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Teen Wolf: 05x13, Codominance

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/22/2016 4:15 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x13, Codominance | Codominance
Media Courtesy of Teen Wolf (WIkia)

This week's Teen Wolf, titled “Codominance,” picks up where “Damnatio Memoriae” left off – with Kira locked in a fierce, slow-motion battle with the Skin Walkers. The scene held quite a lot of similarities to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, considering the Skin Walkers look similar to Sineya, the first slayer. Unlike Buffy though, Kira is quick to fall against the Skin Walkers; now, stabbed and immobilized, she is put to the ultimate test, and failure will lead to Kira becoming a Skin Walker as well.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles prepare to hit the road in order to find Kira, and although Liam begs to come along in order to help, Scott stubbornly refuses. Stiles seems surprised by Scott’s refusal towards Liam and suggests it would have been better if Liam had come along since the goal is to get the pack back together. Also – Stiles's lovely jeep is back and better than ever! Scott and Stiles head out to find Kira, and I fall in love with the Sciles bromance all over again. It’s nice to see a lighter tone present in the show, in the form of the Sciles friendship - I was thoroughly fed up with the angsty vibe these two were giving off.

Troll master Theo and his minion Tracy are chasing what appears to be The Beast. The Beast's identity and origin story is hinted at once more as we learn that The Beast has killed close to 500 people. The Dread Doctors appear with The Beast in tow, and the villains disappear just as quickly as they arrived. That in no means is an exaggeration – The Beast let out a roar, while holding a head, before vanishing in thin air with The Dread Doctors.

Kira is devastated to discover that it might take months or even years to get her dark side (the Kitsune) under control. Scott and Stiles contemplate The Beast’s identity while suffering from the unbearable heat the road trip is inducing. After reading passages from the book, the two come to the conclusion that The Beast could possibly be a notorious serial killer from 1598 who feasted on the flesh of children. Upon processing the information, Stiles fittingly states The Beast is a serial killer “so bad, he had to be erased from history.” Liam barely manages to control his were-rage as he spots Theo with Hayden, but Mason manages to stop him from doing something he’ll regret.

The brotrip continues as Scott and Stiles go from talking about The Beast to talking about Malia; Scott tells Stiles that he thinks Malia has found her mother and is planning on killing her. Before the discussion can go any further, the jeep breaks down practically in the middle of nowhere. Back at school the teacher comments on Scott, Stiles and Lydia’s absence, and Theo mentions Lydia would be gone a while due to medical issues. Malia peers into the classroom and both she and Theo stare at each other intently before Malia leaves.

Back at Eichen House, Lydia’s training with Meredith continues as Meredith teaches Lydia how to use and manipulate her abilities to her liking. Meanwhile, Liam and Hayden are paired up for a lab, which brings on a small disagreement between the two as Liam calls Theo a “total psycho” while Hayden continues to defend Theo because he brought her back to life. Hayden’s defense for Theo doesn’t stem from the fact that she likes him, it stems from her need to stay alive. Things heat up between Corey and Mason as the duo shares a series of steamy kisses in the locker room. Corey states Theo wants the same thing the good guys do and discloses that the “name” of the big bad is The Beast.

Healed from her previous injuries, Kira receives a tough pep talk from her mother before facing her trial with the Skin Walkers. The next scene is one of my favorite scenes of the entire episode. Stiles finally talks about what happened with Donovan, and Scott questions why Stiles didn’t trust him enough to tell him what really happened, stating he knows what “in self-defense” means. Stiles explains his conflicted feelings on the subject and the two seem to better understand each other and their motivations after their talk.

Lydia’s storyline continues to be tinged in creepiness as she learns to unlock her full potential as a banshee. The training Meredith is providing is clearly working, as Lydia manages to stop an illusion of Theo from killing Meredith. Stiles and Scott are closer to Kira who is interlocked in a battle in pitch darkness.

Scott and Stiles have another “moment” as Scott expresses his regrets about all that’s happened thus far; he wished all the burden had been placed on him instead of having his friends and family suffer in his stead. Before the two leave, Scott spots Kira in the distance. Kira continues onward with her epic showdown and despite being wounded in the process, she comes out on top. Malia gives Theo a decent beating and by the end of it, he tells her that he’ll help find Deaton and The Desert Wolf. Kira’s bad luck continues as she discovers she didn’t pass the Skin Walkers test. She wasn’t able to control her Kitsune side and they inform her she will become one of them.

Liam and Hayden have another talk as Hayden tries to get Liam to understand her perspective, and she states that she understands why Liam looks up to Scott but believes that at the end of the day only Theo can truly protect everyone. The two may not be following the same “leaders,” but that doesn’t stop them from sharing another kiss and leaving the room with a better understanding of one another. Back with the Skin Walkers, Stiles and Scott show up to save the day and the four head back to Beacon Hills where some troubling news awaits them. “Codominance” ends with Mason revealing to Scott that Theo is looking for a blind Alpha aka Deucalion.

This episode was, by far, Teen Wolf’s best of the season thus far – it had the necessary creep factor while including key moments between the show’s best pairs. The conversations between Scott and Stiles during the road trip were some of the best scenes the duo has ever shared; we’ve seen the two joke around and fight, but it’s the heart to heart talks that really establish Sciles as the main relationship on Teen Wolf.

What did you think of “Codominance?” Let us know, and tell us if you'll be tuning in for the next episode of Teen Wolf in the comments down below!


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