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The "Currents" Were Running High This Week On Teen Wolf

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/16/2013 3:22 pm


Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer 

I know we are only 7 episodes in, but this may be my favorite season of Teen Wolf by far. I’m so excited and intrigued by the new characters and finding out new things about the old ones! I’m constantly on my toes!

Opening in the ER this episode is coming at you fast and furious. Amidst a 10 car pile-up a doctor is missing. Scott shows up in the middle of the madness to bring his mom dinner (what a gem) and is able to take away a suffering woman’s pain. In an instant Danny looks like he’s about to become the next sacrifice. He begins to vomit mistletoe while Scott and Ethan look bewildered. Mrs. McCall steps in and saves him. To thank Scott for his mother’s help Ethan lets him in on a tidbit of information; Lydia and Danny were targeted by the twins because one is an important piece to the puzzle. That piece is none other than Miss Lydia. More importantly, maybe we can get through an episode without anyone dying.

Wrong. Stiles calls and there was another body found, any guesses as to who? Yup, that missing doctor - also missing the on-call doctor. The next group targeted: healers. And for whatever reason they are getting attacked by moths. That being said Scott begins to fear for his mother’s safety.

Derek and Cora awake to the Alpha’s symbol/signature on their window. They’re coming, well Callie is coming for Derek to avenge Ennis’ death. Boyd has a plan, use electrical currents to trap her much like Gerard used on him and Derek. The boys get to work while Scott receives an interesting phone call.

Deaton is straight to the point, find me. He is being inundated with moths and it’s apparent that he may be the third healer that is on the chopping block. Mrs. McCall informs Sheriff Stilinski that the latest batch of victims were asphyxiated like the others, however they were not strangled. Rather, they were hung by their wrists until they were too weak to take a breath. Scott’s window to find Deaton just got a lot smaller.

With the search for Deaton on, Scott is faced with the problem of whether or not to let Sheriff Stilinski know his wolf-y secret. Right before he can come clean Ms. Morrell interjects. In order to find her brother they will need someone who can seek out the supernatural, who of course is Lydia. Seems like Scott and Stiles aren’t the only two looking for her though.

Where is our key player Lydia anyway? Ah, she was busy getting busy with Aiden when the fire alarm is triggered. Ethan rushes off but she’s soon snatched by Cora, who demands she stop seeing Aiden. Stiles breaks the tension and sits Lydia infront of a Ouija board hoping for answers.

Meanwhile, Scott follows a tap, tap, tapping. Deucalion wanted a word and proposes Scott with an offer. His life in recent times has been sped up, if he listens Deucalion would be able to slow it back down to its previous state. He then offers Scott another deal, if he can catch his cane he will reveal where Deaton is being held. Unfortunately Scott fails.

Lydia isn’t offering any leads either. When given a pencil she begins to sketch the tree again. Time is running out and Deucalion leaves Scott with two things: someone will die and to follow the currents. Allison is able to shed some light on the clue by showing Scott the map her father has been keeping. It documents where the bodies have been taken and where they are later found. There is a pattern, but they are still missing pieces.

The pieces lead them back to Danny and why he would be a threat. Danny just so happens to be working on a thesis dealing with currents for Harris. In his paper he reveals that Beacon Hills is actually a beacon of energy. He mapped out the currents and they mimic those in Argents map. They deduce that Deaton must be being held at the same vault that Boyd and Cora were being held. They are getting warmer!

Not to warm is Callie. The boys plan is foiled when the alpha’s cut the power. She figured Boyd and Isaac would be there so she brought a bargaining tool: Jennifer. Either Derek fights alone, or she gets torn to shreds. He takes her on alone; it’s a brutal battle and things aren’t looking too good for Derek.

Scott heads to the vault to get Deaton while the others rush to Derek’s aide. When Scott arrives Deaton is there. It almost looks to simple, cut him down and he’s good to go. When Scott rushes to him he’s thrown back by the circle of Mountain Ash that surrounds Deaton. Unwilling to waiver he tries to break the barrier and in the process his eyes go from gold to red. Sheriff Stilinski arrives and is able to shoot the rope down. Deaton is saved, so who is the next to die?

The kids get the power on and it slows the fight but not in Derek’s favor. The twins hold his arms up and Callie grabs Boyd and thrusts him at Derek’s open claws. What’s done is done. Boyd is dying and Derek has taken his power. Callie gives him till the next full moon to join their pack, but Derek is too upset to care. Boyd assures him it was okay and it was definitely a tear jerker.

Back at the vault, Deaton sits in shock as he clues Scott in. Scott is a True Alpha, something that only happens once every 100 years. It’s when a werewolf can achieve alpha status by just good will and character rather than by killing. He then reveals our worst fears. Deucalion is not after Derek, rather Scott.

Next week Gramps Gerard fills us in on how things came to be. I love back story so I’m more than intrigued! Thanks for reading!


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