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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05X01, Creatures Of The Night

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/02/2015 4:00 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05X01, Creatures Of The Night | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped


It's seemed like forever since we've had Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia and Derek Liam in our lives, but they're ALL back!! We'll try not to discuss the notably absent Derek too much.

Creator Jeff Davis has always been known to get the ball rolling pretty damn quick when it comes to 'Teen Wolf', and tonight's premiere was no exception.

We opened with Lydia shockingly institutionalized at Eichen House and almost catatonic.....but things were not as they appeared.

Lydia soon began to make her great escape, showing off some presumed banshee powers that we've yet to become privy to. She managed to throw guards backwards with her scream as well as some other sort of power. Everything came to a head as she made her way outside, but she came face to face with dead boyfriend Aiden!!

He informed her it wasn't time to leave, and the guards tasered her to bring her down, but not before she muttered:

That all of her friends were going to die!

Before we could find out anything about Lydia's fate, we were treated to the new opening credits (without Derek).

May I just add that Holland Roden is a BEAST of an actress and knocked those opening scenes out of the park!?

I want more of this Lydia please and thank you writers!!!

The episode really kicked off with Scott and Stiles chaining Liam in fear he would go on another attack, but it appears our baby werewolf may be honing in his skills......maybe.

Did anyone miss Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien as much as I did? And what about 2nd season newbie Dylan Sprayberry?

Elsewhere, a storm was brewing in Beacon Hills and the Sheriff Stilinski had a lot going on, so he sent Deputy Parrish on a noise complaint call. When Parrish arrived at the seemingly abandoned house, he heard movement behind a brick wall and began to chip away at it with a crowbar.

It didn't take long for that to be a bad idea, as a very scary looking werewolf type creature burst from the wall, clawed into Parrish and then demanded to know where Scott McCall was.

Parrish refused.....and his fate was left up in the air.

Creator Jeff Davis should just be aware, that if Parrish is dead, I'm going to have a HUGE problem with this season!!!

After some strange happenings with the the boys, they met up with Malia, while Kira was stranded in stopped traffic with her parents. Scott knew he had to get to her with all of the power outages, and went through some strange happening when he retreated home first. What was going on in Beacon Hills?

On the brink of death, Parrish had visions of Lydia, and as he began to lose consciousness, Sheriff Stilinski rushed in. He was taken in to see Melissa, and to the shock of no one, Parrish quickly recovered from his slash wound. He told them that this werewolf was looking for Scott.

Unfortunately, Liam overheard their conversation about this werewolf possibly able to draw the power out of a true Alpha with his claws, and he raced off.

MORE unfortunate news?

The new threat found Scott and Kira before they could be warned!!

We were made to wait on their fates, as we found Stiles opening up to Malia about his fears about moving on from high school. Now being in senior year, Stiles is worrying about losing all of his friends. Malia comforted him with a kiss.

How adorable was Dylan in this scene? STILES IS EVERYTHING.

Scott and Kira were doing battle with the new werewolf, and getting their asses handed to them in the process I may add, when a guy Kira spotted in the traffic jam showed up in full wolf mode as well and attempted to help them. To no avail however, as Scott began to fight back only to have the big bad plunge his lethal claws into Scott's stomach. It appeared Parrish's prediction about taking his Alpha status was going to turn out to be true, up until Scott gained some form of boost and broke his arm and pulled the claws out. He informed him to run if he wanted to live.

TRUE Alpha status!!!

The mystery man identified as Theo, whom Scott and Stiles grew up with, and revealed he came back to Beacon Hills to be in Scott's pack.

The episode was wrapping up as they FINALLY met up with Lydia in the library and we finally learned what Senior Scribe meant:

They would all be including their initials on a shelf in the library, and in a heartbreaking moment of the episode, Scott left his......and also "AA":

Allison. Argent.


We then found the villain werewolf returned to his Big Bad Bosses, who appeared to be the infamous Doctors, and they quickly put an end to him, which resulted in crows flying out of his chest.

And then, in the final scene of he episode, we were back with Lydia at Eichen House and her visions of Aiden were that of a doctor who was trying to extract information from her. He kept asking her what happened to her friends, and in flashes, we saw Liam seemingly losing a battle with Scott, Kira leaving town, Melissa slapping Sheriff Stilinski, Malia coming face to face with the Desert Wolf.......

And Stiles laying seemingly dead from a car crash.

That's night one everyone!!!

What did you think of the 'Teen Wolf' season premiere? ?



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