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The Braverman Clan Brings The Emotions On The Season Five Premiere

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/30/2013 5:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Braverman Clan Brings The Emotions On The Season Five Premiere
Media Courtesy of E!

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

In this first episode of Season Five of Parenthood, "It Has To Be Now," we start about six months or so down the road from where last season’s finale left off. Jasmine and Crosby are shopping for last minute items that they'll need for the baby, while discussing possible names. Jasmine suggests Chloe. "That's a cute name," she adds. Crosby says, "No...Chloe Freeman. She was a senior and I was a sophomore. And, let's just say it got weird. She was a freak." So, Jasmine tells him to give her a list of all the names he hasn't slept with, since that will probably narrow it down. Just a minute later, after debating how the last name should go, with Trussell and Braverman, Jasmine starts getting the feeling that the baby is coming. Crosby tries to stall, because it's three weeks before her due date, and they still don't have everything. After going back and forth with Jasmine on that one, she finally says, “I don't want to have my baby here...Let's go!” We hop over to what's going on in Sarah's world to see that she finally has an apartment of her own after four seasons (victory), and also has a new neighbor, Carl (former Drop Dead Diva star, Josh Stamberg). He knocks on the door after forgetting his keys, which seems to now be a normal occurrence, and Sarah tells him that he should just put one under his mat. He defends himself, saying at least he did the responsible thing of not drinking and driving after being out all night. Looks like we'll be seeing more of Carl this season. Next, we see Adam and Kristina being their adorable selves making up for lost time, holding each other close as they slow dance in a bar to "Let's Get It On." Kristina tells Adam she wants to be more spontaneous like they used to be, as they credit "carpe diem" to being their new motto in life. After the year they've had, Kristina is ready to seize the day for whatever opportunity might come her way. That being said, Kristina asks Adam how he would feel if she asked him to spend the night with her in a "cheap motel." He makes a call to Zeke, asking if he wouldn't mind keeping the kids a little while longer, and he doesn't mind. He also throws in a joke about the two lovebirds going to "funkytown" (which is Braverman code for, well, uh, I think you know), a term Adam tells him to never say again. We then see "Ryber", (a.k.a Ryan and Amber), Skyping each other, because Ryan has since re-enlisted in the military and is away at the moment. Ryan's picture freezes on the screen, and Amber keeps talking, before realizing that he can't hear her. She is disappointed to hear the call drop off, feeling like there is now even more distance between them. Back to Crosby and Jasmine, she pushes out a beautiful baby girl, and they admire their new little miracle. Cue the theme song. And so begins Season Five of Parenthood... Probably one of the best scenes of the premiere is when we see that Hank is back in town. He's still working at his photography studio. Max stops in, because the camera Hank passed along to him broke. He asks if there's a warranty on the camera, in which Hank responds ,"It's 45 years old, so probably not." Max starts walking around, when Hank wonders what he's doing there. Max tells him, "You're in my radius." Hank asks, "Your what?" "My parents gave me a radius around my house of where I can walk to on my own. The idea is that I'll build autonomy, so that eventually I'll be able to move out and support myself. Also, eventually they're gonna die, so I'm gonna need to learn how to live on my own anyway." Hank adds a "Huh..That's touching." Max continues walking around the studio, then Hank looks at some of the pictures Max took, which are all of bugs and his lizard. Max asks if his Aunt Sarah can take pictures of dogs and cats, why can't he take pictures of his lizard and bugs? It's a great way for Hank to open that door to how Sarah's doing. Max holds nothing back and tells him, "She says she's doing a lot better now that she broke up with you." Hank says that it was a mutual thing, but Max continues to argue that was definitely not the case. "That's what she probably says to kids," Hank tells him, but Max has other ideas, "Everyone was in the room. My mom and dad were there, too." So, Hank has no choice but to go along with it. After fixing Max's camera, he asks him if he wants to stay and look around, while he shoots some three dimension pieces. "Do you have any snacks?" Max asks, and Hank says he has some cream soda, though it might be flat. Max adds, "That's okay, I'm just in it for the sugar." Hank jokes that that's his motto for life. Joel is showing Julia and the kids a possible new project that he will be constructing; walking them through the floor plan. Victor is a little confused with the business terminology, when Sydney pipes up about profit margins, shocking everyone, and Julia asks, "Who taught you that?" Sydney adds, "I know business," very confidently. The kids are wandering, when Joel and Julia talk about plans for both of their work, daydreaming, and how Julia thinks she would be a great addition to the company that she is interviewing for, and they'd be lucky to have her. Julia says, "It's gonna be a good year," and Joel is quick to say, "It's gonna be a GREAT year!" Possible foreshadowing? Bob Little, who fans will remember from last season as the politician who tried to date Amber, shows up unexpectedly at Adam and Kristina's door. He asks how Kristina has been doing and visits for a couple minutes, but she senses that he is there with ulterior motives. He asks her to be the advisor for his next campaign. Over at Crosby and Jasmine's, they are bombarded by the Braverman clan, and things are a little chaotic. They discuss what the name of the new baby should be, and again what last name she should take, and Sarah starts to feel a little left out, when she realizes Drew has been talking to Amber about school, but not her. While the family is visiting, Joel and Amber also have a short heart to heart, and Joel tells Amber that if his contract with the new building plan he's working on goes through, Ryan will have a job when he comes back from the reserves. Amber has to take a minute to herself and admits to Sarah that she's missing him tells her how things have felt a little weird with him being gone. Later, back at their own house, Kristina is telling Adam about Bob Little's offer to run his next campaign, but he is definitely not on board. He doesn't trust him after the incident in the hotel room that went down between Bob and Amber when they were working together. Max walks in and grabs Nora, to start taking pictures of her. When she doesn't cooperate, he says, "She sucks! Nora sucks!" They start asking about his picture taking and he mentions Hank, which opens a can of worms as to what he was doing there. He tells them about his new hobby of photography and how Hank told him to take 10,000 pictures and he should start taking them of people. "If I keep taking pictures of bugs and lizards, he says I'll end up poor and homeless." Adam and Kristina don't think he should be going to Hank's photography studio, and decide that Adam will take care of that, while Kristina talks to Bob Little about the campaign. At the recording studio, Sarah is asking Amber if she talks to Drew and is reading into every text message he has sent her. Amber gets her up to speed on the latest lingo, like "BRB" and "GTG." But, Sarah is still annoyed with one text message that reads,"Love u," with just a "u." Sarah adds, "Love you...I gave birth to you, don't I deserve the 'y' and the 'o'?" Amber says she should just call Drew and see what's up in his life. Sarah is glad she now lives closer to have conversations like this in the middle of the day. Joel and Julia invite Joel's potential boss over for dinner, a lady by the name of Pete. She asks Julia what she does, and Julia tells her that she is a stay at home mom, and Joel is quick to add that she's a big lawyer. Pete said that she could see she was more than a housewife, because it was in her eyes. Later on, Julia is getting back into the workforce and has a job interview to work at a new law firm. The interviewer is a big fan of her work and even calls her a legend around there for her past work, and she is completely stunned by it. He then continues to ask why she didn't add her last job to the resume. She left out the entire truth about the errors she had made with a big case, and said she had decided to take some time off, so Leon probably wasn't too happy with that. The interviewer nods, adding that they will have to get in contact with him to see how their relationship was, and she remained very quiet. Crosby is losing sleep and things are still a little crazy around his and Jasmine's house, with the new baby. Neither of them has slept much, except for Crosby falling asleep while making a sandwich for Jasmine. He tells her that he needs more sleep than he's getting, and she adds that apparently his mom thinks so, too, bringing their conversation into a bit of a debate over how long they stayed the other day. Crosby then compares them to a pack of billy goats and he doesn't know what else to do; he couldn't just ask them to leave. Jasmine leaves the room, handing the baby off to Crosby, who then whispers, "I'm sure you're going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me, but right now, I just really hate you." Adam visits Hank at his photography studio to discuss Max. He asks Hank about his move, first off, and Hank shares that it turned out to not be the best idea, so he moved back. Adam then apologizes for Max coming in, because he can be so persistent, but Hank says he was fine and didn't mind, explaining that he has talent in photography. Adam is about to walk off, when he turns to Hank and says, "I just really want to be sure you're not hanging out with Max to get back together with my sister." Hank is baffled by the question and continues to insist that it was a mutual breakup and they are still friends. Hank tells Adam that Max really is good with photography and is still welcome. Drew and Amber meet for coffee, and she pours her heart out about how hard it is not knowing whether Ryan's feelings for her have changed. She feels nervous about his coming back, and needs his help. She also coyly adds that he should call Sarah, so that she'll ease off of Amber a bit. Julia and Joel are laying on a hammock in their backyard, and Julia is expressing how she put so much time and effort into her one job, and now she has to basically start over. In the middle of their conversation, Joel gets the phone call he has been waiting for, giving him the 'okay' on the new building project. Julia now has to be the supportive wife and act like everything is fine. Joel apologizes that they were talking, and Julia says it's fine and they should celebrate with a bottle of wine, while Joel runs off to make some important phone calls. Over at the hospital, Kristina visits her friend, Gwen, who is still going through treatment for her cancer. Kristina tells her about the opportunity she has with Bob Little, and Gwen is completely on board for it. She says if their situations have taught them anything it's that you can't wait for anything. "Don't wait for anything! If this is something you want, you need to do it." She also says, "This is not the dress rehearsal, this is it," sparking the idea in Kristina's head that she should for it. Meanwhile, back at Sarah's place, the fire alarm is going off in the hallway, and she's trying to fix it. Carl walks in and she asks for his help, but proceeds to hammer it and gets it to turn off herself. Carl then tells her he broke up with his girlfriend, who showed up with him the other night when he asked Sarah for the keys to his apartment. She isn't shocked by this news, and he says that they should be friends, which she isn't too sure about. It's late at night, when Crosby drives up in front of Adam's house and he gets inside the car. He has the baby in the backseat and warns him not to make too much noise, saying, "She wakes up, you own her!" He proceeds to freak out to Adam about his lack of sleep and wonders why he doesn't have the same connection with her that Jasmine does. Adam reassures him that it's all just temporary and he should give it time like he did when Jabar showed up at his door. When Crosby gets the advice he's been searching for, he practically pushes Adam out of the car while it's moving, and wakes up the baby in the process. Back with Adam and Kristina, he's talking about the conversation he had earlier with Hank, then starts to get a little flirty, but Kristina has more important things on her plate to discuss. She tells him that she has decided not to work on Bob's campaign, but she has decided to run for Mayor herself. Adam says it isn't the right time, and Kristina agrees, but she needs to do it. She keeps fighting it and giving all the reasons that she needs to, and she has it all planned out. Adam finally sees that there is no talking her out of it, and says, "This is really happening, huh?" "This is really happening," Kristina confirms. Over at Crosby and Jasmine's, they're still admiring their newborn as she sleeps. That's when Jasmine tells Crosby that she has a name and they decide on Aida Braverman. Kristina marches up to Bob Little the next morning and tells him that she has decided to run against him for the mayor position, and by the look on his face, he's a little shocked. Drew shows up at Sarah's apartment, with pizza and she greets him with a huge smile and a big hug. And just when you start to think that maybe you were getting out of the episode before you shed a tear or two, the episode ends with Amber and Ryan reuniting. Amber anxiously waits in the crowd of the gymnasium as the guys in uniform march back in, and she glances around, hoping to see that familiar face. When she finally sees him, she can breathe again, and he sees her, but his facial expression doesn't change. When they are released to meet up with their loved ones, he greets Amber with a hug and kiss, letting her know how much she missed him. And then, he drops to his knee and asks her to marry him. She says,"Yes!"


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