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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Blacklist: 03x13, Alistair Pitt

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/08/2016 1:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x13, Alistair Pitt | The Blacklist
Media Courtesy of NBC

Tonight on The Blacklist, Tony Shalhoub guest stars.  Let’s get going!

We begin the night in a swanky restaurant where a roughed up man, Mr. Erickson sees a man named Rafael and shoots at him.  Mr. Erickson wasn’t fast enough with his shot though because he gets hit and he’s in a coma.  Turns out these are mob families.  Uh oh.  Enter Monk!  We mean, the matchmaker who wants to turn a profit off uniting the two mobs.

Meanwhile in Paris?  Wait, what?  Red is at dinner with a woman we’ve never seen before and it looks like they might be in a relationship of some type.  So Red has a French fling who collects giraffe figures?  Oh, his girlfriend is getting married.  Ok, are we the only ones who think this came out of left field?

Back in the real world, Liz is meeting with an adoption agency, the same one she almost adopted from.  She talks open and closed but theres a hitch, Tom has a say.  Too bad Tom is out and about where Gina returns!  

Lizzie goes home to find Red and Dembe there and she is not happy about it.  Red is hear to deliver the next blacklister who is the matchmaker.  Liz doesn’t care because she wants to ask about her mom.  Too late, last week he wanted to talk, not now.  

Back in the Post Office, Liz relays the information from Red about who they are after.  After the meeting, Samar approaches Liz about the baby shower she plans to throw.  Lizzie doesn't have the her to tell her she’s thinking about not keeping the baby.  Lizzie’s orders, go to

Shalhoub is in a bath, drinking champagne with his two dogs.  He is looking to them for advice on what to do.  His dog Marilyn gets champagne for her help but the other pooch has been no use whatsoever.  Oh, what a wonderful guest star we’ve gotten.

Tom and Gina are meeting over food now.  Tom wants a job from Gina so we were wrong about Red planting her.  He is going to his ex in order to run away with Liz and their baby.  Gina gives him the cold shoulder and he leaves but she stops him and offers him in on her next job.

Ressler gets an asset and they go to look for someone in the park.  Liz is taking photos and they find the man they are looking for.  The men abandon the park to meet the matchmaker.  It’s the mob dad that they’re watching.  The team lost their tail once the mobster walked inside the building.  The matchmaker proposes to wed two from each family to ‘stop the blood shed and join the bloodline.’  The matchmaker is laying out the benefits.  Liz got a shot inside the diner!  Good work, Keen!  

Back to Gina and Tom.  Tom doesn’t love her plan but it appears she’s actually just stalling to bring the Major to Tom.  Oh no!  Tom Bond better not die!  What is happening?

Oh, we’re back in France with Red and his surprise lady.  He’s trying to persuade her to run away with him.  He spies a bruise or burn on her arm and offers protection.  She changes the subject.  Oh wow, Red is dreaming.  He is awaken for Lizzie to show him the pictures she got.  She says no one can pull up facial recognition.  Of course Red has a man to help find the target who is Monk.  We don’t want Monk to go down at the end of this episode.  

Red’s man did it and now Ressler is watching the matchmaker (Monk).  Aram pulls his registration and it’s an obviously fake name.  Samar brings up baby gifts where Ressler takes this chance to put down Tom.  Aram says forgiveness is better and he is clearly speaking to Samar.  Aw!  The mob boss arrives to meet the matchmaker.  One mob boss has agreed so what says the other one?  He says yes so it looks like we’ll be going to a wedding.

The other mob family is discussing the situation and the daughter is ok with it.  She wants to do it for her family.  

Ressler is tailing the matchmaker but he disappears because let’s face it, Ressler is so bad at his job.  But he does witness a takedown in the street.  A young female nurse is shot.  Is that a mob family member?  Maybe an agreement hasn’t been reached or was this apart of it?

Tom joins Gina to meet her team so it looks like he’s in.  He is really willing to do anything for Liz.  OMG, she put the glasses on him so he’s season 1 Tom Keen again.  All he needs is some pancakes.  

The girl was a mob family member and it was a piece to the matchmaker’s plan.  Meanwhile, Liz found a potential couple to adopt Baby Keen.  She seems overjoyed but we are kinda sad.  Samar comes in and Liz drops the site.  Samar is dating her ex from a few episodes again.  Well, poor Aram.  

Red shows up to shed the wisdom, on the phone.  Red knows that the matchmaker is planning to use a marriage to fix the family rift.  It will be profitable.  

Red is at the mob dad’s house and he wants cookies, cuz that makes perfect sense.  Red had the FBI raid the mob’s dock storage but he cleared and Red congratulates the family on the upcoming nuptials.  He invites Red to the big family meeting.  

At the Post Office, Liz can’t find Red but they may have found the matchmaker’s name, Alistair Pitt.  They are out to watch Pitt and Liz is not to take Red’s call.  

The families are arriving for what is sure to be a Red Wedding.  

Tom Bond is at work doing spy business.  They are casing a jewelry store?  So far the plan is running smoothly.  Back at the Red Wedding, Red is socializing.  Everyone is putting on a great fake show.  Red is there to do something in particular but what?  He will have to fight against what Pitt is selling.  The mob boys are getting ready to kill everyone.  This will not end with anyone dressed in white.  Red stands to make a toast and he’s outing Pitt.  Looks like the matchmaker is the one who marries off Red’s girl.  Is she real?  We still don’t know.  Oh, Red’s speech is about to ignite a full mob war.  Pitt shows up to help but it’s too late.  The guns are out.  Red instructs Dembe to get the bride and groom.  Red grabs Pitt but Liz and the DEA agent stop them.  (sorry we didn’t mention they had DEA help till now)  Red shoots the DEA agent and races off with Pitt, Liz on his tail.  

Ok, we love Tom but this jewelry heist is not what we’re feeling.  Wait, Tom is in action mode so it’s ok but not because Gina kisses him.  Step off, we want our happy Tom/Liz ending.  

Liz finds Samar alone, sad.  Oh, Samar’s man is engaged.  Good news, they can put all the mob guys away.  Samar is happy about the shower but Liz pulls that out from under her by admitting she wants to give the baby away.  

Red is back in Paris waiting on the girl but she calls and she’s been beat up by the husband she was set up with.  So Red’s dreams are all real.  He kills the husband but he’s too late to save her.  Now, we feel bad for him.  Spader upset makes us all upset.  Back in the present, Red takes Pitt to where the woman died.  Red telling the story of his love’s death is painful.  But don’t kill Monk.  Too late, by matchmaker.  

Liz is at her meeting but the couple isn’t coming.  They want a closed adoption.  This ending is so sad.  Liz will never see her child if she gives it up.  

Oh, Red’s woman didn’t die.  She’s paralyzed and in a home.  She’s all beat up with scars.  Red did lose her but not the way we thought.  Well, we’re gonna go cry now.  


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