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"The Bridge" Is Burnt In SHIELD's Fall Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/10/2013 9:56 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Media Courtesy of ABC

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Havenworth State Pennitentiary. That's where our stories start, Agents. Remember the man Raina talked to at the end of “The Girl in the Flower Dress”? Well, he's here. Eating food when a bunch of Centipede soldiers break him out. OF A STATE PENN. Holy crap. His name is Edison Poe where he stabbed a man's eyes out with a steak knife. Ouch. Back on the bus, Skye is browsing some files on an Agent Chang who may possibly be her mother. It's a long list and Coulson is there to soften the blow of disappointment. And in cargo, May and Ward are going at it like an old married couple. As in, they're fighting and flirting and mentioning their little rendezvous. Past the mandatory bull pen shot, we learn the team is teaming up with Mike Peterson who is now training at a giant training center for future agents. It looks like he's trying to beat Captain America's time for football pushing a bulldozer across a football field. He doesn't make it and Coulson meets him and says the thing. “Suit up.” I squealed. Brief little interlude with May and Coulson and more little jabs at Skye. They may be little jabs. This is Coulson's day today. Coulson and Mike Peterson's and no one likes the idea of Peterson being on the team for this. Regardless, they keep him around and Coulson sends him for testing. Simmons is completely smitten and tripping over her words around him. Fitz is jealous. Very jealous. Lola! This girl gets a leg stretch with Coulson and Ward who talk about women. Man talk, agents. Man talk. Coulson mentions the cellist and it's so gorgeous. It's so obvious that he really loved her. Meanwhile, back on the bus, another jab to Skye's parents which is annoying but May quickly sweeps in and they find out about the Clairvoyant. Who is this mystical being? Either way, they're after it/him/her/them, while Poe and Raina decide to stop running so their soldiers don't have to be jostled while trying to get their daily injections. It sounds like Centipede is teetering on a building of toothpicks or playing cards. They contact Hayward, an Afghanistan war veteran. They track him to Oakland, California where they figure out Centipede's next base which looks to be an old shipping garage full of shippers. They call Hayward's cell and unleash an army of Centipede's toy soldiers. Coulson goes into combat mode but not even the night-night gun takes the guards out and May struggles against these big, tough guys. Coulson is knocked down and Peterson is down too, stabbed through the side with an anti-Centipede weapon stick thing. Hayward dies by an eye implant exploding. Sound familiar? The same thing popped up on the fourth episode entitled “Eye Spy”. IT'S ALL CONNECTED. Now, how's it all connected to Coulson. Cough it up, Whedon. Do it. Do it now. Who else is digging Ward/May? Who isn't digging May's irrational blow up toward Skye? Ouch. That was harsh. I don't like Skye much but she is interesting. Coulson wants to talk to Skye but decides not to and he ends up talking to Peterson about his child, cutie pie Ace with the big, curly hair. Coulson tells him that this life, over the other one, the one with dinners and PTA meets and recitals, is not easy. Sons are important, basically. Is anyone else catching the possibility that Coulson might be Skye's Dad? I'm catching major vibes. Over the major parental vibes, RAINA FINDS ACE and threatens Peterson over the phone. The phone!!! It's so cliché and obvious. I wish it were a full frontal threat. I like those and they don't happen much. So, Centipede wants to murder Ace. Ace for his father. They want Peterson because he still has his power without the daily injections. Things are amping up. They're going in with no electronics and no way to track anything. Coulson's escorting for the drop and things are about to get crazy. I can feel it. And sure enough, Mike double-teamed them. It's Ace for Phil now. Ace for Phil. I can't. I can't breathe. At least Ace is safe. But why do they want Phil? I legitimately can not finish this recap without screaming so, in a nut shell, the trade goes off. Ace is safe in Skye's arms and Mike goes to fix things and while he's running, everything blows up, killing Mike and Coulson? What? No, actually, Coulson is as safe as possible in Centipede's custody and they all get away in a helicopter and that's the end. That's it. I'm literally flailing. Flailing, Agents. This agent can't handle any more. I'm signing off before I just ramble.  FIELD NOTES Thoughts of the Episode: Who is the Clairvoyant? Seriously, who? One day, Ward is going to screw up and everyone is going to know he and May are together. I want that day to come. Call me weird.  Favorite Quote: “This guy's a walking mug shot.” - Skye


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