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The Blacklist: 03x16, The Caretaker

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/28/2016 6:07 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x16, The Caretaker | the Caretaker
Media Courtesy of Pinterest

This will be our last Blacklist until mid-March so soak up all the fun, folks.  Buckle your seat-belts because tonight we are hunting Rostova!

We begin with a murder in China where an American Government Official is accused and taken, even though he may be innocent.  We then segue to a man getting a very strange casket ready.

On to Liz’s apartment where Tom is staying with her.  Also, Liz says yes to Tom’s proposal from a few episodes ago!  OMG!  I love Keen2!  They are interrupted by a call from Red and a pharmacy delivery which includes a gun.  Be careful, Tom.  

Liz goes on to meet Red where she tells him two pieces of news.  One makes him happy that she’s keeping the baby but the other is not so great for him and that is that she is going to marry Tom.  Uh oh!  The Government official was not only taken he was killed.  Looks like we have our Blacklister of the week, the Caretaker.  He keeps secrets and works as a safe deposit box for criminals.  

Liz takes the new criminal to the team while Tom goes to a naked Gina.  Be careful, Tom.  He wants peace and she wants a war.  

Oh, the Caretaker is excavating a body.  Gross!  The team is interrogating someone while Liz shares the marriage news with Cooper.  He’s so happy for her, it's adorable!  Why don’t Liz and Cooper always have tender moments?  They’re so sweet when they do.  She talks about a lead on her mother and Cooper encourages her to track it down.  Meanwhile, the team discovers that the Caretaker uses a group of underground tubes to make trades and gather secrets.  Red, of course, has someone who can help them with that.

Red doesn’t care about the case though because he is hella pissed about Tom.  Red gets back on track and takes her to his friend who can help.  

Back to Tom and Gina. Tom wants out of his old life.  Gina is having a no makeup day and she still looks stunning.  Tom wants her help to get out and we don’t think she will do so.  Well, she says she’ll try so he’ll probably wind up in the hospital again.

The Caretaker has secrets hiding in the body that he uncovered.  That is disgusting and he’s singing.  Samar and Ressler are about to find him, though.  Knowing Ressler, the Caretaker will get away.  Woah, they got him!  The Caretaker’s daughter was taken and so he released the secret to save her.  Looks like he’s not the only Blacklister we’ll be tackling tonight.  The next secret they want revealed is the one he pulled out of the grave.  They fill Red in and he knows exactly what everyone wants because he’s Red.  But, they have to save the daughter now.  

Liz tracks down the man Red paid off last season.  Let’s see if he will tell her anything after Red got to him.  He won’t talk but he wants Liz to take a letter and find his daughter and give it to her.  The man’s keeper tells Red that Anton said nothing.  Dembe interjects that Liz deserves the truth but Red says, “Watch the road, Dembe.”

Everyone is trying to figure out where the daughter is.  Red picks up something on a video that can help because he knows all.  And, he has another guy who can help.  Um, we don’t care though.  We want Liz to open that damn letter.

Panabaker!!  She is here to talk National Security.  Oh no, the Germans know that the FBI leaked the documents.  Shit!  Just in time, Liz calls with a location of the bad guys who took the daughter.  Cooper wants Red and Liz back immediately.  The White House wants Red’s help.  Red can help because he’s Red.  

Ressler and crew save the daughter!  Unfortunately, they already leaked the documents.  The team is talking to the bad guy and the daughter and maybe they are all bad.  Oh, the kidnapper is the brother and now, we don’t know what is going on.  But, they have other fish to fry.

Woah, Ressler and Samar are so angry and there is a bomb situation now.  It’s active.  Ressler sends a picture to Aram so he can walk him through disarming it.  No pressure.  Aram uses the bomb to get Ressler to apologize to Samar.  Haha!  Mission accomplished!

Now, Liz opens the letter!  So, the daughter kidnapped herself to get away from the Caretaker.  He kidnapped her as a child because he lost his wife and unborn child.  

Liz brings the letter to the daughter of Anton.  You need to read it, Liz.  OMG the letter is for Liz!  Open it!  What does it say???  There’s a picture of little Liz but what did it say?

Oh no when Red finds out.  But for now, he wants his favor for saving the day from Cooper.  Red wants the ledger, of course.  He legit always has a motive.  Red has some marriage advice for Cooper and we’re thinking he’s headed to an angry Liz.  

We’re right!  Her mother is alive and Red lied to her.  She is so mad at Red and now we have to question everything he has ever told her. 

Cooper almost went back to his wife, and Liz goes home to Tom.  Tom lies about his day but we’re gonna let it slide.  Gina is going to betray him.  Oh, and now Red and Dembe are digging up a grave with the secret of Red and Liz.  Red burns it.  Jerk!  Dembe should just tell her.  PS:  He’s wearing his murder hoody.  

It doesn’t come back until April 7th and it’s a Tom/Lizzie wedding, with a hint of death.  Tom better not die after all this!  


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