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The Blacklist: 03x11, Mr. Gregory Devry

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/25/2016 2:15 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x11, Mr. Gregory Devry | Gregory Devry
Media Courtesy of NBC

There’s no shortage of drama in the first minutes of The Blacklist. Mr. Kaplan is attacked to send a message to Red, and Elizabeth is turning in her badge and gun. Lizzie is learning about what she will and won’t be involved in -- looks like someone is not going to be in the field anymore. Liz walks out to make a speech to her ‘team’, and she gets teary-eyed about everything they did for her.

Reddington is getting the scoop from Mr. Kaplan, and he’s taking necessary precautions after the attack. She leaves, and Liz shows up. Reddington is ready with a case, regardless of being tired from being on the run with Lizzie. They’re after the SHELL Island Group.

Lizzie goes back to her team with the next case. Ressler moves on a lead, and Lizzie begins to follow but stops; instead, she goes to visit Tom, and they reunite with a kiss. OMG Tom proposes to Liz! Liz doesn’t say yes, but there is something she wants -- boat sex!

Ressler got the underworld travel agent, and he gives them a name. The name is Reddington. Oh hell, we got two Raymond's in the house!

Liz races back to the team to meet the new Raymond Reddington. This man claims that their Red is an imposter, and he is the real man. He was surprised to find that his friends were being captured. This Red is setting things up just like episode one all over again.

Reddington begins speaking with him. Red 2 has a name of who will be taken if they don’t take him seriously. The team leaves to take care of the in-danger agent. Lizzie leaves to find an apartment, but the process is halted when they find out who she is. Her name is blackballed in the world.

Ressler and Navabi are getting the agent when their awkward relationship comes up. You remember how they slept together and he fired her the next day? They weren’t there fast enough, and the people coming to take her are already there. This is so much like the pilot, it’s crazy. Ressler is giving it his all to get her back, though. He’s not good enough. Looks like they need to go back to the drawing board.

Our Red is meeting imposter Red. Imposter Red is just spouting off facts, which makes me think he is overcompensating. Our Red just laughs at all his little facts. Fake Red wants a polygraph.

Red leaves with Liz to show her how bad the Cabal is. OMG Red just quoted Hydra -- exactly like in Captain America. Liz wants to run away with Tom, but Red thinks this battle is just as much hers as it is his. Her mother brings all of this on her.

Liz goes back to get info from Fake Red. Fake Red wants out in exchange for information. He claims our Red is using Lizzie, which many have claimed before. Liz gives our Red a heads-up, but it looks like he might already be at the big meeting. FYI, they’re sending Fake Red in to free the woman. Someone will be in trouble before this is over.

The team is letting Fake Red out and giving him a wire. While he’s getting ready to attend, our Red is meeting with the group. Oh, Red is mad about Mr. Kaplan’s attack. He knows someone in the room did it. He claims that he isn’t linked to the FBI, and he will prove it over this dinner. Red literally always has someone ready to kill him. They have the woman on FaceTime who reveals that the FBI’s best CI is Raymond Reddington. So…

Fake Red is heading in, but Real Red has a knife to his throat. Just as it’s about to get serious, Fake Red walks in. Was this all Red’s plan? The team knows he’s there now, too. The team is waiting. Red introduces Fake Red as Fred. Red claims he used Lizzie when she was a fugitive to gain knowledge of who was bad. He found it was ‘a’ Raymond Reddington. Whoa, Red claims one of the other men hired Fake Red to be the imposter. The guys find the wire, and the FBI is on the way in. So, it was Marcus (the one Red suspected), and he killed him. Red also killed Fake Red.

The FBI saves the woman, and Red is there to apologize to her. He also tells her to quit her job and that he has bought her a beach house.

Red goes to Liz next and reveals the real bad guy was Gregory Devry, who was a dear friend. The friend was very sick, and this was a way out for him. Liz gets the apartment after all -- I bet Red had something to do with that. Lizzie moves into her new place.

Red is with Mr. Kaplan, and they have a tender moment. Mr. Kaplan is confident that Lizzie won’t ever go away. Later on, Red summons Tom. Red wants him to know that he can not marry Liz. Tom makes a coy comment about not getting daddy’s permission; Red replies that he did that once, and it won’t happen again.

Lizzie gets beat up while grabbing some groceries and finds out she’s pregnant! I called that the moment she and Tom had sex on the boat in the Season 2 finale!


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