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The Braverman's Learn That "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" On This Week's Parenthood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/19/2013 11:23 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Braverman's Learn That
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

The episode starts off with Sarah going with Ryan and Amber to take their engagement pictures. It’s a lake that’s very special to the two of them, and they’re thinking about getting married there. “Your mom’s not gonna make it?,” Sarah is shocked by that. She tries to find out more about Ryan’s family, but he just explains that it won’t work out and Amber shuts it down pretty quickly when she starts to pry. Sarah isn’t too sure about the location and seems to want to find something wrong with it, which Amber seems senses and says, “I really hope you like it, because it means a lot to us.” Later on, Sarah and Amber are trying to work out details for the wedding, when Sarah asks about Ryan’s best man and why his family isn’t coming. Amber explains that she realizes it’s a touchy subject for him, so she just doesn’t want to push it anymore. Amber tries bringing it up to Ryan again, when the two of them are alone. She explains to him about the bad relationship she has with her dad, but that it’s still important to her that he comes to the wedding. So, she brings up his family. He tells her that his stepdad isn’t coming, because he wants it to be their day; the best day ever, and it won’t be if he’s there. He also finally admits to her that his real dad is dead, which she never knew. He doesn’t want to keep looking back at the past, “Let’s just move forward with our future,” he tells her. Sarah and Amber look around Zeke and Camille’s backyard, because Sarah tells her to think about it for her wedding. They’ll have the lights set up, but Amber thinks it will be too much like Crosby and Jasmine’s wedding. Amber tells her that she also talked to Ryan about his family and he just isn’t close with them like Amber is close with her family, and he doesn’t want to keep going over the past. Sarah tells her, “But, your past makes you who you are, it’s what you bring to a marriage…” and tries to talk to her all about the warning signs. She reminds Amber that he has beaten people up, he crashed her car, among several other things. They argue back and forth about what each of them thinks is best and Sarah just doesn’t want to see her have to go through what she did with Seth. Amber is tired of arguing and starts to leave, then decides to tell her that they’ve decided to get married at the lake. Later with Ryan, he tells her that her mom has called a few times, and Amber tells him that she says she wanted to get married at the lake. That makes him extremely happy. Drew seems to be hitting it off with his new “friend”, Natalie. They’re listening to music and she tells him that he’ll be her soul mate if he knows the next song she plays. He immediately knows that it’s Joni Mitchell, which she’s extremely impressed with. She tells him that he’s her “best college friend,” which seems to be a little disappointing to him. He then ends up asking for advice from Adam, who tells him, “Joni knows how to lift you up and tear you down all at the same time, but we’re gonna have to skip the next song, because it makes me cry.” Adam tries to make him a Joni super fan, when Crosby walks in and they explain the situation. He’s just her friend, but wants to be more. Crosby tells him it’s a very small window to break out of the friend zone and that with track nine, “anything is possible.” The lead singer of the band Crosby has been working with overhears and tells him track nine as well, then pretty much demands that Crosby come finish recording with them. When Drew is back at school with Natalie, he brings up another Joni Mitchell song and Natalie tells him that she only liked the one Joni Mitchell song she played for him, she isn’t actually that big of a fan. Drew suddenly realizes that all of his studying up on her music was really for nothing, but he keeps playing along with the idea. Later on, Drew admits that the only reason he said he liked Joni Mitchell was to impress her, because he likes her. She doesn’t feel awkward about that, but also doesn’t say in so many words that she returns the feelings. Instead, she simply says, “Well, now I know.” Heather tells Adam and Kristina that they’re going to need more money for the campaign, when Adam casually mentions that he knows Mr. Ray. Kristina says that he loved Adam, who doesn’t remember that, “He didn’t love me, he was amused by me. There’s a difference.” Heather encourages Adam to ask Mr.Ray for money with the campaign, but he just doesn’t know that he feels comfortable doing that. Adam ends up going to Mr. Ray’s house, but is so nervous and ends up rambling. He tells them they lost a client at The Luncheonette, then Mr. Ray gives him a hug. He tells Adam that he has his own record company now.  He tells him, “You don’t want to work for the man, you want to be the man…” And that gives Adam an idea. Kristina gets a $20,000 check from Harry Lerner, who is a developer, but after Kristina takes it, she doesn’t feel so good about it. She wants her main focus to be education and by taking it from him, it just feels like the wrong way to go. She asks Adam what he would do, while he doesn’t think that’s fair, he does tell her that he doesn’t think it matters where the money comes from, it’s what she does with the money that counts. Towards the end, Adam decides to give Mr.Ray another try for the money, because he believes in Kristina. He just jumps right into it, before he has a chance to back out. Mr.Ray asks if he believes in her and he says that he does. Adam tells Mr. Ray what he’s all about. At The Luncheonette, Crosby is working with a band who have bad attitudes and he is not into it. Eventually, the record label that is representing them says that the band will not be using the studio anymore, because the label is dropping them. After his talk with Mr.Ray, Adam hands Crosby a sheet of figures and facts, because he thinks they should open their own label. They took a leap of faith with The Luncheonette, why not go for this, too? Sydney and Victor get into trouble for arguing all the time, so Julia drops them off with their grandpa Zeke to help him clean the parts for his car. Victor finds out that he’s really good at that, but Sydney isn’t into it at all and couldn’t be happier when Julia picks them up at the end of the day. Victor starts to read the instruction manual, when Sydney snatches it away and says, “Let me do it, we’ll be here all day.” When Zeke sees how bad Victor is struggling, he says he’ll help Victor with his reading skills however he can. Later on, Victor is helping Zeke fix the car again, and he doesn’t understand why Sydney isn’t helping. “Well, Sydney’s pretty useless when it comes to anything mechanical,” Zeke tells him and Victor agrees she was pretty bad. Zeke makes him read the instruction book as they, no matter how long it takes him, because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. The scene of the night goes to the dialogue between Max and Kristina. The rhythm between them is phenomenal, and there’s so much heart, when you see how much he cares about his mom and what she’s doing; he was president and he knows how hard that is. He gives her $20 dollars to put towards her campaign and tells her he doesn’t think she should pull out of the race, and that she’d “probably make a better mayor than Bob Little,” which she’s touched by. He also tells her that he will continue to look into both sides.

Quotes of the Night:

“I’m relentless and annoying, and I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” –Heather (on asking for money when it comes to campaigning) “I was promised a family friendly environment…” –Crosby (On working with Adam) “I have an infant and life’s too short for that…” –Crosby “Yeah, well I have three kids and life’s expensive.” –Adam (on giving his speech to Mr. Ray to get the money for Kristina’s campaign)


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