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'The Bed's Too Big Without You' This Week On Grey's Anatomy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/22/2015 11:50 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
'The Bed's Too Big Without You' This Week On Grey's Anatomy | Grey's Anatomy
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Hello, Grey's fans! So happy to share with you what happened tonight on Grey's Anatomy. We were left with a bit of a cliffhanger last week not knowing what is going to happen with Jackson and April's baby. Will we get more information about him tonight? Speaking of tonight, the episode is called "The Bed's Too Big Without You," but what does this mean? All will be clear, below:

April and Jackson

Arizona is doing some tests on April and Jackson's baby. Before they get the results, however, Jackson really wants to talk about a plan if the baby has the fatal version of the disease. If the baby has the fatal version, Jackson believes they should terminate the pregnancy, but April is against it. Jackson tries to convince her that they don't want their baby to live his life in NICU, but April says at least he will be with his parents. However, every touch could break his bones. During this conversation, April's mom shows up and takes April to church. Jackson is noticeably unsure about his mother in law being present. Later, at home, Jackson finds April and her mom preparing dinner. April's mom believes there is no point to get the results because God has a plan for them. They even called their home pastor. Jackson and April's mom get into it and April yells at them that they are unsupportive, and she feels alone and terrified. She tells them just to shut up. They go to get the results, Arizona comes in and says they have to wait for Dr. Herman. Dr. H comes in and tells them...nothing, because Shonda Rhimes is a sadist.

Dr. Herman and Amelia

Amelia is getting some scans of Dr. Herman's brain in order to prepare for her surgery. Amelia later shows off the scans to the residents and explains how she is going to do it. They are confused, of course, as this is very complicated. Richard eventually comes to Amelia to talk about the procedure, and as she starts to lose her confidence, Richard talks to her and turns it around. Edwards also comes in, and Amelia sits her down and allows her to work on the plan for Dr. H's surgery.

Dr. Herman and Arizona

Dr. H lets Arizona know that she is bringing in some great cases to give Arizona a "crash course" in fetal surgery. As Arizona goes through the files, Dr. H forces her to put the files into three piles based on how likely they are to be successful.

Meredith, Jo and Bailey

Mer, Jo, and Bailey are working on a patient who has a tumor on her liver. The tumor is growing alarmingly fast, and the tumor has spread throughout much of her torso. They don't know what to do now that the tumor has surrounded her heart. They call Maggie into consult and tell her husband they will figure it out. They spend a ton of time looking at scans, but Mer has the brilliant idea to 3D print the tumor. Mer tells the husband that he should go home, his wife is stable, but he said he can't go home without her, and it's not like she is in the bed next to him. Mer later has a similar conversation with Amelia and says she just doesn't know how to sleep alone. Bailey, Amelia and Maggie all share their own sleeping stories while waiting for their tumor to print. When the print is ready, they come up with a plan that takes several doctors and ideas to enact. However, before they can finish, the patient begins bleeding, and they have to get her up to the OR. During the surgery, they start to lose the patient, but with the use of the 3D printout, they get the tumor out. When Mer gets home to bed, she is not alone, however. She brought the 3D printout home and laid it on Derek's pillow.

Owen and Callie

Callie and Owen are meeting with a sales person about some medical supplies for their project. However, Callie is convinced that she was flirting with Owen throughout the entire meeting. Later, at the bar, they run into her and Callie goes to her to tell her that Owen is shy, but a great guy. However, SHE is a lesbian and very attracted to Callie. Callie tells her, however, that she just doesn't know if she isn't ready for anything and leaves the bar. When Callie and Owen talk again, she tells him she's not ready, but he tells her that she has to start somewhere. He says he isn't ready either. Have they lost all of their "happy?" Ugh, I hate cliffhangers, but I am trying to look at the bright side: at least we only have to wait a week instead of months, like Shonda has done in the past. I will tell you, though, previews for next week indicate things are not going to go smoothly for April and Jackson. What did you guys think of this week's episode? Let's discuss, below!

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