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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

All Is "Perishable" On This Week's Teen Wolf

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

08/19/2014 11:49 am
PopWrapped | Television
All Is
Media Courtesy of The CW
I'm already giddy because from the name of the episode, my guess is that we're in for some Deputy Parrish hotness!! I know I'm not the only one, guys. This week's episode of Teen Wolf kicked-off with Parrish himself waking in his car, and tied to his wheel. Another cop was dousing the car with gasoline and informing Parrish that he was worth $5 million, so time was officially up! Parrish began screaming for him to stop, but it was no use and the car was set ablaze! Okay, this is NOT good. He can't be gone already, can he!? No. When Papa Stilinski was getting caught up about Lydia's grandmother possibly faking her death, the assassin/cop was trying to confirm the wire transfer from The Benefactor... Only to have a half naked, burnt Parrish storm the building and viciously attack him which wound up getting Sheriff Stilinski shot in the shoulder in the process. The cold open was complete with The Benefactor writing back: "KILL NOT CONFIRMED." I need to know what Parrish is. Right now. Scott and Lydia then took Parrish to see Derek, hoping he would be able to fill them in on what he was, but Derek was just as much in the dark as they were. Parrish was confused (obviously) and it took Scott to flash his red eyes to give him some sort of answer. Time for a heartbreaking father/son moment. Stiles was at his father's bedside during his admission into the hospital and a fight ensued when Pops discovered Stiles knew about their financial problems. Stiles reminded him they have to take care of each other and not just as a father looking after his son. Liam was tossing and turning in bed during all of this, only to be bothered by the sound of his printer spitting out repeated pieces of the deadpool with an updated list. Back at Derek's loft, Lydia began explaining the back story about her grandmother (and I'll be honest, it was REALLY confusing) but it went something like this: Her grandmother tried to help Meredith with her banshee skills but wound up driving her insane in the process. She also was the creator of the deadpool. Scott finally told Derek about his name being the 3rd cipher key, meaning that if a banshee created the pool, that Derek was next to die. EXCUSE ME? That's not allowed to happen. I still haven't recovered from Alison's death!!!! Scott returned home to find the bag under his bed had been moved, and began counting the cash. We were left to wonder exactly how much was missing. Did Stiles go behind his bestie's back??? Back at the school, Liam was on edge, having flashbacks of his fight with The Berzerkor. Lydia and Stiles were trying desperately to figure out the last cipher key and after rummaging through her memories of her childhood, they finally managed to take a name from the book she read with her grandmother ALL THE TIME: ARIEL from The Little Mermaid! The key worked, but something else was discovered: The reason for Liam's nervousness: His deadpool cost had skyrocketed from $3 million to a staggering $18 mill...and Derek's name was off the list!!! Also something to point out (on the list that printed for Stiles and Lydia) was that Lydia's grandmother's name Lorraine was also on the list. There was a catch, though. The new list that printed from the cipher key included names of people that were already deceased, which Stiles and Lydia discovered when they brought it to Parrish. PARTY AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!! Random right? Scott was trying to keep an eye on the action, while Liam and Malia tried their best to get drunk; but according to Alpha Scott, that wasn't possible. Lydia and Stiles then went on the hunt at Eichen House to figure out why the recent deadpool revealed a list of already deceased names, and finally managed to get pass the ass of a guard. Stiles was in for a shock, however, when he found that his name had been written on the list. Things took a turn for the worse, though, when the guard surprised them with a stun gun, knocking Stiles out first. Uh oh. Trouble at the party as well as Scott discovered Malia and Liam weren't drunk, but something else. And unfortunately, it was happening to Scott as well. There was something in the music that was subduing the three, and Scott managed to inform Mason before they were hauled away. The guard at Eichen House was revealed to be the mastermind behind all of the deaths in the ward, and he was gunning for some truth from Lydia about her grandmother. A heartbroken Lydia was forced to listen to an audio tape of the night he killed Lorraine, and then something shocking: Her grandmother begged him not to hurt...ARIEL. How could she have known that Lydia would be in trouble all those years later!? Scott had problems of his own, as some cops (working under orders from the one who tried to kill Parrish) managed to capture him, Malia and Liam and were planning on burning them alive. Mason managed to unplug the sound system, while Braedon and Derek arrive to take out the bad guys. Parrish stormed the ward at the last minute and managed to shoot the guard before he plunged a syringe into Lydia, and they figured they had The Benefactor dead... Unfortunately, this episode wasn't over. And MEREDITH revealed herself to be the TRUE Benefactor!!! Wait... WHAT!?!?!? Yup. Meredith is alive and well folks. Well, maybe "well" is a stretch. Girl is messed up!! What did you guys think of "Perishable?" Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!

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