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Teen Wolf Recap: Time Of Death

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

08/12/2014 11:37 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf Recap: Time Of Death | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of MTV
We're getting closer to the end of the season folks!! The gang may have survived the virus, but would they still be able to rely on Malia now that she knows the truth that Peter is her father? Apparently so, as the episode kicked off with her and Stiles sleeping in bed together... Except it was just a dream. Scott's Dad was meanwhile making his report as to why he shot the assassin last week (thus saving Stiles' life) and met up with Scott afterwards. His pops revealed he had to fly back to LA for the report for firing his gun and taking a life in the process. Was Papa McCall beginning to suspect something though? He informed Scott they needed to talk when he got back, because he was starting to wonder why him and his friends didn't seem affected by all of the problems. Oh geeze.....just you wait Papa. Another week, another CRAZY idea from our Wolf Pack was up next though. We then see a body flat lining on a stretcher, and it's revealed to be SCOTT. The doctor then informs Mama McCall about what happened and she dissolves into a puddle of tears onto the ground. In an attempt to draw out The Benefactor, it was revealed in a flashback that Kira summoned her mother to perform a risky plan on Scott to FAKE his death. Mama McCall was revealed to have been in on the drastic plan (good actress she is!!). They needed to hope the move would draw The Benefactor out quick though, because the plan would only keep Scott in a dream like state for 45 minutes...and if time ran out? Scott would REALLY die. Mr. Argent was on hand to send the email to The Benefactor to state that Alpha was dead, but photo proof was needed. They informed Benefactor it wasn't possible and Chris went on to threaten the mysterious figure. Scott was still alive in his dream like state, but after some cryptic speech from Liam, they both came face to face with the murdered Mute who killed Liam in front of Scott. In a much anticipated moment, Malia managed to get into the Hale family vault only to be caught by Peter in the process. Liam, Kira and Stiles were given the assistance from Argent to hack into the hospital computers to keep an eye on the security cameras. When one went fuzzy, Kira & Liam went to investigate the problem. In her first appearance in the episode, Lydia was caught by her mother snooping around the cabin trying to find out more on why Meredith was in the same place. She showed her mother the photo of Meredith without mentioning a name......and her mother knew who Meredith was!! In a replayed loop of the dream state, Scott once again fell short of understanding it and watched as Liam died at the hands of the Mute for the second time. Kira and Liam were in a heap of trouble though as they investigated the roof and came face to face with a Berzerker!! With the clock ticking down, Stiles revealed to Argent that all of the cameras were down. I really have to admit that the Derek/Braedon storyline was a tad of a snore, but let me try and keep up with it: Sexual frustration.......sexual frustration......and dealing with Derek losing his powers. Oh, and she showed Derek how to use a gun now that he wasn't at full strength. And then makeout session. Kira and Liam were unfortunately no match for The Berzerker, and got their butts kicked in the process. Kira wound up fantasizing about being with Scott, and then came to only to have Liam pull her up....leaving them STILL face to face with The Berzerker. While still waiting for The Benefactor to make themselves known, Argent ran into some trouble when he came face to face with his beloved sister Kate. Was Kate The Benefactor after all!? Nope. She revealed she had her own reasons for wanting Scott's body and while protecting Stiles, Argent pulled a gun on his sister. The face off between Malia and Peter continued as well, with father/daughter facing off with more insults and finally some truth: Peter was trying to find out who Malia's mother was as well!! All they had to go on was that she was a coyote. Scott and Kira's mothers came face to face with a menacing Berzerker and high-tailed it in the other direction. They wouldn't dare kill one of my favorite Momma's right!? Chris finally managed to get through to Kate and convinced her to leave with The Berzerkers as their plan was coming close to panning out......but it was really winding down fast. Scott was finally brought out of his dream state JUST in time after Kate withdrew her army but not without a casualty: Kira's Mom was hurt bad. Thankfully she did survive, but The Benefactor never showed up. Kate and Peter were still in cahoots but I can't uite figure out if Peter was telling Malia the truth earlier when he claimed he wasn't The Benefactor. After finding some more hidden messages at the cabin..... Lydia began to think her Grandmother (who was revealed to be in the same psych ward as Meredith) may not be so dead after all. Was she playing a bigger role in this then we thought? I have to admit guys, this episode was SO full of action and LOTS of fun..... But I'm getting a tad confused with everything. Is Lydia's supposedly dead grandmother The Benefactor? Or maybe her Mom? What do you guys think? Hit us up and sound off: WHO IS THE BENEFACTOR?? Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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