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The Carrie Diaries Finale Ends With A Bittersweet Goodbye

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/02/2014 4:00 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Carrie Diaries Finale Ends With A Bittersweet Goodbye
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Seriously Carrie Diaries, you’re going to end the season by making me cry like that?  Just when I thought things were fine and perfect between Carrie and Sebastian, something comes along that forces these two lovebirds to rethink everything.
This episode did a fine job at illustrating how much these kids have grown since the beginning of the show, and props to Maggie’s character development. I couldn’t stand her before but now she’s become one of my favorites.  There was a wedding in an airport, a proposal, a sad goodbye, and most importantly, the end of the episode marked the beginning of an everlasting friendship.  Despite the downs, it was a nice wrap to Season 2.
Before the sex and before the city...
Maggie started a relationship with an Army guy named Pete.  Samantha met a guy named Elliot who’s in an open marriage.  Larissa got engaged to Harlan and then offered Carrie a job at Interview.  Tom was not happy with her decision to take the job and give up college.  Sebastian decided he would chase his dream as well and move to California to continue his skateboarding business.
Okay, I know I’ve been watching this show for two years now but I just realized that the timeline is freaking crazy!  Last episode was prom and now it’s graduation and like three episodes ago it was Valentine’s Day.  What?  It’s almost like a month goes by between episodes and sometimes a month goes by during an episode or something.  But it doesn’t matter because they make it work.  Now that I’m done rambling... The episode kicks off with the group celebrating their high school graduation.  Carrie plans to leave in a week to live with Sebastian and start working at Interview.  BTW, did Sebastian start going to a different school?  Did he graduate?  Is he working on his GED?  So many Kydd questions!
Mouse and West got the same GPA and therefore are both valedictorians.  They take pictures with the faculty and then are notified that they’ll be awarded a gift.  West congratulates Mouse and they each wish each other luck in school.  Meanwhile, Tom tries to talk Carrie again into going to college instead of dropping it for the Interview job.  Carrie asks him to believe in her and her decisions but he feels like she’s ruining her future.  Dorrit gives her a hug and reminds her that their dad will eventually warm up to the idea.  Carrie asks her to be nice to him while she’s gone.  She packs up her things and heads to the city.
A week goes by and it’s time for Carrie to start her job at Interview.  She finds an article written about Larissa in The New York Times and is excited to know she’s working for a person who’s so well-known.  Sebastian tells her that being associated with her can only be a good thing.  He then brings up the fact that his job is based in California and he needs to be there more often.  Of course, he hasn’t told her that he actually wants to live there.  Carrie leaves to her job but when she arrives she finds Larissa packing her stuff because Andy Warhol fired her after she neglected to mention him in her interview with the New York Times.  Oh and since Carrie worked for her, she’s also been fired.  Yikes.  When Carrie tries to get her spot back at NYU, the person at the registrar tells her that she won’t be able to start until either next spring or the fall.
Somewhere else in the city, Samantha is making her way to place bets on the horse races when she runs into Elliot.  He admits that he’s really into her and can’t get stop thinking about her.  Samantha invites him to go inside with her and bet on some horses. Later, she goes back to his place and they have sex again.  She knows it’s a mistake because she likes him and understands she can’t be committed to someone who’s already committed to someone else.  Samantha says she’d rather run away from the situation and leaves.
At the Diner, Maggie and Pete are talking about their future and she brings up how close to each other they’ll be when she starts school at CCSU.  Pete seems a little uncomfortable with the subject and doesn’t want to talk about something that’s months away.  He goes to the restroom and tells Maggie to grab the check in the meantime.  When Maggie searches for Chapstick in his jacket, she finds a napkin with a girl’s number on it.
Carrie returns to Sebastian’s loft and tells him that she was fired along with Larissa and that she can’t get her spot back at NYU.  She wants to drink herself to oblivion but Sebastian would rather talk with her instead.  He tells Carrie about moving with him to California for a few months.  Later, she tells Samantha about it.  She’s more than okay with moving with her too but Carrie figures out she’s just trying to run away from Elliot.  Samantha says that running has always brought her to better places.  She confesses that she feels vulnerable when it comes to Elliot but if she doesn’t acknowledge it, it will go away.  Carrie likes the idea of just moving and not telling her dad about losing her job.  Too bad for Carrie, Tom runs into Larissa and Harlan.  Larissa tells him they’re moving their wedding up and it will now be in two weeks, since she got fired from Interview.  She also tells him Carrie’s been fired as well.
Maggie tells Donna, Walt, and Mouse about the number she found in Pete’s jacket and Donna suggest that he’s probably cheating and to prepare for the worst.  Mouse thinks it might be a guy.  “Oh my God! Am I dating another gay guy and I don’t even know it.”  Her response is hilarious but Walt tells her he doesn’t get a gay vibe from him.  She tells them she’s been talking about their future together and they start thinking she might have scared him away.  Later, she calls the number and has Walt speak to the girl on the other end.  When he asks her about Pete and how well she knows him, the girl hangs up.  This makes the situation that much more suspicious but there’s no way Pete’s cheating on Maggie, right?
Tom shows up at Sebastian’s loft and he looks like he’s ready to kill somebody.  Seriously, that is the creepiest face I’ve ever seen, if I were Carrie I’d be terrified. Carrie tells him about her plans to move to Malibu with Sebastian.  Tom is so disappointed in her decisions that he’s not even trying to argue with her anymore.  She says she’s leaving after Larissa’s wedding and he leaves the loft, telling her they’ll say their goodbyes then.
The next day, Carrie pays an old flame, Weaver, a visit.  Her and Weaver talk about everything that’s happened to her at Interview, college, and her decision to move to California. Carrie wants Weaver’s honest opinion about her decision and he tells her that she’s very talented and she’ll be a good writer wherever she is.  Carrie knows that he’s helped her a lot when it comes to being a writer and that being her “first” will always hold a special place in her “kooky brain.”  Meanwhile at the Bradshaw residence, Dorrit gives Tom something to think about.  She asks why he always expects Carrie to want the same things he wants.  Dorrit knows he would never ask that much of her and thinks he’s being too hard on Carrie.
The day of the wedding arrives, which also means it is the day for Carrie to leave the city.  She takes one last look at the loft and realizes how sad she is about leaving.  They show up at the wedding, which is taking place at a terminal in the airport—very convenient.  They say hello to Walt and Bennett who is dressed in the traditional attire Larissa’s father would’ve worn.  He’s so busy being the king of a tribe that Bennett was entrusted with the duty to give Larissa away and also officiate the wedding.  Carrie takes off with Bennett to look for Larissa.  Tom shows up and speaks with Sebastian.  He doesn’t blame him for Carrie’s decisions but knows that she isn’t running towards something.  Instead, she’s running away from her mistakes and that’s not the way she was raised.
In the city, Samantha runs into Elliot again and he tells her that he left his wife for her.  She asks whether he still wants to be in an open relationship because that’s not what she wants.  Elliot admits that he was searching for something all along and he’s finally found it with her.  They kiss.  Back at Castlebury, Mouse and West are given their gift—a box of encyclopedias they must share.  They try splitting them equally but keep fighting over the letters they don’t want.  They reminisce about their relationship and end up making out—possibly having sex—in the school.
At the wedding, Harlan and Larissa are saying their vows—something about the Mile High club and sex in the airport lounge.  Larissa talks about how she loves airports because people go there to go on adventures to places they’ve never seen before, and that’s what she wants to do with him.  Carrie is listening intently, especially when Larissa mentions that airports are also about people coming home to their family and their loved ones.  It’s obvious that Carrie won’t be going to California because her home is in the city.  Later, she breaks the news to Sebastian, who already had a feeling she had changed her mind.  Sebastian tells her that he will always love her and she starts crying.  “I’m going to see your byline in some magazine or a newspaper and I’m gonna know I was lucky enough to love that girl,” he says. They kiss one last time and say goodbye.
Later, Harlan gives—what I believe to be, since this show started—his first good advice to Tom.  He tells him that Carrie is a great kid and he should let her know that when things get bad he’s the one she should run to.  Tom approaches Carrie and asks to dance with her.  He reminds her how much she used to love dancing with him as a little girl.  “No wonder I have so many issues,”  Carrie replies.  She tells him that she’s not going with Sebastian after all because she belongs in the city.  Carrie says she will make things work on her own and fight for what she wants.  She’ll find freelancing opportunities and start waitressing, whatever it takes to make it.
The following day, Mouse and West have breakfast together at the Diner and decide to donate the encyclopedias to the high school. And Maggie confronts Pete about the phone number he found in his jacket.  Pete reveals that Jess is a friend’s wife who works in a jewelry store.  He pops out the ring and proposes to Maggie.  He explains that he was always cagey when she talked about their future because he was hoping she’d say yes and they’d be living together by then.  Maggie obviously accepts his proposal.
Carrie returns to Larissa’s loft in the city and proceeds to call a very special person.  Let me just say, I was very happy to find out it wasn’t Weaver.  Samantha shows up at the loft and Carrie tells her that she’s going to need help paying for Larissa’s loft and wants her to be her roommate.  Samantha agrees and they hug it out.  The episode ends with the group, including Bennett and Donna, sitting at a restaurant table.  Carrie, at her new waitressing job, brings them their drinks.
Well that was a bittersweet finale.  Carrie and Sebastian said their goodbyes once again, this time being separated due to both taking different paths and having different dreams.  But it set up the sweet and lasting friendship she will have with Samantha from now on.  As we all know, the show has yet to be renewed for a third season.
What do you think, readers?  Was this ending satisfying enough that you won’t be extremely disappointed if it doesn’t get renewed?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


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