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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Carrie Diaries Recap; Meet Samantha Jones

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/29/2013 12:33 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Carrie Diaries Recap; Meet Samantha Jones

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

I'm going to be honest, it's been so long since we've seen The Carrie Diaries that I had to check IMDB to help refresh my memory because I had forgotten half of the characters' names. After this episode, however, I am very eager to find out more about the newest person added to the cast. If you’ve watched this week’s episode, “Win Some, Lose Some,” you’d know that a very special and dear friend of future Carrie made her debut in Manhattan. I’m talking about the wild, fun, and crazy Samantha Jones. So, how did Carrie and Samantha meet and how did their friendship blossom? Let me tell you all about it, as I recap the Season 2 premiere. Before the sex and before the city... Carrie got an internship in Manhattan and soon started working for Interview Magazine. Mouse started dating the sensitive jock at school, Wes, and Carrie fell in love with Sebastian. But Sebastian messed up big time by making out with a drunk Maggie—who was heartbroken after finding out that Walt was gay—and Carrie basically broke up with both. Dorrit lost her virginity to the record store boy she was dating—Miller. Tom let Carrie live in Larissa's Manhattan loft for the summer, with Walt. "Win Some, Lose Some" picks up with Carrie dreaming about playing chess with Sebastian, when Maggie suddenly appears sitting on his lap. She wakes up but her discomfort soon fades when she sees her surroundings. She's still living in Larissa's loft, working at Interview Magazine, and partying hard at clubs during the night. Who cares about Sebastian, when you have Manhattan, right? The next morning, after a long night of partying, Walt wakes Carrie up since she promised her dad she would visit that weekend. They talk about the horrors of having to go back to their town. Walt has been keeping in touch with Donna, who has been their source of connection to what was going on back at home. He tells Carrie that Maggie got a job at the country club—the one Sebastian and his family frequent. Back in Castlebury, Maggie is at work, serving Donna and her friends cocktails—virgin, I hope.  While they're bathing in the sun, Sebastian is busy perfecting his swimming strokes and jumping off diving boards. Donna tells Maggie that Sebastian hates her for ruining his relationship with Carrie but Maggie knows he was also at fault. She attempts to talk to Sebastian but he doesn't want Carrie to find out and get the wrong idea. Maggie might have given up on her friendship with Carrie but he’s determined to get back with her. Meanwhile, Carrie is now back home visiting her dad and sister, Dorrit. It's cute how Tom tries to make conversation with Carrie about guys but deep down he doesn't want to hear about it. While Carrie’s love life is pretty uneventful, she lets it slip that Dorrit is dating Miller. Later, Mouse pays Carrie a visit and tells her about how great her relationship with Wes is going. However, she's not willing to forgive Maggie for what she did to her. She invites Carrie to the Fourth of July barbecue at the country club but she's not ready to face Sebastian. That evening, Carrie goes back to the city and gets ready to head out for the night with Walt and Donna. His relationship with Bennett is at a standstill until he turns eighteen. Just as Carrie was telling Walt that she doesn't mind hanging out with Donna, she shows up with two packs of wine coolers and Sebastian. Look, I know Donna is the queen of drama but I think deep down she has a good heart and just wants these two love birds to patch things up. Sebastian tells Carrie that the only reason he came was to see her. Those sad puppy eyes should be enough to convince her to take him back but she's not a weakling (like me) and instead decides to go out by herself. Back at home, Tom questions Dorrit about her night's plans and admits that he knows about Miller. While she had planned to stay the night at his place, Tom's involvement changes everything. Dorrit warns Miller about her dad wanting to meet him—he seems okay with it but she hates the idea. Later that night, when Dorrit is over at her friend’s house, Miller shows up at the Bradshaw residence and introduces himself to Tom. Mouse and Wes go to the Country Club for the Fourth of July celebration. Maggie is their server for the night but Mouse refuses to speak to her except to order. When their food comes to the table, a new waitress tells them Maggie asked to switch. Mouse doesn't like the idea of Maggie giving her the cold shoulder. She confronts Maggie about her betrayal and they argue. Mouse is angry with her and ends up falling into the pool as she’s walking away. Later, Maggie tells her she got fired for fighting with her. She admits that she's only working because she needs the money to go to college. Mouse feels bad for her and offers to help her find a solution. In the city, Carrie shows up at a club but finds out she's not on the list. She gets distracted showing the bouncer a confirmation fax, when she realizes her Carrie purse has been stolen. She starts freaking out but has to make a decision; go looking for her purse or step into the club. Meanwhile, Donna, Walt and Sebastian are a bar best known to be frequented by rockers. Since Donna isn't enjoying the atmosphere, Walt suggest they go meet Carrie at the club. He tells Sebastian, she lied about having plans that night. Later, we find out Carrie decided to leave the club and head to the bar instead. She wants to get back to her apartment but Walt has the other set of keys.  When she arrives, the girl managing the line tells her she needs to wait like everyone else. Carrie threatens to tell Donna's cousin, Sam, that the line manager being was rude to her. Carrie finds out that Sam isn't a guy, and that the girl managing the line is actually Sam/Samantha. She tells Carrie that her friends already left and tells her to go inside and have a drink instead. Lindsey Gort’s resemblance to Kim Cattrall is uncanny and the way she carries herself is in true Samantha fashion. A+ on the casting! While Carrie’s at the bar, Walt, Donna and Sebastian show up at the club but the bouncer there tells them that Carrie has already left. He tells the group about her purse being stolen and Sebastian gets defensive when he calls Carrie stupid for placing her purse on the ground. Walt and Sebastian go looking for her while Donna stays behind at the club—preppy boys trump Carrie any day. Samantha makes Carrie a drink and then tells her she can get her into her apartment. Her plan? Climb up the fire escape. Carrie realizes Samantha might be a little crazy. If she only knew...She uses Carrie to prop herself up high enough to reach the bottom of the ladder but a pair of cops show up and catch them in the act. But of course, Samantha works her magic and they help them get into the loft. Once inside, they talk about her purse and Carrie admits being distracted by Sebastian had caused her to lose it in the first place. Samantha tells her to move on and suggests they go back to the bar and find a new guy. Carrie agrees but then realizes that hooking up with a random guy won’t change anything. Samantha leaves but not before extending an invitation to swing by the bar whenever she wants.  Carrie tells her to come by the loft if she ever needs anything. Later, Sebastian and Walt return to find Carrie asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, back in Castelbury, Dorrit returns home after her plans to stay at her friend's house fall through. She finds Miller in the living room with her dad and finds out they've been bonding over music. When Tom leaves the room, Dorrit is a little annoyed that he showed up without telling her but they quickly make up. And speaking of make ups, Mouse forgives Maggie for what she did and accepts her as her friend once again. A few days later, Carrie and Walt are having breakfast when Samantha shows up at the loft. She tells them she quit the bar and since she was crashing at her boss’, she was now homeless. Carrie tells her she can stay for a couple days. The episode ends with Carrie and Samantha walking the streets of Manhattan. Carrie knows she lost Maggie, who was her oldest friend, but has now gained a new friend. So, what did you guys think of the Season 2 premiere? Are you as excited as me to see more of Samantha, and is it too early to hope for Miranda or Charlotte to make an appearance? I really like Walt’s storyline and I’m hoping this season dives more into his personal struggles and relationships. I’m also rooting for Sebastian and Carrie to get back together, those two are too cute for their own good. Tell us what you thought of “Win Some, Lose Some” and what you’re hoping to see this season.


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