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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Teen Wolf' Recap: So Monstrous

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

08/25/2014 2:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Teen Wolf' Recap: So Monstrous | teen wolf
Media Courtesy of Hypable
It's a special night folks!! You'll notice that my beloved Teen Wolf is a day early this week, and that's because MTV producers were very smart to program it as a lead in to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. But you don't care about those... You just care about Teen Wolf. So let's recap this shall we? After the big reveal last week that Meredith was not only alive but also The Benefactor, one had to wonder what was next for the gang. Was Meredith working along? Was she TRULY The Benefactor? This week kicked off right in the thick of the action as more assassins attempted to take out some more supernatural beings. They wound up being caught in the football field, but it was our beloved Fox Kira who would come to their rescue!! After a heart to heart with Liam, Scott's brutal reveal that "not all of us have survived" had yours truly almost in tears. Any Allison reference will do it to me. #IMissHer. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia were trying to figure out exactly what Meredith knew and why she had a hand in everything that has happened. If she really is The Benefactor, that means she forced Kate to get involved, stole the Hale fortune and managed to stay competent the entire time. After being brought up to speed from Kira, he discovered all of the remaining supernatural beings were being stored in the clinic. Maybe it was just too big of a job, because Scott told her they needed a lot of help! Chris Argent was on his own mission though, and discovered some strange flower upon entering a mysterious building. Parrish and Stilinski attempted to no avail to get rid of Lydia, who suggested that she be the one to get through to Meredith. Stiles received a visitor at the hospital: Malia. She confessed she wanted to make sure he was alright, and the two former lovebirds finally called a truce and sealed it with a kiss! I'm all about these two being together. They really do make a great couple!! The group (led by Scott & Kira) were then hidden at a warehouse owned by Chris Argent, who informed them all that the assassins probably already knew where they were. Meanwhile, Lydia was pushing her detective skills on Meredith, who revealed next to nothing about herself or the help she got from Brunski. She DID however, reveal that she would only talk to one person: PETER HALE. Why on Earth would Meredith want to talk to Peter!? I knew he had something to do this...... It appeared the detective skills were rubbing off on Malia and Stiles as well, as the duo possibly figured out Lydia's grandmothers recorded tape: what if her predictions before she died was of the actual dead pool? Derek and Braeden then joined the group at Argent's warehouse and Derek at that point had ENOUGH. He informed them all that whomever is coming for them, would be put on their own dead pool. Peter then arrived to the station and demanded to know from Meredith where his money was, but she was transfixed on his scars from the fire being totally gone. It also came as a shock and realization for Lydia, who discovered Meredith was right; Peter had finally healed himself of all of his scars from the fire all those years ago. It didn't take long for Peter to lose his temper though, and when Meredith insisted they had met before, he attacked her by throwing Deputy Dreamy Parrish aside and grabbing Meredith by the throat. He then dug his claws into the back of her neck, attempting to cause a connection. Meredith's backstory then began playing out...... It was revealed that Meredith and Peter were in the hospital at the same time, with her being able to hear all of Peter's thoughts. Peter's thoughts seemingly infected Meredith, and that's where she got the idea to run with the dead pool. It was always Peter's ideas that he subconsciously fed to her while they were both in the hospital. And there you have it ladies and gents: PETER HALE IS THE BENEFACTOR. He just didn't know it!! Okay, I'm trying to wrap my head around this right now, so bear with me. Stiles and Malia retreated back to Lydia's beach house and searched the room again, finally managing to find a secret room behind the walls that featured all sorts of recording equipment. When Malia asked what the HECK it was (which is the question we were all asking) Stiles said: "The dead pool." Wait.......HUH!? The fight was on in the warehouse as the assassins came barging in, machine guns blazing!! Our gang was on the epic defense though, and it seemed like they were winning, but they kept on coming.... Peter was attempting to to defend himself saying that he was out of his mind back then, and after some convincing from Lydia, they let him go. Stiles and Malia were out of options and called Lydia to figure out how to shut down the machine, and when Lydia caught a glimpse of the carpet (over video chat) she realized the wine stain had mysteriously vanished. She told Scott to find a certain bottle, and when he did and Malia smashed it, a key was found. Gottta admit guys, that was kind of lame. I'll keep going though. Before we got the big reveal with the recording equipment, Scott came to his own reveal. While fighting off the assassins, they all mysteriously withdrew, thanks to Stiles & Malia shutting down the equipment. After a heart to heart with Meredith, Lydia reminded her she was a victim in all of this just like they were. Kate and Peter then rejoined in the sewers and revealed their master plan all along was to kill..... SCOTT. Guys, this episode was super confusing and I'm not sure my recapping abilities were up to snuff. Let me know what you thought of it, and maybe fill me in on the things I missed!! The season's not over yet!!

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