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'The Carrie Diaries' Dangerous Territory Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/15/2013 9:26 pm
'The Carrie Diaries' Dangerous Territory Recap!

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

This week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries was about one clear message–letting go of the past and embracing the future. So what exactly happened? Carrie met a cute new guy, she had an interesting experience at a soiree, Sebastian made out with a mean girl, Mouse became a tiger in the sheets, and Maggie engaged in a territorial dispute with pouty-mouth Donna. Okay, now that I’ve covered the basics, let’s jump in!

I want to talk all about soirees, only because it was one of the first times that Carrie Bradshaw ran out of a lavish event in a beautiful–as beautiful as a tutu can get–sapphire dress. The girl was decked out in high heels and was still able to make her escape. If only she knew this would be the first of many, many more times of running in expensive heels. It’s only a matter of time before we see the Manolos, right? 

The episode picked up with Carrie at her internship, doing what she does best, filing colorful folders. It is here that she runs into a tall Jared Padalecki-ish George Silver, who just so happens to be the son of Harlan, her dad’s best friend. The kids naturally hit it off, and after Carrie playfully calls George pretentious, he invites her to one of his mother’s grand soirees. His mother’s name, by the way, is Kick. For real. Kick Silver, with that name, who would want to be anything else but rich and fabulous? 

In true Carrie fashion, she turns down George’s invitation. Apparently she’s too busy studying for her driver’s test and he would just be a distraction. Maggie and Mouse quickly figure out the real reason has a name–and dreamy blue eyes and really pink pouty lips–Sebastian Kydd. Carrie admits that she’s still hoping they get back together. That hope is short lived, when during her driving test, Carrie spots Sebastian and Donna making out in her rearview mirror. Then Carrie goes on to pass her test with flying colors. Just kidding! She totally fails and almost runs them down in the process–presumably by accident (but don’t worry, she gets a second chance and actually passes).

Turns out this was the little push Carrie needed, because she promptly accepts George’s invitation to the soiree (if you’re wondering why I keep calling this party a soiree, it’s because Kick insists on calling it this and we must not go against her wishes). Barbara informs her that apparently Kick has this thing where she has the women wear dresses in either ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Carrie finds the perfect sapphire cocktail dress but when George shows up to pick her up, Barbara notices he’s wearing a tux and realizes it’s a formal event not cocktail. Luckily her daughter went through a tutu phase and she’s able to transform Carrie’s dress into something more appropriate for the occasion.

Do I even have to mention that everyone at that party–ahem, soiree–was a snobby mess? Starting with Blythe, George’s ex-girlfriend, who had just gotten out of rehab. She made it very clear to Carrie that she shouldn’t even waste her time with him. She talks about how they have drivers so they don’t have to drive themselves and one of the rich kids at the table even asks if the DMV is near the Dominican Republic. I admit, I laughed, even though these kids are so sheltered, it shouldn’t be funny.

Later in the evening, Carrie overhears Kick and George talking about how different she is. Kick isn’t a fan, that much is obvious. She tells her son that his father never understood their world and that he should save himself the trouble with Carrie. And this is the part where Carrie flees the Silvers’ home and runs out into the street, her heels clip-clopping against the pavement as George runs after her. After he admits that he likes her because she’s different and that he wants something real, he brings her back to the house.

Kick figures out her last name is Bradshaw after Carrie tells her that her mother died of cancer. Carrie is surprised to learn that her mother and Kick used to be very good friends. They have a nice little chat, in which Kick shares some memories of her mother. In a very sweet moment, she pins a flower to Carrie’s lapel, and tells her it was something her mother always used to do. Carrie leaves the Silver home with a smile on her face, determined to give George a chance.

In between Carrie’s adventures in the Upper Eastside, Mouse was busy getting her sex-ed on with Walt and a how-to videotape. Who would have known the closeted gay friend would be the one giving sex advice to the girls on this show? What I liked about Mouse’s subplot this episode was that she was quick to stand her ground when it came to sex and double standards. After Seth got mad at her for thinking she had slept with someone else–because no one can be that good at sex after the first time, duh!–Mouse told him it wasn’t fair that if he slept with other girls he was cool but if she did it, she was a slut. Bravo, Mouse! Thank you for saying what every girl was thinking.

Another person in this episode who took a step towards letting go was Carrie’s dad, Tom. His subplot involved him coming to terms with losing his wedding ring and accepting the fact that maybe it was time to move on. I gotta admit that I thought it was adorable that he still wanted that ring on his finger even though he knows his wife is no longer with him. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is true love! I wonder where Doret was during this episode? I kind of missed her bratty little self.

Maggie got the worst subplot of the night, in my opinion. Her storyline basically involved her being stuck at The Diner while everyone else was out and about doing fun things. Seriously, even Tom met a lady and got her number, if that’s not having more fun than Maggie, I don’t know what is! Her mission this episode was to defend their hangout spot from permanently-pouty Donna. I get it show–Friends had Central Perk, Roswell had The Crashdown Cafe, The Vampire Diaries has The Mystic Grill, and now The Carrie Diaries has The Diner. But give Maggie something more interesting to do next episode, she can do better than just throw french fries at Donna LaDonna.


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