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Music PopWrapped | Music

Rock N' Shop: The Bushwick Hotel Keep The Creativity Alive In Brooklyn

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/15/2015 6:26 am
PopWrapped | Music
Rock N' Shop: The Bushwick Hotel Keep The Creativity Alive In Brooklyn | The Bushwick Hotel
Media Courtesy of Credit: Facebook/The Bushwick Hotel

Cool music venues is one of the top things that Brooklyn is known for, so it makes sense that local band and art collective The Bushwick Hotel would want to do something iconic--like create a unique experience in partnership with one of those very venues.

Rock n’ Shop @The Paper Box is a creative haven, open all day and featuring free matinee shows, food, drinks, and various items for sale, including arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry, and art. If the mood strikes, why not get a tattoo there as well? Or a haircut, or a beard trim, all of which are options.

The Bushwick Hotel, Rock N' Shop Credit: Facebook/The Bushwick Hotel

I recently caught up with Greg Ferreira and Rudy Temiz, founders of the event, who let me in on the intriguing business idea behind Rock n’ Shop, as well as the band as a whole.

PopWrapped: Tell me about how The Bushwick Hotel came together, and how you describe your sound.

Bushwick Hotel: We came together at Live By The Sword Studio in Brooklyn during a swirling vortex of 9 hour jam sessions, homemade tacos, jazz cigarettes, and a whole lotta love. Our sound is a bombastic combination of American Rock n’ Roll, soul, a touch of psychedelia, and ethnic textures that reflect the diverse upbringings of the individual band members.

PW: What was the inspiration behind creating Rock n' Shop? It seems like a really unique idea and perfect for Brooklyn.

BH: Rock n’ Shop @ The Paper Box is a unique concept and the idea came about through unique circumstances.  In addition to being a rock band, The Bushwick Hotel is also an art collective consisting of the members of the band.  We make visual art that we sell both on the street and various makers’ markets in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  We spend a good amount of our time in music venues, the street, and markets.  Over the years we’ve befriended fellow bands, artists, and makers.  We’ve also seen some of our favorite music venues and markets shut down due to the skyrocketing real estate boom that Williamsburg has been experiencing.

These markets and venues are essential for emerging artists and musicians to not only showcase and expose their work to the public, but to make a living through their craft.  We conceived of a creative solution to overcome being priced out of the market. We thought why not combine live music, a makers’ market, and a food festival and host it all under one roof in a music venue?  

We figured the off-peak hours for a music venue are the peak hours for retail.  By hosting our market at a club, we would maximize the best possible use of the space. We will have our market operate from 9 AM - 7 PM on Sundays starting October 4th and Saturdays and Sundays starting November 7th.  This allows us to be open on the best days for retail, the weekend, and closed during slower selling days.  

The concept lent itself well to all ages matinee shows, which we are really excited about, because there are so few in the neighborhood.  All-ages shows have been a tradition in Rock n’ Roll history and have been employed through many genres of rock.  We will have up to seven bands performing free shows throughout the day, and the community-like nature of the event will bring more exposure for everyone involved.

PW: What are you most excited about in knowing that it's finally opening to 

the public?

BH: We are really excited to showcase what we consider to be a hidden gem of a neighborhood, filled with murals, big ideas, vibrant performers, killer bands, and of course an artist/maker scene to blow your mind.  Not to mention a rolling eyesore that we call our tour bus, which we have transformed into The Rock n’ Shop shuttle to transport the public to us.

PW: What do you want the space to represent for fellow musicians, the 

vendors, the artists, and all of the visitors who experience Rock n' Shop?

BH: It represents a non-denominational, egalitarian, weekly music, art, and food festival.  In all seriousness, art is a reflection of taste, and this is our taste of Bushwick.  If that wasn’t enough we also boast a fully stocked bar to help you “enjoy ya life.”


Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Check out The Bushwick Hotel at their official website, and stop by Rock n’ Shop @ The Paper Box this Sunday (Oct. 18) from 9 am to 7 pm (free live music and free pancakes are involved!).


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