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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Teen Wolf Makes A "Promise To The Dead" On This Week's Episode

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/02/2014 3:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Teen Wolf Makes A
Media Courtesy of MTv
Second to last episode folks!! With the Teen Wolf season finale up next week, things were bound to get even messier and with the reveal that Peter was indeed trying to kill Scott to secure his Alpha powers, what was going to happen? Nobody does cold opens like my beloved MTV show, and this week's was a doozy. Some unknown supernatural being was seen dragging a body bag into a meat locker, and when he opened it, a teenage girl was bound and gagged within. Luckily, she had a savior in Deaton who arrived and knocked out the man, taking him back to Eichen House. It was revealed that the asylum included a floor of just supernatural beings, and Deaton was then meeting with another unknown man who may have had information on Kate, and what she did to Derek. In a major gross moment however, the supernatural man was revealed to have drilled a hole in his own head, and there was shockingly a THIRD EYE inside of it!!! Great way to introduce a cyclops to the series. Nice way to gross me out in the intro, Jeff Davis!! Scott was then informed that Melissa had discovered the bag of money, and he informed her he was keeping it because of their money problems. She told him it needed to go back to Derek pronto. Liam was seen putting his video game skills to use with Mason, and seemed to not want to be alone when Mason told him he needed to go home and study. The stress of being a werewolf and the dead pool have taken its toll on the youngster. I just want to hug Liam... Derek and Braeden were comfortable in bed though, but not for long as an alarm began sounding in the loft. The two were locked and loaded and swung open the door... To find a soaking wet Lydia standing there...and then she let out her curdling Banshee scream!! THAT MEANS SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE!!!!! Okay let's try and focus throughout the rest. When Scott returned the money to Derek, he was shocked to learn all of the money actually belonged to Peter and Derek had used his half of the money to buy the building for the loft. He informed Derek that Deaton was trying to figure out a way to save him. Let's hope. Deaton was having a rough time because he was currently unconscious at Eichen House dealing with some wicked dreams, while being monitored by a doctor. Liam was still struggling with his visions of being attacked, and I'm not sure Scott can even help him recover. He's pushing everyone away, including best friend Mason. Chris Argent finally managed to track Kate and her Berzerkor in the sewers, but unfortunately came face to face with Peter AND a menacing Berserker!! It was officially date night in Derek's loft, as Scott brought Kira there for some alone time. (Thanks Derek). After unsuccessfully trying to get Scott to watch Star Wars (SAME PAIN), Kira and Scott hit the couch for some hardcore make out sessions. The pair were rudely interrupted by Kate and her other menacing Berserker!! Things were also VERY bad for Chris, who took a pipe into his stomach from a lethal Peter, who needed him to stay put in the sewers. Look, I already lost Allison, I CAN'T LOSE HER FATHER. I won't be able to deal with that. The fight was on in the loft though as Kira and Scott were getting their asses handed to them from Kate and the Berserker. They were both fighting valiantly but were no match. Kate informed a beaten down Scott that she wanted to know, with the complete downfall of the Argent empire, what was so important about Scott McCall? Stiles and Liam were covering for Scott and Kira as the first big game of lacrosse kicked off. They were completely in the dark as to what was happening as Stiles informed Liam he had gotten a text from Scott. Deputy Parrish found Chris in the sewer when he revealed he had been tracking Peter, and luckily for all us fans, he wasn't leaving his side!! When Stiles bailed on the game, leaving Liam in the dark, his hallucinations proved to be his downfall as he couldn't keep his head in the game. Malia stayed at the game as to not raise too much suspicion, only to be met with a visit from dear ol' Dad Peter!! He informed her he KNEW who the Desert Wolf, aka Mommie Dearest but he would only tell her if she did something for him: Killed Kate Argent. WHAT!? Lydia was on a mission of her own, too, when she showed up at Eichen House to try and get through to Deaton. Kira awoke in a dark room full of bones and began calling out for her boyfriend to no avail. Chris was beginning lose faith and began to give up, but Parrish needled him to fight through the pain and release it all. He then did what nearly brought yours truly to tears: He brought up Allison. Stiles and Papa Stilinski arrived to the loft to find Derek and Braeden cleaning up the mess, when Stiles received a call from Lydia and Deaton (who was just suddenly awake presumably thanks to her Banshee scream) and told them to get to Mexico to find Scott and Kira. Things took a devastating turn for the worse, though. Kate's plan came into fruition as she revealed to Scott she was going to TURN HIM INTO A BERSERKER!!! The bananas episode concluded with Kate placing the mask of one of them onto Scott... I don't even know what to make of that final scene. Kate exclaiming that Scott's friends would be fighting something they didn't even know was a friend gave me chills. SEASON FINALE NEXT WEEK!

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