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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 FINALE: Smoke & Mirrors

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/09/2014 8:54 am
PopWrapped | Television
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Anybody else REALLY sad like me? And I have a question: When does season 5 start!? "Teen Wolf" took us on a spellbinding journey tonight as the stellar 4th season concluded, and many questions were answered. Let's start from the beginning shall we? Kira awoke in the skeletal graveyard and began trying to find a way out but was caught by one of the Berzerkers......and then another. After fending one of them off, Kira noticed a familiar tattoo on the arm: It was Scott!! Scott, in Berzerker mode, stepped back as Kate made her entrance and began to explain to Kira exactly why she brought them to Mexico. She revealed that the Berzerkers helped her survive when she arrived in Mexico after she was turned, and discovered her ability to create a Berzerker. Kira realized Scott was gone, and he was poised to stab her...... Cold open. Stiles and Papa Stilinski were having a disagreement about him going to Mexico by himself, but he needed more information before he let that happen. Braedon and Derek then had a heart to heart about him staying alive and she informed she wasn't going to let anything happen to him. I can officially say, it took me all season, but I ADORE these two together.  Peter made his entrance still pretending to want to help. Stiles and Malia were trying to find Scott's scent, and when they did, they were stopped by Liam who informed them he wanted to help, no matter of the upcoming full moon. The 3 then met up with Derek, Braedon and Peter, but there was one person missing: Lydia. Our favorite Banshee was in the school grabbing Kira's coat from her locker so Malia could get a better scent, only to NARROWLY avoid an attack from a Berzerker!! Liam suggested to call Mason to check in and find Lydia.  Kira's fate was still unknown as Scott still stalked around the catacombs of the church, while Mason discovered Lydia's car in the parking lot of the school. Mason managed to find Lydia's phone and when he opened it up, he noticed a screenshot she had taken of the Berzerker.....only to be approached by the real thing! The car ride into Mexico got very interesting though, as Liam began to turn and informed Derek he needed to help him tap into the family medallion in order to control himself, while Peter informed Malia that she needed the full moon and the strength that came with it in order to fight Kate and the Berzerkers. In a great twist in the episode, Kira saw a vision of her mother who tried to help her discover how to heal herself. Kira realized the PAIN was the trigger for her to heal herself and she finally managed to tap into her Fox powers! Mason awoke in a storage room along with Lydia and was completely confused as to what was going on. She informed Mason what it was..... Wasn't human. Derek's attempt to get Liam under control went awry with the chant being completely useless and Liam began to fully turn. He started to attack Derek, while Braedon lost control of the van. Peter began to get to Malia in the other car, as he tried to convince her to let the animal side of herself out and not control it. Stiles came up with his own mantra in order to help Liam..... And it worked!! "The Sun, The Moon, The Truth" Liam was finally in control of his powers but it didn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse when they arrived to the church. Derek was viciously attacked by another Berzerker and injured pretty bad, and while the rest of the gang took to the catacombs, Braedon stayed with Derek. He stated that Lydia was right with her screaming prediction. No......JUST NO. Okay, the episode carried on.... It didn't take long for the Berzerker (unknown if it was Scott yet) to find our gang and attack them which sent them running. Braedon and Derek had their own problems as Kate and a Berzerker had them cornered..... The calvary arrived though as Parrish and Argent showed up with guns blazing, along with Crazy Mama from Mexico. (Don't ask me her name) Stiles managed to find Kira who informed him Scott was one of the Berzerkers, which he realized is why Kate took Lydia out of the equation. Kira told him if the rest of the group didn't know it was Scott, they could kill him. It was finally revealed that the Berzerker attacking the group was in fact Scott, as Malia, Peter and Liam did battle with the Alpha. Braedon retreated to Derek's side only to find Derek losing consciousness..... And then completely. Lydia and Mason decided to take their lives into their own hands as they armed themselves with baseball bats and tried to fight off the Berzerker. Lucky for them, Papa Sitlinski showed up with a bomb and managed to destroy the Berzerker!! Lydia finally managed to piece together why she was kept in Beacon Hills and that was that they wanted Scott dead. Liam began to get through to Scott begging him to realize he wasn't a monster, and finally, Kate's plan fell apart as Scott ripped the armor from himself and returned to his friends. Scott then made a bold statement: He knew it was Peter that had set everything up, had taught Kate how to create the Berzerkers and the master plan was hit. The two werewolves then leaped towards each other..... And I lost my mind not realizing that the show was running longer than expected. I thought that was the end!! The action outside the church kicked up a notch as Braedon realized Derek had disappeared.....just before Kate was attacked by a mysterious wolf with glowing blue eyes: DEREK!!! He revealed he wasn't dying afterall.....he had been EVOLVING!! He then destroyed one of the Berzerkers with his bare hands and Argent took a deadly shot at Kate only for her to seemingly take off into the night. The fight between Peter and Scott intensified with Scott finally showing his Alpha skills by hurling Peter around like a rag doll, and with one swift (and powerful) punch..... And knocked him out. Chris managed to track Kate into the catacombs and after a heartfelt speech from Kate informing him that Scott wasn't the hero he thought, but he couldn't bring himself to kill her. The sun rose and a new day begun, with Argent taking off with the Calavera's to remain on the hunt for Kate, and not let her get away. Braedon revealed to Derek that she was actually a US Marshal, but left the job when she let a case consume her: The Desert Wolf. The season concluded with Lydia telling Parrish she wanted to help him figure out what he was, and Peter found himself in Eichen House, which was revealed to be made from mountain ash to keep them confined. He found himself with a bunk mate, and it was the same creepy supernatural being that had the 3rd eye drilled into his head. Upon the reveal, Peter began screaming uncontrollably.... And that's a wrap!! What a season you guys, although I do wish we found out exactly what Parrish is. Any guesses? What did YOU think of the finale? Thanks for keeping up with me this season guys, and I'l be back once season 5 kicks off!!

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