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Viral Sensation Victoria Fratz Questions The Casting Couch In Hollywood

Louise Fairen | PopWrapped Author

Louise Fairen

04/20/2016 4:29 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Viral Sensation Victoria Fratz Questions The Casting Couch In Hollywood | Victoria Fratz
Media Courtesy of @themanuc

April is National Sexual Assault Victims Awareness Month. Sexual Assault comes in many forms. Sexual assault can affect everybody no matter what race, sex, age one may be or religious beliefs one may have.  This is an extremely important subject that needs to be moved to the headlines of acknowledgment and must end today. It is sad that a person feels the need to utilize power in the form of evil rather than good. This idea is the bare essence of sexual assault when you break it down to the core root. In Hollywood, there have been rumors, breaking news and all sorts of colorful content that have been leaked on this matter throughout the years. Usually, the stories are exploited after it is too late. This time, a brave woman has come forward to share an experience recently that could have ended to her demise if she had not girded her mind with strength and wisdom. In fact, she has come forward to share with the rest of the world so that she can possibly help others struggling with similar issues.  Viral sensation, celebrity host Victoria Fratz shares with PopWrapped her "Open Letter":

An Open Letter To The Man Who Sent Me Hate Mail Today: Today, because I rejected your advances, you decided to send me hate mail. On such a beautiful Sunday afternoon, your message popped up on my phone during a fantastic lunch with friends. For some reason, you felt like I owed you a date, I owed you time, attention, a text. Which is why you took it a step further and called me the usual slanderous names men direct towards women.  And then, of course,  rounded out the message that you were really just concerned for my well-being and career. Ya know, you being a “top” writer represented by CAA who I should probably listen to if I know what’s good for me. Right? My reaction was to block you forever and move on with my life. Because a few strands of hateful words from you do not define the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my career. And honestly, you’re barely a blip on my radar. But later on, it worked itself back into my mind. Why should you get off so easily? Why should you be able to spew hate at me, make me a victim to your toxicity, and then go on with your day? But most importantly, how many other girls have you done this to? That question clung to my thoughts until I found myself here. You see, I’ve had the ability to grow thick skin over the years. I’ve been bullied, I’ve had men reduce me to slut shaming, and I’m proud to be resilient to this type of thing. But what about the other young women of the world? And because you took shots at my career, what about the young women of Hollywood and men who prey on their youth and beauty to get what they want by offering advancement in their acting careers? Here’s my hope for those women: That they know the most cowardly thing in the world is a bully. There is absolutely zero respect for someone who hides behind the shelter of a keyboard typing hate. But there is every ounce of respect for a person who can know their true self and be empowered by their self confidence. So when someone spews hate at you, it simply rolls off your back because you know who you are. You are hard working, you are ambitious, you are caring, you are fun, you are loved. And you’re not alone. This scenario is legally referred to as sexual assault but because we’re desensitized in a world where someone can easily post what they want online, we don’t realize the impact. You are a man who I barely knew, and now thankfully, I know everything about you that I’ll ever need to know. But you mistook me for a weak person. You see, bullies like yourself only empower me. They strengthen me to prove you wrong. Now that I know you’re watching, and you certainly are, I will work that much harder to ensure my success. And I welcome you to pull up a front row seat because if it’s bothered you so much to watch me rise, you’re really going to hate what comes next.

-Victoria Fratz

You can find Victoria on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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