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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The 'Arrow' Is A 'Public Enemy' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/07/2015 6:36 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The 'Arrow' Is A 'Public Enemy' This Week | Arrow
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With Maseo murdering the District Attorney and pointing his next arrow at Felicity last week, Arrow strikes back with a brand-new episode to answer our questions, so let’s break down “Public Enemy”. This week’s episode kicks off with Maseo firing more arrows to the District Attorney’s office and killing the Mayor. Ray saves Felicity, but ends up wounded, while Captain Lance announces another serious warrant on the vigilante. With Oliver going after Maseo, the first flashback comes in with him trying to save Yamashiro’s son, before he runs into a girl looking like Shado. It’s her twin sister after all and he asks for help. Back to reality, Laurel defends the Arrow to her father, but he doesn’t trust her and wants to tell him who he is. Thea and Roy discuss running away while fresh from sex, before the news of the manhunt against Oliver appear on the news. Felicity is watching from the hospital, where Ray wakes up to find out there are still chances of him dying. Even though he could be saved with some nano-tech he’s designed, the hospital doesn’t support experimental procedures. As if things couldn’t get worse, Felicity’s mother Donna arrives with her typical sass. Oliver meets with Nyssa and despite her unwillingness to help him with Maseo, he asks what Sara would want her to do and convinces her. Nyssa tips the gang with Maseo’s location, so the Arrow, the Arsenal, the Black Canary and Diggle are on their way. Despite Maseo’s order to kill the team, they manage to get the upper hand, before Ra’s Al Ghul himself appears to reveal he can either accept his offer or rot in prison, with the police appearing. The vigilantes manage to get away but have to be separated, with Roy ending up cornered, Laurel saved from her father by Nyssa and Oliver jumping in Diggle’s truck. Back at the lair, Captain Lance tells the Arrow to turn himself in on the phone, while Roy comes back safe. Thea still thinks Ra’s is after them because of Malcolm and demands some answers. Another flashback finds Shado’s sister taking Oliver and the Yamashiros’ son to her house, with the former lying about his identity and how he knew her sister. Soon as he takes off his shirt to have a shower though, she finds out he shares a tattoo with Shado. Back in the present, Felicity’s mother reveals that she failed to lure the doctor into using that nano-tech on Ray and tries to convince her daughter to do it herself. Captain Lance is taken by the League and Ra’s Al Ghul tells him that Oliver Queen is the Arrow. Laurel tries to further defend the vigilante to her father, but is shocked that he knows Oliver is behind the mask. She tries to warn her friend, but police are already after him all the way. Over at the hospital, Donna plays sick to get the doctor away, so Felicity can inject Ray with the nano-tech. Thea tries to comfort Roy as he feels guilty for killing that cop last year, and Oliver tries to help. Policemen soon jump in and he’s got to run. Yet one more flashback finds Shado’s sister calling Oliver out and having warned the police already, but A.R.G.U.S. soon turns the house in a shooting place. The present finds Felicity informed that Ray’s been cured and her mother makes sure a slight accusation by the doctor go away. Captain Lance is once again on the news and makes public that Oliver Queen is the Arrow, as the vigilante visits John to hide at his house. Felicity, Laurel and Roy arrive at John’s house and he decides to take action. Flashback time again, with Oliver fighting Waller’s men, before both the Yamashiros arrive to help him and reunite with their son. Reality check, with Ray making a sweet declaration of love to Felicity, but she doesn’t respond as expected. Finding comfort in her mother, Donna tells her she’s in love with Oliver and should make a choice. With the police still looking for Oliver, he appears out of nowhere and turns himelf in. His pals pay him a visit in jail and he reveals he took a deal to make sure they don’t get caught too. Even though they want to help him, he’s decided to tell the truth and end this all. The last of flashbacks finds Oliver giving Shado’s sister closure by revealing that her relatives are dead. In the present day, team Arrow can’t just stay watching. Detective Lance is giving Oliver a really hard time while being transferred to prison. All of a sudden, another faux Arrow jumps on top of the vehicle and it turns out to be Roy, claiming that he’s the one behind the hood and not Mr. Queen. And that’s it for now! With the season finale coming closer and insanely good episodes delivered every week, you definitely don’t want to miss the next episode of Arrow, in a couple of weeks from now.

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