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PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x15, Drexel | Drexel
Media Courtesy of PopMatters

We begin with a murder, which our Blacklister of the week considers art.  Tom is going in to Emergency surgery with Liz’s ex fiance, that was lucky.

Red is waiting for Liz to give her Drexel, the artful murderer, and she accused him of making Tom disappear.  Nice, Liz.  

Liz gives the new bad guy to the team and Cooper sees she’s concerned.  She’s worried about Tom and Cooper says he understands why she’s giving the baby up.  Liz confronts Samar about breaking the news of her adoption.  

Ressler checks out the crime scene and he sees a camera on top of the TV, from which Drexel is watching.  Oh that’s too creepy! Ressler goes on to meet the victim’s business partner but before he arrives, Ressler mouths off to Samar that Liz will keep the kid.  They tell the man that the killer wanted them to get to him and he’s still watching them.  Aram calls to explain that someone has control of the webcam Ressler noticed.  The tech is classified NSA quality stuff so they might have a lead.

Red and Dembe head into a restaurant for a poison fish dish.  The chef responsible for the lead was in the same online group as the Drexel.  Red is looking for a lead.  Meanwhile, Liz’s ex uses Tom’s phone to call Liz and tell her what happened.  

Ressler and Samar head to the NSA to find out if the tech is theres and it is.  They also find the employee responsible for the leak.  Samar catches him after he makes a run for it.  

Liz rushes to Tom’s side.  Liz’s other ex comes in to update her on his condition and sees that she’s pregnant and he’s surprised.  She confides in him about her fears of her life being completely run by Reddington.  But she will probably need Red’s help to get Tom freedom if he wakes up.

Ressler and Samar interrogate the NSA leak and he says they should already know who has the tech.  Red follows the fish poison lead to a very special place where they offer him a spot on the site.  When Red comes out, Liz is there to yell at him.  She blames him for Tom but he rebutts with his involvement in the diamond heist with Gina.  So, he did know where Tom was when she was asking earlier.  

Ressler and co found Drexel’s place and there is a sketch with Reddington written on it.  He better not touch Red!

Tom is awake and Liz is at his side.  The police break up the reunion.  in other news, Drexel has a real name and he’s been spying on the business partner.  

Red finds his way to Ramona, the reporter, and he is in her home.  He is blackmailing her with her real identity for Drexel’s location.  Decision is hers to make.  She brings them to an art gallery where she plans to give them Drexel.    He calls and gives Ramona instructions.  Red and Dembe pursue her to find the guy.  

The police are interrogating Tom and it doesn’t look good but Liz’s ex tells her it will be ok.  And he looks very sure of it.  

Back to Red’s pursuit, Ramona is with the Drexel but Red can’t be far behind.  Ramona begins her interview with the Drexel and admits she’s a little nervous about him.  He knows about Red.  Red and Dembe better hurry up and get there.  Red and Dembe save the day!  And Red sits down with a gun once more.  

The police bring in a man from the jewelry store to identify Tom.  He does but not persecute but to save his ass.  What the hell?  Did Red do that from behind the scenes?  He will do anything for Liz, even save Tom’s life.  

Ressler and Samar and a giant team take down the business partner's secret lair and by the way, they were watching a lot of people with that NSA tech.  That is so insane, and we guess how they made all that money.

Red is telling a story to Drexel so he is literally about to die.  

Tom and Liz have a heart to heart about the situation.  Tom thinks Red saved him.  Nik confirms it and the facts that he works for him now.  Liz goes to Red to confront him about saving Tom and she thanks him.  Red apologizes in his way for the way he angers her and such but confirms that she’ll have the life she wants in the end.  She kisses him on the cheek in a very grateful manner.  Finally, she’s being grateful for all that he’s done.  Now, we think Liz is going to keep the baby.  We were right!  She goes to Tom and she wants to keep the baby and stay with Tom!  

Red has other plans to check out where another painting Drexel went to.  It was called Rostova.  Katerina possibly sent this painting Drexel did to Red and its Liz over his grave, as if she caused his death.  


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