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The Curse Of The Teens Revived On This Weeks Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/08/2014 8:37 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Curse Of The Teens Revived On This Weeks Ravenswood

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Hello Ravens! I’m not sure what we Ravenswood fans are called at this point, but the short hiatus is over for the Pretty Little Liars spin-off. In the last episode, “Scared to Death”, we saw our beloved Caleb take a plunge to his death, and the curse of “five” still only took one life. In tonight’s episode, “Revival”, we get a little glimpse into the pact that was made in 1917 that started the curse of five teen deaths. And of course, I got thoroughly creeped out yet again. The episode begins with a flashback to 1917. The original Caleb and Miranda are enjoying a little picnic in the park, at night, I might add. After they share some intimate moments, Miranda hears some music playing which leads them to a cabin in the woods. America had just entered into World War I and the founders of Ravenswood are having a town meeting to keep their men safe at war. Hence the pact to sacrifice five to save one. We meet Esther, old Miranda’s mom and Thomas, Caleb’s father. Esther speaks up against the preacher and the other founders, while Thomas sits silent. Now back to the present, the newly formed Ravenswood gang is reading through the chronicles of Esther. Caleb says the preacher’s name, Gabriel Abaddon, and they learn that he shall now be referred to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, as the book bursts into flames. Amidst all the ash, they find a hymn from page 36 of a prayer book and a cameo locket in the suitcase with a picture of a baby. The next few scenes deal with the relationships of Ravenswood, but let’s just talk about the weird chemistry going on between Caleb and Miranda. Caleb reveals to Miranda that he broke up with Hanna because of her. “Caleb, she thinks I stole you from her,” Miranda said. “I don’t really think you should be worrying about your reputation right now.” Touché, Caleb, touché. Now ICYMI, in the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, Caleb visited Hanna and gave her a bunch of “It’s complicated” statements. The Haleb scenes broke my heart, but that’s another topic I shall not get into. Remy, like the aspiring journalist she is, has been researching everything about the cameo she found. She ended up falling asleep. Remy has a nightmare that includes a song and a barista missing an eye. It was one of the top 5 “OMG” moments of the night. Olivia and Miranda have some girl talk at the Collins’ residence. Olivia talks about her relationship with Dylan and I suddenly remember they are still teenage girls. Caleb and Luke also have a little bromance forming on the side as well. Olivia wants to try and keep Creepy Collins away from her mother. She thinks getting her hand one of the jars will do the trick, so Miranda offers to make her presence known to Grunwald. She tries to get her message across but Mrs. Grunwald isn’t having any of it. She seems to share this look with another invisible being in the room and once she’s gone a fiery force brings Miranda down. Grunwald has some powers of her own it looks like. Olivia confronts Grunwald at Joe’s Vault and this is first time we see the sassy side of Olivia. But Grunwald just replies, “Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don’t even know what the questions are.” Remy’s mother tried to helping her sleep and control her dreams. While she sleeps, she has the cameo locket with her. Her dream is under control for a bit and she finds herself in the first flashback setting. A scarecrow keeps showing up and attacking her in the dream, but it got fed up and decided to creep in her actual bedroom. In another attempt to sleep and control the dream, Remy has the gang watch her sleep and make sure she doesn’t wake up from the dream. Dylan, who we learned is working for the dark force in Ravenswood in the last episode, gets Olivia to hang out with him (and creepy little girl Max) instead. Miranda visits Grunwald again to get a little scare out of her, but Grunwald isn’t fazed. “I know you must feel like a prisoner, but this is the only way,” she says calmly. The only way to what?! The fiery presence came out of the vent again, and Grunwald stopped it from hurting Miranda. Back in Remy’s dreamworld, she begins to sleepwalk while Caleb and Luke follow. It appears she hears the song she heard in the previous dream – she realizes it’s the words from page 36 in the prayer book. Remy then finds herself in the flashback we first saw. She watches as the founders sign the pact at the meeting, but back in reality something is also in the cabin with Remy, Caleb, and Luke. The scarecrow monster attacks Caleb and Luke. In the dream, Remy follows the preacher, who must not be named. After he hands the pact and a knife to someone that may be part of the Collins’ family, he turns into a raven and flies off into the dark night. That explains why there were no records of the preacher. The final scene shows Olivia and Dylan drive off after their special and intimate night. Olivia is all smiles, but unbeknownst to her, the creepy little girl in a red coat is chilling in the back seat eating ice cream, sharing a look with Dylan in the rear view mirror. Dylan sealed the deal with Olivia, but there’s definitely a bigger picture to it all and I can’t wait to see what his role is in all of this. Are you like me? I know I’ll be turning on all the lights and looking over my shoulder to make sure there are no scarecrows around. What were your OMG moments of the night?! See you next week, Ravens!


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