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Celebrities PopWrapped | Celebrities

Ten Ways That There Is A Little Beyonce In All Of Us

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

12/30/2016 9:56 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Ten Ways That There Is A Little Beyonce In All Of Us | Beyonce
Media Courtesy of PopGlitz

We all admire the Queen. Beyonce slays, all day, every day, and there is no one who hates Beyonce. Because if they did, they would be vaporized for doing so.

Anyway, not all of us can be royalty, unfortunately; however, we do have some of Beyonce in us -- each and every one of us. Here's 10 ways how.

10. When you walk into your favorite restaurant

Yes, you're ordering those baby back ribs, and you may be going out to a nice dinner with friends, but you are going to eat with your fingers. Even better, you see that there is cheese fries on the menu. There's no wait, either, and to be extra sure, you made a reservation, so you walk straight in.

Beyonce Pinterest

9. When you're ordering your Burrito Bowl at Chipotle

You walk straight in that line and you ask for white rice, double chicken (because you are slaying the game) and extra cheese rather than the tiny pinch they try to sell off to you first. And, yes, you want that extra guac. You don't care that it costs money (even if you're a college student on a budget). You leave LIKE:

Beyonce MTV

8. When you're at work, in the office, or behind the counter

You're typing on the computer and you realize that your co-workers are slacking. Tired of being the only one on the phone or doing work, you get up and you show your co-workers who is boss, even when the manager is there (or maybe you are the manager).

Even if you're the one slacking, which you can be known to do from time to time, you get your co-workers to do all the little things you don't feel like doing. We've all done it before.

Beyonce Lifetime

7. When you're behind the wheel of your car

When on the road, it seems as though, from time to time, you are the only human being out there who can actually operate a vehicle. So, in order to get to your destination faster (such as the pizza place to go get your takeout so you can watch that Twilight movie on FX at 8 p.m.), you honk your horn and start directing traffic.

Beyonce Gorgeous In Grey

6. When you wake up for your 8 a.m. class

We all know the pain of having an 8 a.m. class, especially on a Monday. However, you decide to roll out of bed and get to class, just for the sake of catching a few more Zs -- instead of having to wake up and spend so much time getting ready. Besides, you're so flawless, you don't need to get ready. And everyone totally envies you.

Beyonce MTV

5. When you're reading or even just watching TV

It is always incredibly painful when you are reading an amazing book or when you are watching one of your favorite TV shows. Of course, the only character you liked (even if it wasn't the protagonist) was the one that dies.

And, because it's a fictional world and you're the only one watching, your mom and sister, as well as your friends, question your sanity. You can't explain it to them, and they will never understand.

Beyonce Tumblr

4. When you get stood up

We've all gotten stood up for a date before. You spend so much time getting ready, you cleaned your entire apartment, and you made sure everything was perfect. Then, it's either, "Oh, crap, I forgot I had this to do tonight!" or just no text at all. Your inner Beyonce comes out.

Beyonce Buzzfeed

3. At the beach

You can swim in the ocean, lay on the beach, or even better...

Beyonce Giphy

2. 8 a.m., in your underwear, staring in the bathroom mirror

Beyonce Tumblr

Others soon realize your royal status and don't dare to even look your way. Or, they weren't looking to begin with.

Beyonce GifSec

1. Everywhere, all day, every day

We all have some Beyonce inside of us, anywhere and in any situation. Where you're in class, walking down the street, or even sleeping, you are able to achieve some level of Beyonce. Congratulations, Queens.

Beyonce Giphy


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