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The Battle Rounds End As More Faves Make The Final Cut On The Voice

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/22/2013 11:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Battle Rounds End As More Faves Make The Final Cut On The Voice
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim & Erika Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

It’s time. The final Battle Rounds are tonight? Who will Cee-Lo pick?! Who will fill in the very last spots for the Knockout rounds?! The suspense is killing me! So let’s start.

Bec's Take

Bec’s Fantasy Team 1) Nic Hawk (Team Blake) 2) Will Champlin (Team Christina) 3) James Wolpert (Team Adam) 4) Kat Robichaud (Team Cee-Lo) 5) Caroline Pennell (Team Cee-Lo) 6) Preston Pohl (Team Adam) 7) James Irwin (Team Adam) 8) Matthew Schuler (Team Christina) “Refugee” Johnny Gray versus Shawn Smith: An Air Force Vet versus Army Vet. I have a feeling that Cee-Lo paired them based on that. Oh I love how they both salute simultaneously. Miguel says that Johnny needs to focus on the attitude. Cee-Lo also tells him not to be so rushed. Miguel tells Shawn that he needs to feel the music and command the music. Both of them need to nail the song. Oh I like this battle a million times more than what happened last night in the middle. Both of them are charismatic and charming performers. Their voices are solid in different ways. I don’t know I think Cee-Lo is going to have trouble here picking them out. Adam is impressed that they delivered a wonderful performance on a deceptively tough song. He picks Johnny. Blake says they both gave it a hundred percent. He picks Big Sexy in a country move. Christina says that she liked the vibe from Big Sexy and she regrets not picking Johnny in the blinds. She picks Johnny now. Cee-Lo admits this is difficult. WINNER: JOHNNY GRAY “I Wish It Would Rain” Barry Black versus Preston Pohl: Adam pairs soul with soul. So Adam gives them a soul song. Adam tells Preston open it up a little bit more. Adam tells Barry that he is straining. Preston doesn’t hit a falsetto. Barry is asked not to do his “horn.” Adam tells them both “less is more.” Oh Preston opens strong with that nice rasp. Barry swallows some of his words and breaks out the “horn” which is entertaining. They both kept it back though so it was kind of awesome all around. Christina thought it was a great battle. She says that Preston’s voice comes from a different era and declares the match his. Cee-Lo said that Preston is a true soul singer and picks him. No one asks Blake anything. WINNER: PRESTON POHL WINNER: HOLLY HENRY WINNER: BRANDON CHASE WINNER: TAMARA CHAUNICE “Done” Olivia Henkan versus Stephanie Anne Johnson: Olivia is going to win the battle. Stephanie will be stolen by Cee-Lo. I’m calling this. Stephanie is so adorable I love her. She paired them because they are sassy. Olivia has more of the wheelhouse advantage. Stephanie has power. Christina tells them to put more into the song and raises the key. Olivia has issue harmonizing and the sliding. Stephanie needs to learn the song lyrics better. THIS  WAS I EXPECTING ANGER LAST NIGHT WITH THE DIXIE CHICKS SONG! Energy! I love you energy! Wow that was a blowing the freaking roof off the house. Cee-Lo thought Stephanie gave it soul and gives the battle to her.  Stephanie’s grandmother is adorable. Adam also gives it to Stephanie. Blake knows the record well and knows where Stephanie fell out of the pocket. He gives it to Olivia for hitting those big notes. I called it! WINNER: OLIVIA HENKAN Cee-Lo instantly steals Stephanie. Stephanie’s adorable Grandma is so happy. The studio chants “Grandma” over and over again.  She then hugs Cee-Lo. CEE-LO STEALS STEPHANIE ANNE JOHNSON. WHAT THEY ADDED A NEW STEAL TO THE KNOCKOUTS?!?!?!?!?!

Erika's Take:

Team Cee-lo: Johnny Gray Vs. Shawn Smith: "Refugee" By Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Both the guys are vets, and they both really brought it to stage. Johnny gave it more though for me.  Shawn had more of a presence but Johnny had the vocals for me.  Johnny is declared the winner. Team Adam: Barry Black Vs. Preston Pohl: "I Wish It Would Rain" by the Temptations. Both of these guys are soulful and eccentric. Adam looks like he's trying to cancel them out by pairing them together. I'm digging Preston's raspy vocals though.  Barry did his trumpet sound, which I think just cost him the battle. Preston brought his A game and definitely won this for me. Adam agrees with me, and Preston is declared the winner. Cue the Montage of random winners: Holly Henry and Brandon Chase from Team Blake, and Tamara Shanice from Team Cee-lo. Team X-Tina: Olivia Henken Vs. Stephanie Anne Johnson: "Done" By the Band Perry. This song is more Olivia's taste but Stephanie rises to the occasion, sounding like a young Aretha Franklin. During the battle rounds, though, Olivia really brought it and Stephanie faded for me. I'd give it to Olivia with Cee-lo stealing Stephanie since he has one left.  And that's exactly what happened!! Erika's fantasy team:
  1. Briana Cuoco: Team Blake
  2. Will Champlin: Team Christina
  3. Kat Robichaud: Team Cee-lo
  4. Caroline Penell: Team Cee-lo
  5. Tessanne Chin: Team Adam
  6. Jacquie Lee: Team Christina
  7. Lina Gaudenzi: Team Adam
  8. Matthew Schuler: Team Christina
Join us next week as the Knockout rounds begin!!!!


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