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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Blacklist: 03x10, The Director, Conclusion

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/18/2016 7:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x10, The Director, Conclusion | The Blacklist
Media Courtesy of NBC

Everyone but the Director won last week, so let’s see how they finish it up in the new episode of The Blacklist!

We begin with Aram and Cooper joining Red’s team. Red walks in and takes command. All the players throughout this season are present for the plan to take down the Cabal; they need all green lights. Samar joined as well and there is an awkward look between she and Aram. Red stops his speech to say how much he hates having a partner and then he explains the plan. He literally tells how each episode led to tonight. “Anything else? Good, let’s begin.”

Lizzie is on her way to the courthouse with Ressler. Lizzie is worried for her life and she is writing a will during the ride. They arrive and there is a mob outside. Tom and Karakurt are watching the coverage of Liz and Karakurt thinks Liz will die. Karakurt is getting cold feet about confessing and saving Keen but Tom has a way to keep them warm. Tom is so dangerously sexy.

Red’s plan involves abducting the Director which has everyone questioning him. They have found the Director is having marital problems and Red reveals his own time with a marriage therapist.

Ressler locks Liz in her cell and sits right next to her.  He gives her the phone with Red on the line. Red assures her that she will be ok.

Hitchins is with the very impatient Director. They will kill her by tomorrow. Not if Red has anything to say about it.

Liz wakes up in her cell to see Ressler still awake outside her cell. I bet Keenler shippers are really happy.

The music on this show is so good as Red and his team begin the plan. This episode is like Ocean’s 11. They are literally creating a floor to replicate where his marriage therapy is. Samar just did something to a woman’s coffee. We’ll find out soon. Mr. Kaplan has some problems with the plan but Red insists they are good. The coffee lady is clearly drugged and she wants to see her therapist.  So, this woman is the Director’s wife. Part 1 is working.

Lizzie is met with a lawyer.  The lawyer doesn’t think Lizzie is much of a monster.  Lizzie holds on to her innocence.

Hitchins meets a man who she is clearly hiring to kill Lizzie and she has a whole legal team to take care of him.  The Cabal is so twisted.  Lizzie is officially in trouble and Red’s team needs to work fast.

Lizzie is officially on trial. Every charge against Lizzie is death penalty level. Outside the courtroom, Ressler has a journalist who he wants around for when the story changes. She’s a flirty whore.  Ressler calls Tom to have Karakurt in position.

Back on team Red, the Director is getting into position. Will their Ocean’s 11 plan work?  Red’s apples did the trick. “Everybody likes apples.” Got him! The Director’s wife is with the therapist and now the Director’s goon knows something is wrong because he didn’t make it to the right place.

The Director has regained consciousness and he’s with the Prime Minister of Venezuela and Red. He’s under arrest by the Venezuelan Government. Holy cow! They are calling Hitchins. This is fantastic.

Lizzie isn’t impressed with her judge but Ressler is confident about Karakurt.  They know Red’s plan is in motion and Ressler goes outside to meet Tom and Karakurt.  The narrative is about to change.

Hitchins is being a little bitch about what Red has done. She won’t exonerate Keen and Red knows that the President won’t like this at all. Red is giving them Karakurt so they don’t look like fools.  Lizzie is on the move again. Hitchins tries to call in her assassin but she manages to warn Ressler. The guy got one shot off before they stopped him and we can’t tell if anyone was hit. Looks like Hitchins might be changing her mind, though.

Hitchins is tempted by the offer and Red sends in Marvin Gerard to do his part. The Director wants her to reject the deal. Hitchins agrees to everything except letting her off for the murder of the AG. Red doesn’t agree at first but then decides he will agree.  Hitchins has one more request and it’s that Red kill the Director as he’s a liability. Red tells Hitchins he wants one more thing.

Lizzie is presented with the deal but she won’t ever be an agent anymore. She’ll become an asset to the FBI like Red. Red calls and tells her to take the deal. She’s going to be like Neal Caffrey in White Collar. Lizzie takes the deal. Looks like our girl is free and safe for now. This resolution was kind of anticlimactic. But the foreplay was so good.

Hitchins reveals in a press release that the Cabal is real and that Karakurt is the real problem. She even says that Tom Connelly was a lead member of the Cabal. She says that the Director is a part of the Cabal and has fled the country. Looks like half of Red’s job is done. Hitchins adds a little sympathy plea for Lizzie.

The Director knows exactly who Red is to her and why Red did all this. He wants to know if Liz knows. Red drops him from the sky into someone's home. Holy hell!

Lizzie is free! Tom watches happily. Her time on the run is over.  Ressler gives Cooper back the command. Red is having drinks with Hitchins as a member of the Cabal? Is this real life?

Lizzie walks out into the world as a free woman. She can go anywhere but Red is waiting. Guess whatever he was up to is over for now. Lizzie hugs him but now I wonder about his motives.


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