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The Blacklist: 03x12, The Vehm

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/29/2016 8:23 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x12, The Vehm | Vehm
Media Courtesy of NBC

So, ladies and gentleman, will Liz share the big news with anyone? Let’s find out…

Ugh, the opening scene has a clown. Is the clown our Blacklister this week? Nope, someone is after him. Some thugs kidnapped the clown, and now they are ‘purifying’ him in an underground church? That was a strange opening.

Next, Liz is in her new home making a pro/con list about the baby when Tom shows up with breakfast. Tom has a teaching job! His new job is in Boston, and he wants her to go with him. He has their dog (from like four episodes ago). Liz hasn’t told him, but I hope she does. Oh, she might not have to -- he found her list!

Back at the Post Office, Red is giving them their next Blacklister. Everyone is worried about Liz, but she shows up just in time. The target this week is the Vehm, which is an underground cult that ‘purifies’ people. Time to hunt down a cult!

Red is insistent that Liz should be resting, does he know? Yes, he does know, and he tells her after she tells him. He claims he knows her too well to not know. Red knows that the baby is Tom’s, and he straight up says the baby will complicate their work. PS, Red says he’s known for some time now. I did, too.

Ressler just spent five seconds with a lead that was very rushed, and we see someone confessing a crime, and the priest may just be the leader of the Vehm. Oh, he is -- because he just handed over a target.

Liz is linking a ton of murders to the Vehm. Someone interrupts with a flower delivery for Cooper from his wife. After the meeting, Samar meets with Cooper about why she’s partnered with Ressler. Cooper thinks they’re good together.  

The Vehm is about to grab their next target. Ressler and Navabi hit up another lead while the real crime is going down in other areas of town. Ressler’s lead is a daughter of a victim who was a child molester, and the Vehm is taking a child molesting therapist. Looks like we found out what the connection is.

Liz goes home to find a friendly neighbor with a baby who gives her advice. Tom is in her apartment super excited about the baby. But Liz rains on his parade by saying she might give the baby up. Her one con she can’t change is Reddington. Tom thinks they can escape everything, even Red. She had question marks next to Tom’s name on the list, and he adorably changed them to exclamation marks.  

Red is telling a story to a man in a very small room. Storytime with Red is very dark tonight. Liz interrupts Red with a call about the child molesting link. Red thought of something and shot the man who beat up Liz last week. Once he’s done, he’s ready to hunt for a Gerald Sullivan. Aram found a link and gave it to Samar, who is about to run away with Ressler and check it out. Awkward moment for Samar and Aram.  

Aram’s a genius -- they found the lair! They also found a dead man before getting attacked. The cult knows they are there, and it’s intense. They got one, and now they can find out more.  

So, the cult all made themselves into eunuchs. Whoa! The Vehm are also pedophiles, and they castrate themselves as punishment. This episode is super strange.  

Liz just realized that the Vehm may be getting fake leads that aren’t child molesters. Whoa. Red, on the other hand, found the man he was looking for at a cookout. Red thinks that this man is the reason his friends are dead, but it looks like Red’s friend is just hiding out. Red threatens him for a name and a campfire song. OMG, they are literally singing in the woods. Dembe is looking at this like it’s the whitest thing he’s ever seen. Aw, Dembe ruined Red’s fun.  

Lizzie’s theory was right, and now she wants to find the next victim. Well, Ressler can go. Meanwhile, Red is in a church with a priest, and it looks like we found the leader of the Vehm. The Catholic Church raised up a cult of eunuchs to take out pedophiles. This is the nuttiest Blacklist yet! Ressler is after the next victim, so he will definitely fail.

Red begins story number two for the night. After the story, Red is ready to offer the priest a proposition. Oh, Red wants to hire the Vehm, but he wants them all there before he can say who he wants them to get. Red threatens him with the FBI if he doesn’t do what they want. Red succeeds.  

Liz and Samar show up to find the Cardinal (sorry, he was more than a priest!), and he’s drinking communion wine. Red told the Vehm members what a liar the Cardinal was, and they took him away. Well, I’m sure the Cardinal will be dead soon. Red openly admits that he took him out to help himself.  

Liz and Samar head back to the Post Office where Ressler is there waiting. Samar confronts him and thanks him for getting her back on the team. He said he didn’t, and he didn’t want her back, and she said, “Nothing personal but you sucked in bed.” Go, Samar!

Liz is talking to Tom, who didn’t get the teaching job, most likely thanks to Reddington. He is all about them, and Liz is having trouble with it all. Liz hangs up and dies her hair back to brunette!  

When she gets home, Red is there. He bought her a couch, and now he’s trying to apologize about how he handled the baby news earlier, and he reveals he knew her mother when she was pregnant. Red thinks she should have her baby. Liz tells him to leave because of what he did about Tom. Red will be hurt by her current attitude, but he booked her a pregnancy massage anyway. Red is a very caring man, even with all his evil ways.  

Samar and Aram make up, and they find the body of the Cardinal. Go, FBI! Aram notices Cooper isn’t leaving, and he goes to check on him. Aw, Cooper and his wife are officially breaking up. Aram stays to have a drink.  

Liz goes to visit her new friend, but Red moved her out and put in a security team. Baz is in there. The episode ends with Liz calling an adoption agency. Looks like she thinks she can get away from Red easier without the baby.


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