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The Blacklist: 03x09, The Director Part 1

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/09/2016 7:13 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x09, The Director Part 1 | The Blacklist
Media Courtesy of Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Here’s a quick reminder of what happened on the last The Blacklist: Red was captured by the Kings of The Highway, Dembe was getting an important care package which Liz gave up to get Red back and she was captured by the FBI.  Now, everyone must keep Liz alive.  Check out what happened on part one of "The Director"!

Lizzie is with the feds and she is not ashamed.  The director is with the baddest blonde and they want Liz dead but it won’t be that easy.  Revin may be dead, but she put safety guards in place.  Liz is on her journey.

Ressler gets a call from Reddington.  Red says Ressler’s plan won’t work but his will.  Reddington says he needs one day and Ressler thinks that’s fine.  Red says they need to guard her with expert care.

Tom and Cooper arrive at the affair cabin with Karakurt.  Cooper is taking his wife away and Tom is in charge of the real assassin.  Red calls Aram and claims that Aram is the only person that can keep Keen alive.  We don’t get to know the plan yet.  Liz has arrived at the Post Office and she’s being put in the box, yes that box.

Dembe has arrived to the Post Office, also under lock and key.  Aram and Ressler spy the Director coming in.  The Director is making a play to grab her but Ressler is ready to stop him.  No one can find Revin because she’s dead.  The Director can’t get into the box!

Ressler calls Red in a panic.  Red gives Ressler the order to be ready for Karakurt when the time comes.  Red hangs up and meets with Samar.  Red needs Samar but first he must meet the President of Venezuela.  Seems his plan is coming together nicely.

Ressler confronts Hitchen about Revin being MIA.  Ressler just told Hitchen about Karakurt and Tommy Markin which means Ressler knows she’s dirty.  Ressler knows she’s bad.  Aram changed the code.  You go Aram!  Ressler has to go get Karakurt.

Red is at his meeting and someone is taking pictures.  Is it Samar?  Yep!  Red is playing this gentleman.  It’s not the Prime Minister but it’s a guarantee to get that meeting.  Red and Samar need to get the care package which contains El Dorado and is in the possession of the FBI to save Liz.

Ressler tips off Cooper but he’s not there.  Ressler is going to have to work with Tom.  The Director is chatting with Liz calling her Red’s “Prima Ballerina” and wants to know Red’s connection to her or maybe he knows.

Red takes Samar to his warehouse full of secret storage unit which he reveals he has some in almost every state, multiple in the red states.  Only Reddington would have a casual talk of drugs and sex with Samar.  Red is going to stage a crime scene.  We love when we get to see Red in action.

Aram is visiting Liz and he thinks she’ll be ok.  The Director knows Aram did it.  Liz is having trouble breathing which the Director is behind.  The Director is such a dick.  Ressler arrives to grab Karakurt and they have company.  Play nice, boys and things might work out ok.  Mr. Solomon is here!  We love to hate him and hate to love him!

They have poisoned her with nitrogen, well used it to grab the oxygen out.  Tom and Ressler are under attack.  Aram is petitioning for the Director to fix it.  The Director is confident no matter what, he can kill Liz.

Samar is ready to steal the care package.  Oh, Red has a man on the inside again.  I do believe she got it.  Back to Tom and Ressler.  Can they outsmart and outgun Solomon?

Aram is trying to get Liz to hold on but she’s out.  Aram is going to have to open the box.  Aram gives the Director the passcode.  Aram is doing CPR!!!  She’s breathing!  But now the Director can get her.  Do we think Dembe will escape and save the day?

Red is now at his official meeting.  Red is proposing a deal but before we see that Solomon is back.  Can Tom and Ressler with the help of Karakurt take them down?  And an epic shootout ensues.  Solomon’s men are going in to check for survivors.  They lured them in!  Damn Team Ressler, Tom and Karakurt rocked it.

Aram is holding a gun to the Director to protect Liz.  Liz wants him to stand down.  Liz is so forgiving to everyone, but she doesn’t want anyone to die for her.  Some woman shows up and saves the day.  Nice work, Revin.  Even gone she saved the day.

Red is not doing great with the Prime Minister but Navabi shows up just in time.  He offers the briefcase in order to get the Prime Minister to help.

Tom gets stopped by Solomon and Ressler can’t commit to killing Solomon but Cooper pops up and knocks Solomon out.  Cooper!  Oh no, Ressler is holding a gun to Solomon.  Tom and Cooper want him to put the gun down.  Tom gets a conscience and uses Ressler’s dad to talk sense into him.  They arrest him.  Too bad, he was a fun villain.

Back at the Post Office, Ressler shows up just in time to save Liz and show up with Solomon.  It’s a bad day for the cabal.

Cooper leaves his wife.  Dembe is freed.  Go hep Red.  Oh, he gets a quick face to face with Solomon who’s behind bars.  

I applauded watching this episode.  Tom has Karakurt on his boat.  Ressler finally really believes Liz.  Aram is on a bike in the cemetery?  He goes to Red but seems scared.  Red is with an open grave.  We finally get a Red story.  He is thanking Aram for saving Lizzie!  “I am forever in your debt,” Red says to him and then, “Now, gather your team it’s time to take down the cabal.”  

Hell yes to everything tonight!


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