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The Chainsmokers Light Up The Night On Their Friendzone Tour

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

11/18/2015 5:18 pm
PopWrapped | Reviews
The Chainsmokers Light Up The Night On Their Friendzone Tour | Friendzone Tour
Media Courtesy of Lollapalooza

#Selfie Connoisseurs, trouble-makers with the purest of hearts, and the hottest rising act on the electronic market, The Chainsmokers have had a lot to celebrate this year. Comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers exploded on the scene in early 2014, but 2015 has, by far, been their year. After a successful five month release schedule (one new song per month, culminating in a reflective EP titled Bouquet), the duo have taken that lush bouquet of electronic hits on the road on their Friendzone Tour.

Boasting 42 sold out shows in 40 cities, The Chainsmokers have pulled out all the stops for for Friendzone Tour. PopWrapped had an opportunity to take in the show on November 11 in Columbus, Ohio, and we're still flying high after a night of revelry.

In Columbus, the Friendzone Tour featured performances by five bright talents. Alex and Drew shared the stage with fellow acts, including Yacht Club, Shaun Frank, and Matoma, each of whom served their best sets as the night progressed. The Chainsmokers closed out the evening with the most electrifying performance of all.

A show hosted by The Chainsmokers is vastly different from your typical EDM show. Everything down to their set is different, thanks to their creative stage layout. The Chainsmokers debuted their creative stage-set, referred to as The Full Monte, during their performance at Firefly Music Festival earlier this year. Billed as a "26 foot by eleven foot rear and front projected structure," The Full Monte allows them to take the visuals on their show to the next level and creates a sense of depth and dimension.

The Full Monte broadcasts gorgeous natural scenes, cityscapes, psychedelic art pieces, and so much more as it provides a visual interpretation of the exultant music. Coupled with the flashing lights and the occasional smoke explosion, The Chainsmokers' stage sets the scene for the magic of their show.

EDM shows have the potential of leaving you feeling a little removed from the performer and creator. DJs exist in the show as a figurehead, responsible for curating the environment and setting the mood but almost secondary to the music they are creating. Their role is essential, but their stage presence is sometimes found lacking in comparison to their production.

This could not be less of the case with The Chainsmokers on the Friendzone Tour. Alex and Drew practically vibrate with charisma and energy from the moment that they take the stage. In Columbus, they appeared, after an extended introduction, dressed in all white, appearing almost as futuristic kings of the club scene. Within moments, it was evident that these kings needed a crown -- and then some.

Incorporating elements of popular tracks and blending them with their own singles, The Chainsmokers soar high on their electrifying productions. The music builds upon itself, amping up the energy in the venue before dropping the beat and bringing it all back down. The live mixes breathe new energy into the show, and Alex and Drew encourage you to get involved.

They're the first to encourage you to jump, raise your hands, or let your ass shake like a waterbed (a clever new allusion), and you won't be able to resist the urge to follow directions. Bow down to your kings of the evening, and shake dat ass like no one's watching. You won't regret it!

A night with The Chainsmokers on their Friendzone Tour is a guaranteed night of good fun. Grab some friends, a shot or five of Fireball (Alex and Drew's pre-show choice), and you'll find yourself entranced by the magic that The Chainsmokers create onstage.


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