visions and flashbacks guide Stiles throughout the episode.

Due to a “jump” in Theo’s heart, Stiles and Scott are able to figure out another chimera attacked the Sheriff – the chimera happens to be Noah; he’s the chimera Malia fought in season 5A’s finale. This scene leads to a step towards reconciliation for Stiles and Scott – thank goodness for that because I’m not completely fond of this particular storyline. Stiles and Scott’s relationship has always been the highlight of the show and having the two be at odds with one another leaves me pained and annoyed. I don’t like these feels you’re giving me Teen Wolf! I need these two to resume their adorable bromance.

Lydia’s mother – her name is escaping me at the moment – foolishly hands Lydia over to Aichen House as an attempt to make her “better.” Meanwhile, Scoot, Stiles and Malia set out to find Noah. Liam continues his hunt for Hayden while feeling tremendous guilt for his actions towards Scott; it’s nice to see Liam show remorse because quite honestly, his actions towards Scott were a tad too aggressive and uncalled for. Liam and Mason find the Nemeton along with the slumbering bodies of the other chimera’s. Hayden show’s up shortly after with cops in tow. Elsewhere, Scott attempts to have a heart to heart with Malia in regards to her break-up with Stiles, but Malia remains closed off – giving priority to saving the Sheriff instead of talking about her feelings.

Shortly after, the trio locate Noah, but unfortunately the Dread Doctors find them as well. Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of these guys? They make weird gear inspired noises and give me a headache with the way they rapidly move about. Stiles rushes to the hospital with the chimera while papa Argent arrives to back up Scott and Malia. While leaving the tunnels, Stiles figures out a piece of Noah’s bone, which pops out of his hand, snapped off when he stabbed the Sheriff. This fact ends up saving the Sheriff’s life as the doctor is able to extract the tiny piece of bone from his body. As the Sheriff wakes up, he touchingly says to Stiles, “It’s okay Stiles, you still got me.” *cue my tears* I’ve always loved the bond between father and son and Teen Wolf continues to impress when it comes to the Sheriff and Stiles relationship.

While all is well with papa Stilinski, there is more drama awaiting Scott and crew. Theo and Hayden, while searching for Noah, stumble upon a glowing symbol etched on the wall – it’s the symbol of Scott’s pack. We then flash to the scene with Lydia in the beginning of the episode; Theo has come for Lydia, but it’s not the banshee he wants – it’s the hellhound. “The Last Chimera” ends with Theo getting his wish. Parish shows up, in complete hellhound mode and lets out a mighty roar before the screen fades to black.

Overall, this was a more subtle premiere in comparison to Teen Wolf’s other ones; tensions were high, but not a lot of game changing events occurred – the show took its time and focused on plot points presented in 5A’s finale which was definitely a good thing. The premiere’s highlight, hands down, was the interactions between Scott and Stiles despite how brief they were. What can I say; I’m a sucker for a good bromance.

I’m eager to see where Teen Wolf goes next and hope a speedy reconciliation takes place between Scott and Stiles ASAP; also, can we please get Malia and Stiles back together? They are simply too cute together – sorry, Stydia fans, I’m a Stalia fan all the way. Also, give the poor guy his precious jeep back!

What did you guys think of “The Last Chimera?” Let us know in the comments down below!



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